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By March 6, 2018Breaking Free

This week in Breaking Free by Beth Moore we looked at the dreams of our childhood and examined them through the lense of scripture.  Our theme for the week was “Beauty from Ashes”.  We took a walk through scripture and studied the story of Tamar (2 Sam 13:1-22) and reconnected it to the promises through scripture of accepting Christ as our Bridegroom no matter what events have happened in our life that may have left us feeling shamed, remorseful, or even devastated (Isa 61:10).

Ephesians 6:12 (NKJV) states that “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age.

If we take a moment to observe how women are treated, objectified, and sensualized in our culture, we get a glimpse of the war that Satan has launched against us.  We have accepted and normalized advertisements, t.v. shows, and writings that showcase us as less than the daughters of the King.  

As we work toward gaining liberty in Christ, we must remember that as women with identities rooted in Christ, we have been battle tested and have fought internal and sometimes external forces in order to hold fast to God’s promises.

Beth Moore points out that another childhood dream that we have is to be brides. We wait for the perfect man to sweep us off of our feet. But did you know that you are the Bride of Christ and that you can’t be prepared for this role?  He freely gives it to us.  However, we prepare ourselves by accepting his offer of love and salvation.  In his role, he cherishes and restores our feminine honor and value..  We don’t have to wait.   As a bride, we are loved and chosen by God. Our closeness with Christ helps us to give grace, love, and forgiveness to the people in our lives who need it the most.

We can take all that we have learned this week and embrace the roles God has for us to not only by being physical mothers but to be spiritual mothers also.  We embrace our challenges and turn them into teachable moments and learning opportunities to help girls and women, in our lives,on their spiritual journey.  God commands us to be teachers of good things (Titus 2:3)

Guess what?  Often times we aren’t progressing because we are holding on to the past:

Past Hurts

Past Careers

Past Relationships

Beth Moore states “God surpasses our dreams when we reach past our personal plans and agendas to grab the hand of Christ and walk the paths he chooses for us”.

We stilt our own spiritual growth because we are looking back over our lives and not focusing forward on our future.

Let’s agree that today will be the day of our new beginnings!


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Assignment for the Week

  1. Complete WEEK SEVEN in the study book this week, and be ready to discuss it next week.
  2. Memorize the verse from verse card in back of the book.
  3. Join a small group discussion this week. We meet here:
  4. If you are using the optional video or audio sessions, watch the “Session Seven”

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