All Things New Online Bible Study | Session 8

Congratulations on finishing our final week of “All Things New: a Study on 2 Corinthians” by Kelly Minter! Through our time together we’ve discovered the Biblical promises and our assignment as ambassadors for Christ. We see people and circumstances with a new vision- magnified through Christ. What an amazing place to be in life as we shed our former self and embrace who we are in His image. Day after day we are becoming sanctified.

You’ve been called to reflect this image of Christ in you. There will be days when you feel on fire with a passion to share, and other days when you may withdraw for reflection. Seek balance during your mission this side of eternity.

Surrender the people you love to the care of the Lord and allow Him to identify them by His grace. Let them become new creations as they seek and discover Jesus. Plant seeds through your own actions- they are watching. How you respond in the face of adversity or blessing is a reflection of Christ. When a pre-Christian looks at you they are evaluating your faith and perhaps your religion.

“I identify with Christ” should be a reflection of your heart.

“I am new” should be your testimony.

“Join me and know Jesus” should be your invitation to others.

Now, get to work.

This is the beginning of your ministry of GRACE.


We are- NEW in Christ!

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