Discover the essential steps in joining your first online Bible study:

1. Calculate your current spiritual health. This will help you determine your Bible study goal, show you where your relationship is with God, and where you’d like to be at the end of your study.

2. Decide what resources will help you to study daily. You know your own learning style- visual or auditory. If you are an auditory learner try background noise such as focus music to eliminate distraction. If you’re a visual learner use highlighter pens in different colors, sticky notes, pretty journals and color paper. Keep all your resources in one location designed for study- where you’ll meet Jesus each day.

3. Talk to your small group leader, who will advise you about your approach. She needs to know what your challenges are and how to help you reach your goals. Send her a private message or comment under your small group photo and tag her by name so she will not miss your post.

4. Talk to your family and take the time to explain the importance of their support while you’re working though this study. Explain to them that you’re committed to finish and need their support for a distraction free experience- just 30 minutes a day. Tell them you’ve committed to one hour a week for your Facebook group and you’ll be learning online.

5. Decide your start date, Monday for example! This is the key to self-discipline when you’re reading the study book each week. The lessons are designed for a five day experience- Monday through Friday works best for many women.

6. Pray constantly as you study. As you spend time learning about God through the Bible you will attract spiritual warfare. Get a prayer partner and carry each other through the study with a commitment to finish.

7. Decide when you want to meet with your small group: We do not pre-assign small groups and we do not divide our students into special interest groups. Instead, we allow YOU to select the best day and time for your schedule. Look in our Facebook group for the pinned post and you’ll see the current schedule for this study.

If you have followed these 7 steps, then you are ready to begin the Womens Bible Cafe™ online study! We look forward to seeing you in our groups –>

Study. Connect. Grow.