Beth Moore Patriarchs Online Bible Study Begins 3/20/17

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Join the Womens Bible Café™ as we journey through the Book of Genesis with Beth Moore. We’ll be facilitating an online Bible study of The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This 11-week study includes personal, daily assignments and weekly small group discussions. Registration is FREE- we officially begin our study the week of March 20, 2017

During our Beth Moore Bible study you’ll explore the Biblical concepts of blessing, covenant, and promise. We’ll learn the Biblical roots of Holy War. We need to be educated to today’s political events today based on where they stem from and the origins of Scripture.

Every Sunday night I’ll post our small group discussion questions here on the Womens Bible Cafe™ website. Our leaders will choose the questions they want to discuss with their group. You’ll get an email with the discussion questions on Monday morning so you can prepare in advance for your weekly small group meeting, or you can come to this website Sunday night to find them.

Join us in online small groups: you choose a day and time that is most convenient for you. Groups meet seven days a week, mornings and evenings in multiple time zones. We gather together in one central location- the Womens Bible Cafe™ Small Group via Facebook

Our groups are facilitated by a team of volunteers, including ministry leaders, pastors wives, ordained pastors, Christian authors, missionaries and more! If you miss your regular group you have the option to attend another group in the week. We never close the groups and everyone is welcome to join.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Our leaders are praying for you by name each week but we know it’s easy for women to walk away from their studies at church or online. So I encourage you to INVITE A FRIEND to this Beth Moore study and meet each other online at the same time each week. If she is absent from the weekly meeting, send her a text reminder or a phone call. If you are absent, expect an accountability call from her! You will both be blessed as you study and grow together.

Reading Schedule for the Patriarchs Online Bible Study

Our study includes five daily lessons per week. If you miss a lesson you still have two more days in the week to catch up. Patriarchs book from Beth Moore is required to participate in these online small group discussions.

  • Introduction
  • Week 1: Leave Your Country
  • Week 2: The Approaching and Approachable God
  • Week 3: Triumphs and Tests
  • Week 4: Eyes on Isaac
  • Week 5: The Heel Grabber
  • Week 6: For the Love of Jacob
  • Week 7: God of the House
  • Week 8: Dreams and Disappointments
  • Week 9: A Fragile Band of Brothers
  • Week 10: Epic Endings to the Beginning

Videos/audios are optional but highly informational and recommended. Join a friend in your living room and split the cost of the video sessions, or watch them individually. We cannot show them online due to copyright law.

How to Join us for the Patriarchs Beth Moore Online Bible Study

  1. Register to receive updates by email for the study —> If you’re already receiving the WBC emails then you don’t need to subscribe again.
  2. Order your copy of the Patriarchs study book by Beth Moore. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE or the books will sell out! Get a copy of the book from Lifeway, ibooks, and Christian bookstores. (Amazon sold out)
  3. OPTIONAL: Video or Audio Sessions are not required for WBC online studies but really powerful tools if you decide to use them. Find the Beth Moore Patriarchs Audio CD’s or download video sessions for individual use at
  4. Comment below to register for this study. This tells me how many small groups to arrange for you. Let me know if this is your very first Beth Moore study, or if you’ve completed other studies from Beth, which has been your favorite study so far…


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