Book Notes: The Entitlement Cure by John Townsend


Photo by Tirza van Dijk on UnsplashDr. John Townsend has sold more than 8 million copies of his books and is best known as coauthor of the Boundaries Series and Handling Difficult People. He’s co-host of “New Life Live” radio show with 3 million listeners. He’s also a respected leadership coach skilled in Organizational Leadership, Executive Coaching and Counseling. In his book The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Way [affiliate], he tackles the current state of entitlement head-on. You’ve probably witnessed entitlement in local sports, national news, politics, celebrity gossip, and reality television. We see rampant entitlement with social media- as ordinary people push media boundaries to achieve overnight stardom.

Like it or not, we’re dealing with the reality of entitlement. Comedians John Crist and Chonda Pierce have grasped the humor of entitlement in their viral videos. I’m a HUGE fan of the topic as I see entitlement dominating communities and tempting people into prideful positions. Many of my social media friends are currently reading and quoting from the book. It appeals to a wide demographic audience. Here are my book notes (make sure you read the entire book for a better understanding):

  1. Entitlement is a sociology disease. From this viewpoint, diseases have identifiable symptoms, diagnosis, underlying cause, and cures. Isn’t that worth investigating?
  2. Family members get stuck in entitlement. If you remember that John Townsend has written several books about healthy boundaries, then it’s no surprise that entitlement is spread through enabling. We can help entitled family members by setting safe limits or what is permitted in our relationships.
  3. Move family members from deserving to responsibility. This is a big lesson I need to teach my adult children, and it’s done with intention. Somewhat  similar to the “Peter Pan Syndrome” of never growing up!
  4. Motivating someone from entitlement to responsibility requires discipline and structure. It’s not easy to teach someone to be a self-feeder, yet when she learns to fish and feed herself, everyone is blessed! I need discipline on my part not to rescue her from failure, and she needs to learn by taking risks and making mistakes. In-between is prayer. LOTS of prayer!

I’m pretty sure I highlighted 85% of my Kindle ebook version!  You can grab a copy of this book at your local library (don’t highlight or dog-ear the pages), borrow a copy from a friend, or own a copy for your personal growth.  After reading the Netgalley PDF version I bought a Kindle version, because I really enjoy the content and I’m reading it a second time.

The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Way [affiliate link]


Christine’s Coffee Talk! What do you think are some symptoms of entitlement today?  Did they exist in older generations (Babylonians) or is this a new challenge in a modern culture? Comment below and share your story…



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