Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 9

By March 23, 2018Breaking Free

As our study is quickly ending, Moore reminds us of the importance of renewing our mind by preparing to be tested in how we think, how  we behave, and how we communicate to our friends and loved ones about the changes we’re making in our lives.

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you” , Isa. 26:3

This scripture reminds us to go to God with trust and honesty about our struggles.  Moore states that the blessing of liberty in Christ can only be realized as Christ becomes Lord of our minds.  If you are like me, each day I find my mind wandering toward regret, fear, and hopelessness because I’m not intentionally guarding my mind and refuting the lies that creep in.  However, in order to truly be free I have to surrender these thoughts to God through prayer and then purposefully change what I think about.

Your enemies will cower before you, and you will trample down their high places” Deut. 33:29

Moore challenges us to recognize who our enemy is by studying our strongholds and then making an agreement with God to refute them by speaking truth to the new life we want to establish ultimately placing truth and goodness in the forefront of our minds.

She goes on to say that the steadfast mind is not a matter of denial, however it starts with the admission of truth.  Once we have admitted the truth about our situation then through Christ, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit we can begin to apply truth to our lives diminishing the destructive power of sin.

Finally, Moore encourages us to starve our fleshly or worldly desires by purposefully feeding our spirit by beginning to meditate on truths that pertain to our particular situations and by avoiding environments that would tempt us to return to a life of sin and bondage.  By giving god our complete cooperation and taking time to renew our minds we will be victorious and Satan will be defeated.


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Assignment for the Week

  1. Complete WEEK TEN in the study book this week, and be ready to discuss it next week.
  2. Memorize the verse from verse card in back of the book.
  3. Join a small group discussion this week. We meet here:
  4. If you are using the optional video or audio sessions, watch the “Session Ten”

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