Patriarchs Online Bible Study | Week 10

Well what a journey!   We have reached the end of our Beth Moore online Bible study of the Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We have grown a deeper love for scripture as we dug into our study each week.

This final week brings us to, “Epic Endings to the Beginning,” where we witness the final leg of Jacob’s life.   We have studied four generations, and seen their struggles along the way.

Just like when I read a book, I was anticipating the ending.  Would it be a cliffhanger, would it be a good ending or a bad ending?  Our lesson shows us that God is the master as setting the scene and wrapping it all up in the end.

We see the dramatic reunion of Jacob and his son, Joseph, whom he had mourned the death of some years before.  I can imagine what an emotional time it was for them both.  But what I love about this study is that in the end we see the God has turned what some saw as a tragedy into a blessing for all.  Joseph was not dealt a great hand in the beginning, betrayed by his brothers, only to be used by God to bless his family in the end.  Don’t you love how God make all things work out for us, even when we don’t see Him working on our behalf?  And the best part, He never leaves us!

Throughout these ten whirlwind weeks of study, we have experienced many emotions as we shared together in our groups.  But one emotion that I remember and felt the strongest was thirst. I thirsted for more of the word with each week and day of lessons.  This story of God walking with generations of a family fascinated me and gave me hope that He can and will do the same thing for my family, for you and your family.  The blessings from God are never ending and He will always be with us.

My Sisters, I leave you with this final thought, I was recently at a conference for ministry leaders, and the worship team for night one sang a song and the chorus really resonated with me: “You’re the overflow, the sustainer of my soul, pouring out of me. Living water for the weary, bless me so I might be a blessing, heal me so I might bring healing.  Cover me, so that I might be a covering for You.”  I remember being in tears praising God as I was singing.  Beth Moore asks us to make a pact to be intentional about blessing others and seeking God thru His word all the way to our last conscious breath. (page 237)

Will you make that pact with her, with us, with God?

Thank you for sharing with us during this study! We invite you to register for our Summer Study, “Overwhelmed: How to Quiet the Chaos and Restore Your Sanity” which begins the week of Monday, June 19th

May God continue to bless you and I look forward to once again, Study.Connect. Grow. with you in two weeks!

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