Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 10

By April 1, 2018Breaking Free

With gladness and joy, we’ve reached the final week of our study of Breaking Free: Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life.  Now it is time that we celebrate each concept that we’ve learned, new scriptural insights, and a renewed love for our Creator.

This week Moore prepares us to truly embrace a changed life by reminding us that anybody can be free if they do what Jesus says do. This simple act of obedience can release years of guilt, shame, and insignificance.

So the challenge is in accepting this freedom. She reminds us to approach our Christian walk with grace and humility remembering from whence we came but being careful to prepare for our new transformed life.  Fear is one element that can stand in our way. Wondering what others think or say about us can keep us in a trap of comparison or bondage that is far from the liberty that God wants to make known in our lives.  For a spirit-filled abundant life, she reminds us to never fail in crying out to Jesus to help us navigate challenging situations.

To keep us motivated on our journey, Moore reminds us that we are brides (Isaiah 61:10). In addition, God can use your failure to cause you to move forward.  She encourages us to let God bind and heal our hearts by walking with Christ one day at a time.

Let’s heed her words by not giving up or giving in to the temptations around us.  Let’s be a beautiful example of a display of his splendor (Isaiah 54:12-17).

  • Pray and Confess Sin Daily
  • Transform Your Habits
  • Study God’s Word
  • Surround yourself with Godly people.




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