Patriarchs Online Bible Study | Week 9

Our Patriarchs online Bible study continues with Week 9 from Beth Moore, A Fragile Band of Brothers.  We are in the homestretch of the study! Push to finish strong! After finishing these last nine weeks of Bible study you’ve developed habits of devotion, explored Bible topics, and discovered personal applications. Well done ladies, well done!

Recently I travelled to Dallas, Texas for work.  I had decided that I would carry on so I didn’t have to check my bag.  This would make travelling a little easier and timely, right?  Wrong.  When I got to the gate, I was kindly told that my bag was over the weight limit and would need to be checked. My bag being over the limit led to additional expenses and time that I was hoping to avoid.  Reminds me of our lesson this week.

Baggage…Emotional Baggage, Financial Baggage, Addiction Baggage, whatever baggage we carry from our past will always weigh us down and hinder our growth until we, as our author suggests, exchange it with God’s provision, and restoration.

While we see Joseph prosper and his character is grown thru his past pain, we still see that his old wounds are still there.  Perhaps, you, like me have really tried to mask the truth that things that happened in the past still at times sting hard.  When we live in denial of these feelings, we never fully escape our past hurts and heal.

I can only imagine the flood of emotions that Joseph must have felt seeing his brothers after the pain they caused.  But what really hit me this week, was that even though he had suffered so much, God provided him with new blessings and a way to bless and provide for his family in the end.   God had a plan and used the evil, the hurt for His glory and for blessings to come forth.

I pray that you will continue to seek God during times of sufferings and trust that He is working on your behalf, even when you do not see Him moving.

Meet us during this week for one of our small group discussions.  Continue to connect with your Prayer Partners and leaders this week to share.


One more week to go ladies!


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