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Welcome to the Womens Bible Cafe™ Book Club- here’s what we are reading in October 2017. Our goal is to encourage you to read one or more Christian books each month. To do this you’ll need to spend a little less time online or watching television. Set a goal to read one chapter a night before bed…and in one month you’ll finish a book (or two). In a year, you’ll read 12 books (or more). If this sounds like a healthy habit- come join us!

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Start reading your books on the first day of the month and set a goal to finish by the last day.

We have weekly discussion groups where you’ll meet like-minded Book Clubbers for an engaged discussion. Since we’re a diverse group of women from around the world, and in many time zones, we do not meet on a specific time but we invite you to check in on a specific day and tell us about your book.

Monthly Book Club Discussion Schedule for

October 2017

Most books available at Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. Some may be available at your local library

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How to Join the Monthly Book Club

  1. Get a copy of the book from the library or a favorite bookstore
  2. Join our private facebook group (‘closed” means only members can see content, everyone can join)

(Last Month) September 2017 Book Selections


We encourage you to read 20 minutes a day or a chapter at night before bed! Save money when you borrow books from the library (or a friend).

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