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By December 15, 2017Book Club

If you’re a woman who likes the challenge of creating new habits each year… then come join the Bible Cafe™ online and let’s read through the Bible and seek God’s treasures. It’s a perfect beginning to setting aside time daily to be with God- if that’s something you value and want to learn.

At our recently completed end of year Bible Cafe™ survey, several women asked to “read the Bible only” as an alternative to topical studies written by Bible teachers. We thought that was a GREAT suggestion! So this reading plan is a perfect opportunity for you to select a Bible translation you prefer and read with us for an entire year.

Tip: to find a Bible translation, visit and look up a favorite verse. Then click the translations menu and look at the same verse in different formats.

There are reading charts and videos to explain the different translations, I’ll post these in our Book Club group.

For this 12 month experience we’re following The Divine Mentor format. In this method of study, you’re seeking the mentors in the Bible such as Moses, Abraham, David, Jeremiah, Esther, Jesus, Paul and more. You’ll specifically look to see how they fit the mentor role in your life today.

We’ll post updates in our private Facebook group, so be sure to join us. We meet here:

You’ll want to download and print The Divine Mentor Bible reading plan- I will post a copy in our Book Club group under the FILES tab.

For those of you who are creative and enjoy Bible journaling, come join us too! Then share your beautiful pages with our group of 16,000+ members in the Bible Cafe™ Book Club. We hope to see you encourage others through your creative examples.

We are not requiring the book for this experience BUT there’s a great message behind the one year reading. So the book is HIGHLY recommended to give you a jump start on this one year habit!

Where to Purchase The Divine Mentor Book

Optional Resources to Read the Bible in a Year

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  • Sandy Hewett says:

    So excited! Finished reading Bible through a few weeks ago. Amazing experience. Cannot wait to do it agsin with a group and the perspective of this book. The intro sounds wonderful. Thanks!

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