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Welcome to online Bible Study for Women. This week we’re discussing Week One from the “Entrusted”  study by Beth Moore. It’s not too late to join us- get a study book, come to the online Bible Cafe and join a live discussion via our private Facebook group. In this study Beth Moore begins the first week with historical context and setting. We’re given a brief biography of Paul, the author of Second Timothy. We discover where he was in the Jesus timeline, where he was before his calling, and where he traveled as he spread the Good News. If you’re a visual learner, then you probably liked the navigation map on page 33 to help you find Paul on the map. Born into a family of deep religious values, he met Jesus at a holy conversion and rerouted his life into new territory. He was called.

I’ve always felt you can’t meet Jesus and then be the same person you were in your past. Paul is a great example of living in relationship with Christ. He was entrusted with the Good News.

When we look at his biography prior to conversion, Paul was persecuting early Christians (Acts 9). I’ve heard Bible scholars equate him to modern terrorists who kill in the name of their god. Stop and think about this… could a terrorist meets Jesus face to face and have this conversation:

(a light from heaven shone around him… And falling to the ground.. he heard a voice)

Jesus: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”

Paul: “Who are you, Lord?”

Jesus: “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. But rise and enter the city, and you will be told what you are to do.”

Can you imagine this happening today? Most believers will overlook it because of the supernatural elements: bright light, knocked over, voice of the Lord. Those things defy our intellect and have no reasonable explanation. Many will ignore the supernatural in favor of the intellect. What if the well-educated Paul, instructed in Jewish law and mentored by the best scholars, told his intellectual family and friends about his supernatural encounter. Inspired by the Lord, Paul had the courage to redirect from terrorist to disciple. He was called and entrusted with sharing the Good News.

Our personal callings may not be so extreme between good and evil, but we’ve certainly heard stories of major transformations fueled by Christ. Your story is woven into His story. Your heart is embraced by Him. Spend less time online and more time in the presence of Jesus. Wait for him “and you will be told what you are to do.”

Study. Connect. Grow.


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  • “When all is said and done and we stand before the throne, could we be trusted with what was entrusted to us?” Beth Moore
  • “We won’t effectively guard what we don’t highly esteem.” Beth Moore
  • “Sometimes we read the Bible because we’re desperate.” Melissa Moore


Your WBC small group leaders may use some or all of these discussion questions this week.

  1. Are you more like Paul, the mature believer or Timothy, the young believer?
  2. What comes to mind when you hear the word “Pharisee?” (page 17)
  3. God is the Author of your story. Do you feel that you are currently under recalculation, or moving in the same direction of your calling? (page 20)
  4. What does it mean to be zealous for God? How can that be both a good thing and a bad thing? (page 23)
  5. Beth asks: Where was Saul when Jesus was crucified? She presents both theories of the yes spectrum and no spectrum that Paul was at the crucifixion. Which theory do you lean towards and why? (pages 29-30)
  6. On page 43 in the study book you made a list of five key people in your life. What did God unlock in you through one of these key people? (page 43)
  7. Do you personally agree or disagree with this statement: “Sometimes our lack of evangelism is because we’re not convinced that Jesus is what is best for the world.” Beth Moore
  8. What do you feel CALLED to do, and what do you feel NEEDED to do?
  9. The “trust” described by Beth Moore is the Gospel and the gifting. Which of these two “g-words” need more illumination in your life? Where do you need mentoring and refinement?
  10. Do you have people in your life that you meet face-to-face with, not just once a year, that can ask you hard questions?


  • JOURNAL: Look back in your journals from the past. How many times have you asked yourself if you can trust God? Will you receive trust, or not? Journal that today.
  • ACTIVITY: Use an online Bible and search the word “entrust” or “trusted” in different translations. Explore Biblegateway.com or BlueLetterBible.org or search “Strong’s Entrusted” which is a Bible dictionary for original language.
  • ACTIVITY: Personalize First Timothy 6:20 ESV by inserting your name, then write your personalized verse as a sticky note OR recurring appointment in your smart phone. Set the personalized verse to remind you once a day (or week) that you are entrusted by God, not people.  >>>  O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Example, O Sonya, guard the deposit entrusted to you<<  2PM each day, repeat reminder on phone. Share photos of your personalized verse in our Facebook group for encouragement.
  • ACTIVITY: Find and read link to “Laws of Applause” by Andy Stanley via blog post JenniCatron.com Catalyst 2013 (see page 45 footnote)

Praying for illumination of your calling as we complete this study together! I’ll see you in the small groups this week!

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  • paula spicer says:

    I know it is late and this study is finished. Our church is going to be doing a bible study and we saw this one and liked it. But is the videos mandatory, I know they would be beneficial, just wondering if it could still be done without them. Thanks for any help on this

  • Mikki Detten says:

    Are there videos to watch like we did with “believing God” online? I JUST bought this book yesterday

    • Christine Abraham says:

      Yes they are on the Lifeway website Mikki. We have completed this study at Womens Bible Cafe last year, and will be starting Patriarchs on March 20th

  • Andria Dillon says:

    I just signed up tonight. How long are the Bible studies? I want to make sure I don’t start on a study when it’s almost over. I would like to start fresh.

    • Christine Abraham says:

      this one is a 5-week study and we’re discussing week 4 this week. We’ll have a short and easy study in Nov/ December, it will be announced sometime this week

  • Bonnie Wilham says:

    I just found this and want to be part! I know I’m starting out behind but I will catch up eventually! Going after work today and see if our bookstore has this.?

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