hosea4Welcome back to week four of our Summer Online Bible study on the book of Hosea! My heart was warmed learning about returning to our first love! God always want us to return to Him and His unfailing love!

Weren’t you filled with joy being reminded that God’s return policy was available to all and hassle free? I sure was.  It reminded me of all the times I have been frustrated returning a pair of shoes, or an item I had purchased only to find out that the return policy time limit had expired or that I could only get a store credit even though I had the original receipt.  But praise be to God, that when we need to return our hearts to Him, all we need is go to God, He wants us to return back to Him.

Acknowledging God and all that He has provided and blessed us with is the key to our identity in Him, our worth in Him, and our self-worth.  When we don’t acknowledge God we begin to wander from Him and give credit to other loves, and forget about God.  Yikes!

One of the things I really related to this week was giving my heart away. Recently I had a huge fight with my older sister.  It was a very bad one.  We didn’t speak for quite a while.  My feelings of anger and unforgiveness were so strong that I could not allow myself to even think about her or speak her name.  WOW! It took much prayer and my brother saying to me, “Don’t let your heart turn cold with being mad and not forgiving.”  Just as our lesson this week talked about giving our hearts away to things that alter our ability to think or act clearly, I had let anger and unforgiveness rule in my heart. My thinking was clouded by the dark feelings in my heart.   I had forgotten my first love, God, who has always forgiven me despite my faults and mistakes.  Jesus has to be the center of my heart so that I will always give my heart to Him, even in times of deep pain and strife.

Giving our hearts to God, will always guarantee that we receive and experience His unfailing Love!


  • Attend a small group this week Select a small group day and time that fits your schedule, all groups are open http://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/
  • Share some of your favorite book quotes with your social media friends and hashtag #BibleCafe so we can find them too!
  • Choose a time and place where you will complete each lesson, set a reminder for your self
  • Read Week/Session FIVE in your book. You’ll read one lesson per day, each lesson is about 30 minutes.
  • Optional Activity: Print out this complimentary “Press On” card, print another one to share with a friend.

Print the set of iTruth Cards for yourself and/or a friend or family member. Confessing these truths will help “set” your heart on truth and “cement” those truths into your mind. Remember that your true identity is that you are a pure, beloved bride of Christ.

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  • Optional due to cost: AFTER you finish the reading assignment, watch video session Four available from Amazon or publisher website.
  • Optional Fun Activity: For the next week, listen to your favorite praise and worship song and give praise to God for His unfailing love.


You will have the opportunity to share your answers to these questions during your small group time.  You may also post them here.  Consider also recording your answers in your spiritual journal.

 QUESTION 1: Share one area in your life and/or relationship with God where you could be described as a stubborn calf? How does it make you feel to know that God wants to “shepherd you like a lamb in the meadow” despite you, at times, being stubborn? Page 88 (When you answer the question put Q1 in front of your answer so we know you’re referring to this question)

QUESTION 2: Hosea 14:2 tells us that God wants to hear us repent of our sins.  How does repentance soften us?

QUESTION 3: How does God’s attitude of protecting women and children impact your view of Him? How can this help young girls and women today believe they can be set free and restored?

QUESTION 4: In our lesson we learned that when we ignore God’s word, we become ignorant of it. And we are ignorant of God when we ignore Him.  Thinking about this, what will you do to acknowledge God more fully and grow in your knowledge of Him?

QUESTION 5: What things other than wine or promiscuity can take away our hearts? How can being filled with God’s spirit protect your heart?

My Sisters, remember, God’s Love is unfailing and His return policy is Hassle Free!

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