You Are the Beloved by Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was a spiritual thinker who wrote about the life of Jesus and the love of God. He made the decision to attend seminary school, earned a psychology degree, and served as chaplain in  the army. Later he became a teacher of pastoral psychology, then professor at Harvard Divinity School, Notre Dame, and Yale. His relational model uses three core themes: solitude, community, and compassion. You’ll see his most popular work in the book You Are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living by Henri Nouwen [affiliate], a daily devotional for Christian living.

Imagine each day being reminded of this truth: you are beloved! This devotional book is a collection of Nouwen’s best writing, and an excellent opportunity for fans of his work and future fans to examine his legacy. While reading the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) I marked several favorite quotes. Here are my book notes (make sure you read the complete meditations for a better understanding):

  1. Jesus lived his life from an inner place of love. Today I seem many living their life from a selfie-view, instant celebrities counting likes and clicks. When we move away from the center place of inner love, we see more of the world and less of Him.
  2. My identity is beloved. When rejection is center stage in our careers and homes, we can misplace our identity on those roles. Slowing down and reading the Bible we realize that our true identity, our self, is wearing the beloved label.
  3. Self-rejection is the enemy of spiritual living. Sometimes we’re so preoccupied rejecting others on social media, unfriending and posting critical opinions, we start believing the reflections online. We adopt the victim role of self-rejection and there’s a remedy to that: living spiritually!
  4. When I pray I listen to the voice of love. So many times I hear women say they struggle to keep focused as they pray. Perhaps, when we listen to love with intention, our focus shifts. Write this down “I am beloved” and take that into your prayer room today.

When this book releases on October 31. 2017, you can grab a print copy or Kindle version and you’ll have a collection of Henri Nouwen works. My hope is that this devotional sits beside other great classics such as Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest. You, the reader, will be the deciding factor on where the book sits at home and on a bestseller list! What would happen if you spend some time exploring your identity as beloved?

You Are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living [affiliate link]


Christine’s Coffee Talk! What is your favorite devotional book? Have you read any books written by Henri Nouwen, and if so, which is your favorite? Comment below and share your story…






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  • Helen Eldridge says:

    I’m reading ‘You are the Beloved by Henri Nouwen. I’m really enjoying his writings and find they are finding a place in my heart I haven’t been before. I absolutely loved, ‘ The Return of the Prodigal Son’ which my friend bought from the Hermitage in St Petersburg a couple of years ago along with a picture of The Prodigal Son. Reading Henri’s own experience with this original painting and where it led him in a career with the mentally impaired, had a big impact on my own life. Henri’s writings are directly from his heart and authentic.

    • Christine Abraham says:

      Isn’t this a great book! I have really enjoyed it and I keep going back looking at my notes. I love how the Prodigal Son reached into the depths of your heart Helen- beautiful story. Thank you.

  • John Schneider says:

    Henri Nouwen changed my life view. In 1993, as a lost Lutheran, I was channel surfing one Sunday morning and came across Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power.” I had heard inspiring messages there before, so I watched as he introduced a Catholic priest as his speaker that day. I was intrigued; what can a CATHOLIC tell me about my spiritual life? Fr. Nouwen began; “You, I, we ARE the beloved daughters and sons of God.” I was blown away. He continued to talk about how our lives can be lived in a far better way within the truth of that knowledge. (The video can be seen here: .
    I was so inspired, that I wrote Fr. Nouwen a letter, to which he replied with a book (Seeds of Hope) and a personal note.
    Fast forward: Since that day I have been a fan of his writings. Over time I delved into the faith and found myself seeking the deepest answers in Catholicism. I have since become a devout, practicing Catholic evangelizer. Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

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