Job: Trusting God in Times of Adversity| Part 2 Introduction

job intro2Welcome to online Inductive Bible Study at the Women’s Bible Café! Today we are beginning Part II of our study of Job, “Trusting God in Times of Adversity” by Kay Arthur. Welcome back to those of you who were with us for Part I. And a huge “Welcome Aboard” to those of you who are new here and jumping in to join us for Part II. We are so excited that you are joining us for this Inductive Bible Study on the Book of Job. Glad that all of you are here!

As the title suggests, our study deals with ADVERSITY. In Part I we learned that adversity is “a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.” We observed Job facing increasing adversity, but facing it with an unwavering faith in God. As we continue with Part II of our study we will learn how Job’s example applies to us in our personal lives when we face personal crises and how his example also applies to facing the adversity we see in our world today. When we ask “Why is this happening”, the Book of Job can help us explore the answers. We will experience quite a wild ride with Job over the next seven weeks! It promises to be an encounter with God you will not soon forget.

This week will be an Introduction Week and a time of getting to know one another and answering your questions about how online Bible study works. If you have been with us for Part I, some of this may seem repetitive but please bear with us. Enjoy getting to know one another and be assured that we will be plunging right into new material next week!

Part II of our study jumps into the Book of Job at Chapter 18. It would be helpful for all of us to (re)read Chapters 1-17 this week and review what we know so far. In Part I we learned about Job, his friends, and how they approached this plight. Let’s review:

Week 1 – “Holding Fast Your Integrity”. We learned of the conversation between God and Satan which led to the challenges Job faces. We met Job, learn of his plight and witness hiss faith and integrity as he faces adversity.

Week 2- “Shall We Accept Good from God and Not Adversity”. WE see Job continuing to stand firm in his faith despite his increasingly trying circumstances. We see him accepting his fate, and not doubting God, even as he suffers.

Week 3 – “I Wish I Had Never Been Born” – We see Job continue to suffer. He is visited by his friends, who though meaning well, assume Job’s problems are the result of unconfessed sin. Throughout it all, Job remains faithful to God while giving voice to his anguish.

Week 4 – “Does God Afflict the Guiltless?” – We see Job responding to his friend’s accusations while remaining faithful to God.

Week 5 – “Repent” – Job is visited by a third friend who tells him to repent. We learn Job’s response.

Week 6 – “Your Own Mouth Condemns You” – Job’s friends strengthen the intensity of their argument that it is Job’s undisclosed sin that is causing his suffering while Job continues to remain above reproach.

Our schedule for Part II of Trusting God in Time of Adversity is as follows:

  • Introduction – Review Ch. 1-17, begin Week 7 of the study.
  • Week 7 – Adding Insult to Injury (p. 57-61)
  • Week 8 – The Almighty Will be Your Gold (p. 63-67)
  • Week 9 – The Fear of the Lord, That is Wisdom (p. 69-73)
  • Week 10 – The Good Old Days (p. 75-79)
  • Week 11 – God Does No Wrong (p. 81-86)
  • Week 12 – Will the Faultfinder Contend with the Almighty? (p. 87-90)
  • Week 13 – But Now My Eyes See you (p.91-96)

Each day’s study time will be approximately 15-30 minutes. We urge you to set aside a block of quiet time with God in which to do your lessons free from distractions. Ideally, this appointment with God will be at the same time each day – but do whatever works best for you and your schedule. It helps to keep your study materials – book, Bible, notebook or journal, colored pens, etc. – in a special place where you will meet with God each day.

It is not necessary to purchase an Inductive Study Bible for the purpose of this study. You may use any Bible you like. The Observation Worksheets are provided for you in the Inductive Studies Chat Room under “Helpful Links and Resources” under the “Files” tab at the top of the page. A link is provided that will take you to Bible Gateway where you can print out the entire Book of Job. After completing the study, you can then decide whether you wish to invest in an Inductive Study Bible for future studies.

We encourage you to participate in a small group to discuss each week’s lesson. We meet in a private Facebook group where sharing is entirely optional. During the first week we will have an introductory session where you will meet your small group leader and the other women in your group. If you prefer, you may answer the discussion questions here on this website by posting a comment below.
Please note that during the first week of the study, the discussion groups may be quite populated! Many women will visit the groups to see what this is all about and check out the various leaders. Don’t worry- by the second week we will settle into a rhythm. The groups will become much smaller and more intimate as the women decide on one group to attend. We ask that you use a computer to access the groups if at all possible. Mobile devices are not recommended as they make it difficult to follow the discussion.

Bible Study Tip: During Part I of our study we covered Chapters 1-17 of the Book of Job. Before beginning Part II, read these chapters straight through, as if you were reading a novel. This will refresh your memory of what we studied in Part I if you were here with us or give you a general overview of Part I of the study if you were not. As you read, jot your impressions down in your notebook or journal. Include any questions you have that need to be answered as we go along.

Your assignments for this week

• Make sure you are registered for this study so that you will receive the email updates on Monday each week.
• Pray before you begin your study each day. Invite the Holy Spirit to be your guide and teacher as you study.
• Find and attend a small group during the week. The groups meet at Studies/
• Read or reread Chapters 1-17 of the Book of Job to give yourself a general overview of the material.
• Begin Week Seven: “Adding Insult to Injury” in your book and complete the daily lessons before your small group meets during Week 2.

Discussion Questions for Week of July 11th:
1) Introduce yourself to the group. Are you new to the WBC or have you been here awhile?
2) What drew you to participate in this online study? What do you hope to get out of it?
3) What will be the biggest challenge to your completing this study?
4) How do you normally react to adversity in your own life? To difficult situations in the world?
5) Describe your level of trust in God.
6) How can our ministry leaders and the other women in your small group support you in your spiritual journey through this study?







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