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By January 28, 2018Breaking Free

Welcome back to online Bible study! This week in the “Breaking Free” Bible study by Beth Moore, we read Week 1 “Untying Our Lives From What Holds Us Back” and studied four Old Testament kings who ruled during Isaiah’s lifetime and ministry. As the people followed the example of their kings, they were led into both physical and spiritual captivity.

Uzziah was the most powerful man in the Southern Kingdom. However he didn’t have the power of the priests which caused him to be tempted and shamed by God who struck him with Leprosy.

Jotham was faithful to God and his people, but he didn’t demand that the people follow God.

Ahaz worshipped idols and burned his sons as sacrifices.

Hezekiah put many reforms in place for Judah but wasn’t prepared to defeat all of their enemies

.All of them failed at specific points of leadership which can all be rooted in pride. God’s hatred of pride should be a clear sign that he expects us to hate pride too. As women and people we crave hero figures that can take us further away from God. We will find ourselves living to please everyone else but God and we look for someone to rescue us from our troubles aside from God.

In addition, the people practiced idolatry under the leadership of these kings. Idolatry, placing someone or something before God separates us from God’s love and forgiveness

How can we safeguard our hearts against both pride and idolatry? We need to practice spiritual disciplines like scripture memorization, prayer, and reflective journaling. Take a moment and visual yourself, untying ropes from around your body. Let each rope represent something or someone who is holding you back from experiencing freedom and liberty in Christ. It isn’t easy, but we can take small steps of repentance to transform our lives to reflect Christ’s love.

Let’s not take our eyes off of our true King God. The chorus of the hymn titled,”He’s My King”, written by James Rowe in 1911 (Praise For the Lord, 1997 by Song Supplements, Inc) says:
He’s my king and O I dearly love him
He’s my king no other is above him
All day long enraptured praise I sing
He’s my savior
He’s my king
My blessed king

God has given us a Savior in his son Jesus Christ. In Christ we are set free from attitudes, sinful habits, or lies that keep us from experiencing true freedom. As we embark upon our breaking free journey embrace the difficult questions and reflections that may come up for you as you study. Do so unafraid remembering that you have a King that dearly loves you.

Love and (((hugs)))


Assignment for the Week

  1. Complete WEEK TWO: That You May Know in the study book this week, and be ready to discuss it next week.
  2. Memorize Isaiah 43:10 from verse card in back of the book.
  3. Join a small group discussion this week. We meet here:
  4. If you are using the optional video or audio sessions, watch the “Session Two”


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