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By December 18, 2017Breaking Free

We asked our Bible Cafe™ students what they wanted to study in the New Year and over 500 women responded. First we took an end of the year survey. We narrowed the list to their most recommended authors, then we narrowed the list again to their top four book choices, and they voted one final time. The end result: Breaking Free: The Journey the Stories Updated Edition by Beth Moore.

Many women felt that the #metoo movement and the anticipated Christian revival are two key factors in their decision. They want to help other women and themselves breakaway from any past oppressions so that we are together stronger. We’ll start reading the “Breaking Free: The Journey the Stories Member Book” from Beth Moore beginning January 22, 2018 and ending 11 weeks later. 


Notice what I said? This is a longer than usual study, so your next opportunity to join us online will be in April! You’ll miss lots of fellowship, friendship, and love if you bypass this study.

Ask any woman who has done this study and she will tell you it’s LIFE CHANGING.

To participate in this 11-week online bible study, you’ll need a copy of the member book, available at Amazon, Christian bookstores, Barnes and Noble, Beth Moore’s blog. For our international students, there’s an iTunes or Lifeway eReader version too! This powerful book has changed lives year after year, so bring a friend to the online study and help keep each other accountable to completing the lessons.

Most of you already have this book from a past study or a “someday I want to do this” list. Check your closets before you get a copy of the book..or if you have the older version and its marked up beyond comprehension, get a new copy and start fresh!

This is a study book format with daily reading and responses. It will take you 30 minutes a day or perhaps longer if you decide to journal through the lessons.

Once a week join our private Facebook group for online discussions of Breaking Free: The Journey the Stories  Member Book by Beth Moore. You’ll read your book at home with five lessons each week, answer the study questions, and then join us to participate in a private Facebook group discussion (link below).

Our groups meet seven days a week, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Schedule is posted in the group as a “pinned post” and you can join a group anytime it fits your busy schedule! We recommend you subscribe to the Womens Bible Cafe™ newsletter so you’ll receive updates on this study, notifications on our fun giveaways, and other events.

If you are new to online bible study, please Read the Getting Started Page

Reading Schedule for Breaking Free: The Journey the Stories

  • Week 1- Untying the Cords of the Yolk
  • Week 2- That You May Know
  • Week 3- Removing the Obstacles
  • Week 4- Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins
  • Week 5- Building Up the Brokenhearted
  • Week 6- Beauty From Ashes
  • Week 7- The Potter and the Clay
  • Week 8- God’s Unfailing Love
  • Week 9- The Steadfast Mind
  • Week 10- The Display of His Splendor

How to Participate in the Breaking Free Online Bible Study

  • Get a copy of Breaking Free Member Book by Beth Moore. Note the updated edition has a different cover than the older version, either book is fine for our study. You can find this Member Book (study guide) at Amazon, Beth Moore’s website Living Proof Ministries, Lifeway Stores, Barnes and Noble,, or iBooks.
  • Optional CD, Video Sessions to rent or buy, or audio sessions are available at Lifeway. These are great for deeper study and highly recommended!!
  • Join our private Facebook group. The privacy settings say “closed” because you cannot see content until you join.
  • Subscribe to receive our updates by email once a week
  • Follow us on social media @WomensBibleCafe

Breaking Free Leadership Team

  • Christine Abraham- writing the discussion questions
  • Lakecia Harris- writing the blog posts each week
  • Sonya Morris Nelson- organizing the small groups and leaders
  • Stasia Nielsen- creating the small group images

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  • Teara says:

    I’m some excited 

  • Valerie Lenzi says:

    I have the book but never got to do the study with my church group. I am excited to be able to do this one online!!

  • Sylvia Chamberlain says:

    Received my Breaking Free book today. Have lessons been scheduled and if so, where can I verify if I’m enrolled? Thanks, so looking forward to this study.

  • Karen Weaver says:

    Where do we find the order links for the Breaking Free Study Guide. Want to be sure I’m ordering the correct one.

    • Christine Abraham says:

      WHen you click the book name, the link is attached Karen. Or just look at the book cover here on this page…and make sure the one you order looks like that too!

  • Lynn says:

    How can we watch the video along with reading the book? If you tube is not the legal version, is there a complete version for sale? Thanks. Looking forward to the journey.

    • Christine Abraham says:

      The link is in this post under resources. You can also go direct to Lifeway website. They have videos for rent, videos to own, and a CD audio set of the teaching series. Because this study is twice as long as some of the newer Bible studies, the price is a bit more. I have the CD set and have used them for 5 studies now…so it was worth my investment initially. My teenage daughters listen to them too…double blessing!

  • Laura M Jarvis says:

    I’ve been wanting to do a women’s Bible study for so long. I’m so excited to see this group come up in my search. I’ve just joined for the 1/22 breaking free study! Going to order my Kindle book now! I’m so excited!!! Thank you!!

    • Christine Abraham says:

      The Breaking Free Bible study is not available in Kindle format, you can find the study book in Lifeway stores or Amazon. Look for the blue cover shown in this article post. Welcome to Bible study Laura!

  • Tanya Valtierra says:

    I did the breaking free book. There is free videos on YouTube. Everything is on breaking free videos on YouTube.

    • Christine Abraham says:

      If they are on Youtube they are violating a copyright law 🙁 If it’s direct from Beth Moore or Lifway then they are usually mini clips and not the entire set of videos.

  • Connie W. says:

    I think I’m connected but thought I should make sure. Count me in for this study. =) Thanks!

  • Susie says:

    Is there a schedule yet for the weekly get together?

    • Christine Abraham says:

      Its too soon to create one Susie, we need to now how many women are registered before we plan groups. Look in our FAcebook group and you can see the current schedule for the Christmas study, that will give you a general idea. great question!

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