Job: Trusting God in Times of Adversity| Week 9

job9Welcome back to our online Inductive Bible Study on the Book of Job, “Trusting God in Times of Adversity” by Kay Arthur. This week we continued with Part Two of the study and completed Week Nine in our study books which is entitled “The Fear of the Lord, That is Wisdom.”

This week’s reading covers Chapters 25-28 in the Book of Job. First we hear again from Job’s friend Bildad. Then in we read the first half of Job’s lengthy response to Bildad and his other friends, in which he defends himself and his life of godly living.

In Chapter 25 Bildad presents a very brief argument in which he accuses Job of being prideful. Bildad appears to ignore what Job has just said in the previous chapter. He reiterates his friend Eliphaz’s accusation that Job’s suffering must be the result of sin. Bildad makes two main points in his short speech – God is powerful and just; man is just a “worm” in comparison to God.

Job’s response to Bildad begins in Chapter 26 and continues for six chapters. First Job rebukes Bildad and his other friends for not helping him out. He points out that his friends do not know everything about God. They lack the wisdom that can only come from God through. They also lack compassion. Therefore, Job’s friends are unable to say anything to Job that was helpful to him in the midst of his plight.

Job goes on to acknowledge God’s power and greatness. God controls heaven and earth. He knows everything and sees everything. It is impossible for any human to know all that there is to know about God, let alone explain that to anyone else. Job contends that anyone who claims to know all there is to know about God does not know Him at all.

In Chapter 27 Job repudiates Bildad’s contention that Job’s plight is due to sin. Bildad, like his other friends before him, said that if Job is suffering, it must mean that Job is sinning. Job takes an oath affirming his integrity. He curses his friends who have become his enemies. He then says that God is not being fair in how He is treating him. Job states that his conscience is clear. He asks God to vindicate him.

In Chapter 28 Job talks about wisdom and differentiates between wisdom and knowledge. He states that his friends may have knowledge but they are not wise. In his commentary on Job, Warren Wiersbe quotes Charles Spurgeon on this subject. Spurgeon states “Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as the knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom”. Job says much the same thing when he contends in Chapter 28 that wisdom is something you cannot mine and cannot buy because it comes only from God.

Our reading for the week concludes with our “Store in Your Heart” verse 28:28 “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding”. You can explore this concept further by doing our world study for the week on the words Wisdom and Knowledge.

BIBLE STUDY TIP: How did this week of the Job study go for you? Are you settling into a study routine yet? Or are you struggling?
One of the challenges of reading the Book of Job is that it seems to be so repetitive. We find ourselves thinking “I already know this – I read the same thing last week!” To combat this kind of thinking, remember that everything in the Bible is there for a reason. Maybe concepts repeat themselves because we need to hear them more than once. Maybe ideas that look the same, really aren’t. Look for the layers in what you are reading. What is the same as before and what tidbit, no matter how small it may be, has been added? Note repeating themes in what you are reading. Chances are they contain God’s message to us.

• Join a small group and join other women for a time of study and fellowship. This week we will be discussing Week 9 of the study. Small groups meet at A schedule of meeting times is pinned to the top of that page.
• Complete Week 10 in your study book before your next small group meeting. This lesson is broken down into seven daily lessons so ideally, you will complete one daily lesson each day.
• Pray before you begin your study time each day. Invite the Holy Spirit to be your guide and teach you as you study.
• Do an online word study on “Wisdom/Knowledge at We did a word study on the word WISDOM back in Week 5 in Part I of our study of Job. If you did this word study at that time, do one on the word KNOWLEDGE this week and compare and contrast the two. If you have not done a word study on WISDOM, do that this week. Instructions for doing a word study are located in the “Files” at the top of the page in the Inductive Studies Chat Room. You will also find a form for doing the coming week’s Word Study posted there on Monday of each week.
• Complete a “Store in Your Heart” form for Job 28:28. The Store in Your Heart forms are also located in “Files” at the top of the page in the Inductive Studies Chat Room.
• Fill out the “Job at a Glance” chart on the top of page 97 in your study book. As you complete your study each week, decide what you think the main them of each chapter is and record the theme on this page. There is no right or wrong answer, so don’t worry about that! Use whatever theme will help you to remember this study when you look back at it later. This is your study and this assignment is designed to help you, not anyone else.


1) Look at Chapter 25 and what Bildad has to say to Job this time around. What are his main points? Does he add anything that hasn’t been said before?
2) After reading Chapters 26 – 28, how would you summarize Job’s view of God?
3) Job talked about God’s power as seen in the sky and the clouds and the rain. How does God’s creation call out to you and what does it tell you about Him?
4) What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? How do we acquire each of these?
5) How did this week of study go for you? Are you caught up with your studies or are you behind? Or ahead? What was the biggest challenge you had to getting your study done? What was your biggest take away from this week’s lesson?





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