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Congratulations on completing the “Entrusted”  study by Beth Moore with the members of the Womens Bible Cafe! We’ve enjoyed reading your comments in the small group discussions and learning from each of you. If you’re still finishing up the study you will be blessed- don’t give up because we’ve finished. Our next study begins in two weeks so you have time to complete this amazing study from Beth Moore. Can you do me a favor this week? Please THANK your ministry leaders at WBC! These ladies have shared their time and their hearts to serve and I’m so grateful for their dedication to show up and lead small groups each week.

Our reading assignment was so timely this week, as we learned about rebuking and correcting “in the Spirit.” That lesson is huge as we engage in online conversations with believers and nonbelievers over issues such as the US presidential elections or ministry leaders and same-sex marriage! Never forget people are watching what you say, the words you choose, and how you #representChrist online and in person. Look back at your timeline and ask the Holy Spirit what you need to remove.

I really hope you did not skip pages in this week’s study, because Beth Moore hits a homerun take-away concept about studying with and without the Holy Spirit! Slow down and read pages 156 to 158 one more time. Study the concepts of discipleship era, customized theologies, topic shopping in relation to your OWN spiritual growth and make corrections for the upcoming year as you plan your studies. We’ll be discussing this in our small groups during the week so come join the LIVE discussion!

One final word from Beth Moore: “Stop trying to do someone else’s ministry and fulfill your OWN.” I agree with Beth and I’m amazed at the lack of creativity and disinterest in creating unique ministries as women copy the work of others. God will not honor that as He calls YOU to be different. Seek the Holy Spirit and expand your own creative ideas. When you model and copy the work of another, you’re working in HER shoes instead of yours. It reveals a confidence in the leader or ministry you copied, rather than the anointing and calling placed upon you. Trust God and follow His leadership…you will fulfill YOUR ministry and YOUR unique calling. Don’t copy a ministry you were not assigned to lead.

My prayer is for you to continue to Study. Connect. Grow.

My prayer is for you to rise up and fulfill your unique calling.


  • If you have not listened to any of the audio or video sessions for the Entrusted study, visit Lifeway online and listen to session Six. You will not be disappointed!
  • Come meet the women in this study when you join a small group meeting: http://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/

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  • “Every present moment has future implications.” Beth Moore #EntrustedStudy
  • “Our present works don’t only affect future rewards. They affect future assignments.” Beth Moore #EntrustedStudy
  • “Rebuking and correcting in the name of God without the Spirit of God makes people recoil from God.” Beth Moore #EntrustedStudy
  • “You have not wasted a single breath on prayer.” Beth Moore #EntrustedStudy
  • “What helps me stay closely engaged with Jesus is having lived long enough to learn what happens when I don’t.” Beth Moore #EntrustedStudy
  • “In the pages of Scripture we find a God who can be experienced.” Beth Moore #EntrustedStudy


Your WBC small group leaders may use some or all of these discussion questions this week.

  1. Our final chapter of study is called “fulfill your ministry.” When you hear these three words do you feel equipped for the calling? Why or why not?
  2. On page 148 we learned the difference between a believer’s judgement and non-believers judgment. On this day- RIGHT NOW- how do you feel about your own judgement day? Why?NOTE: If anyone has not accepted Christ as their personal Savior, please comment now and one of our leaders will contact you at the end of the study to assist you personally.
  3. Are you prepared to answer this question if God should ask you: What did you do with what I entrusted to you? Explain your answer. (page 149)
  4. This week we learned about two forms of patience. One is in respect to people (markothumia) and the other is patience in putting up with things or circumstances (hupomone). Do you find it more challenging to bear up with people or circumstances? Why? (page 150)
  5. Beth Moore spent time explaining “customized theology” in our lesson this week. This is when we look at different ministries, podcasts, sermons, etc. to locate a topic we are seeking. Why is this dangerous to our spiritual growth? What can we do to keep from falling into the trap of “popularity theology” which entices us into activities because “everyone else is doing it too?” (page 157)
  6. We learned this week about the “discipleship era” resulting from social media. Everyone has a platform and anyone can become a ministry leader, Christian blogger, book author, etc. to disciple others. How can we discern teaching rooted in truth from teaching rooted in popularity? (page 158-159)
  7. If you were confined in some way (hospital, prison, treatment facility, etc) what three personal possessions would you desire most? (page 168)
  8. Share a time when you felt the presence of the Lord in an extraordinary way. (page 174-175)
  9. Now that we’ve finished “Entrusted” from Beth Moore, what lesson did you take away from the study?


  • JOURNAL: Spend time alone and pray about your calling. Jot down the words in your heart. Repeat as often as necessary until your path is illuminated. Ask if you are fulfilling YOUR calling or copying the calling of another leader or ministry.
  • JOURNAL: For one month each day begin your journal with these words: I have kept the faith when_________. Do this daily and let the Holy Spirit move words into your heart. >> I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7 ESV
  • ACTIVITY: Look back at your most recent MONTH timeline on social media. Are your words in synch with the Holy Spirit, or is there something He is convicting you to correct or remove from your online profile?
  • ACTIVITY: Get together with your mentor, local small group leader, or a family member and discuss the concepts from pages 156 to 158: discipleship era, customized theologies, topic shopping.

Praying for illumination of your calling as we complete this study together! I’ll see you in the small groups this week!

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