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By February 4, 2018Breaking Free

God says that we are redeemed, we are forgiven, we are loved.  This week, Beth asked us to reflect on the following five things we need to always know and remember about God.

  1. We need to know God and Believe Him.
  2. We need to glorify God.
  3. We need to find satisfaction in God.
  4. We need to experience God’s power.
  5. We need to enjoy God’s presence.

Let us embrace 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NIV), “However, as it is written, What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived that things God has prepared for those who love him”.  What an awesome promise?

In order to move forward spiritually in freedom, we have to acknowledge areas of captivity in our lives and take small steps of faith to ingrain these truths of God’s words into our hearts.  For instance, do you believe who God says you are or are you holding on to negative labels and self-talk that cause you to experience seasons of low self-esteem, self-respect, or self-degradation.  

Is it hard for you to accept compliments? Do you compare yourself frequently to another woman’s beauty, career success, or character? Stop ! These are warning signs that you aren’t believing what God says about you.

Accept the simplicity that being in Christ gives you.  Step out in faith and make the choice to trust God.  Allow God to be recognized in you and through your actions and approaches to living the Christian life.  As we embrace the notion of breaking free we need to seek satisfaction in Christ through prayer, praise, and studying his word.  

In Day four’s homework, we got a chance to read and analyze a dynamic metaphor of a river as we studied the importance of experiencing God’s peace.  Isaiah 48:18 (NIV) says, “If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.  On page 44 it reads “ To have peace like a river is to have security and tranquility of heart and mind while meeting many bumps and unexpected turns on life’s journey through change”. We can all relate to experiencing challenging times.  If you haven’t experience a challenge, get ready, because one is headed toward you soon.  But if we apply our knowledge about God and move forward in freedom, we will never lose the blessings and favor of God during the midst of our challenges.

As we walk forward in making liberty in Christ our reality let’s strengthen our prayer life, replace worries with truths, and pay attention to God’s commands by being obedient.  

Be Blessed and Encouraged for the week ahead!


Assignment for the Week

  1. Complete WEEK THREE in the study book this week, and be ready to discuss it next week.
  2. Memorize the verse from verse card in back of the book.
  3. Join a small group discussion this week. We meet here:
  4. If you are using the optional video or audio sessions, watch the “Session Three”


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  • Leticia Ruiz says:

    I was one of my own worst enemies, it seemed that the longer I would entertained the thought in my head, I would get myself in a horrible mind set of being.
    It would make me very depressed and then the low self esteem would also set in. It’s a horrible why to live, and very dangerous, cause it takes you to such a dark side that many have not been able to come back from.
    I am talking in the past tense, cause ever since I fell hard and then and only then did I cry out to God from my gut did I not hear him. I hear him and felt him I know I did, because I truly am a miracle, I have so much faith in God Almighty in Jesus Name I Trust. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if was God who sent Jesus to come save me, because it was not done out of my own accord, until Jesus came and lead me to still waters and open my mind to the word of God our father p, Jesus guided me to my room and told me to again pick up the Bible, but to open it like in the middle where he guided me to do so and I then heard him speak to me with what he told me to read I will never forget the main part of my reading that stuck out said “ you have not chose me I have chose you and then another time I read “I have anointed you” Jesus is so real he has truly turned my life around to the wonders of the world I can truly see, hear, and feel today I am no longer like the living dead, because Jesus lives inside me I now have life. Amen!
    Ps: I would like to join your group!

  • Leanna Williams says:

    Are there videos associated with this?

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