Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio is founder of the Passion movement, which gathers collegiate-aged young people at events across the U.S. and around the world, uniting millions of students in worship, prayer, and justice. In his book Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants [affiliate link], he shows us that modern giants still exist. Not only do they exist beyond the Old Testament experience of David, but Goliath is a modern day nuisance hidden somewhere inside our life. He rears his ugly side under the guise of fear, rejection, addiction, anger and comfort. As Louie Giglio teaches through the book- Goliath MUST fall. He’s a hinderance, even today.

 This book appeals to readers of any age group, not just young adults in college. I’m not a fan of the minimalist cover design on this book. Many of my social media friends are currently reading and quoting from the book too. After reading this book I learned to identify my Goliath, and then strike him down with strategic weapons. Just like David, I’m the victor in my own giant-slaying story! And you are too, once you read the book. Here are my book notes (make sure you read the entire book for a better understanding):

  1. We have giants. Most of us admit we have giant conditions such as pride, fear, rejection, comfort, anger or addiction. Giglio teaches his readers how to win the battle using Biblical weapons.
  2. We have seasons of walking in dark valleys. It’s really lonely to walk without Christ, and the choice to bring Him into the valley is ours alone. If you’re in a dark valley you’ll meet Goliath- guaranteed. Giglio shows us how to win.
  3. We have weakness, but can still work for good. This is significant to me because I do not allow my past to breed insecurity. I’ve crushed the Goliath of shame, confessed past sin, and put on a garment of grace. It helps me to distribute forgiveness towards others, just as Christ forgives me for my mistakes.
  4. Don’t give Goliath a seat at your table. For me this is a reminder to be attentive to boundaries, both in my ministry work and personal life. In the past I’ve given the intruder table space when we faced financial crisis, a rebellious teenager, and a cancer scare. Right now he’s sitting at my food table mocking my weight and I’m ready to fight Goliath over this. Is the devil sitting at your table too?

I’m pretty sure I cried through every page of the last chapter. It’s worth the read from beginning to end as you identify your Goliath and slay him. So my question is…when are you going to read Goliath Must Fall? You can grab a copy at your local library, borrow a copy from a friend, or own a copy for your family to enjoy. I bought a Kindle version once I read the Netgalley PDF version for a review, because I really enjoy the content and expect to read it again. Do you think we should have a BOOK CLUB discussion on this? Comment below and let me know…I’ll pray on that when I see your comments.

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