What Matters Most: Introduction Week

This is an exciting week for us here at the Women’s Bible Café™.  We’re just beginning this journey through Philippians and it’s not too late to get a book and learn with us. An inspirational adventure of unprecedented joy awaits. The first week is an introduction week where you meet the leaders, choose your group day and time, and connect with women just like you.

My name is Stasia Nielsen and I will be writing these weekly blog updates for this study. The book of Philippians has always been my favorite book in the Bible.  The Apostle Paul wrote the letter to the tiny church in Philippi while he was imprisoned.  Philippines is jammed packed full of wisdom on how to live a joyful life of contentment, even during life’s most difficult trials.  As a missionary mom, I feel that in many ways I have been able to relate to the Apostle Paul’s experience as a missionary to the early church.  When we were held captive in the Philippine jungles so many years ago, I would whisper those verses that I had memorized from Philippians over and over to myself.  Renewed hope and comfort as well as a deep assurance God’s deliverance were the benefit that carried me through one of the most trying experiences in my life.

That being said, we are thrilled to begin this journey with you, an adventure of learning the deep joy of what matters most, even during the most difficult seasons of our lives.

#action Inside the cover of your book) write a heartfelt prayer with these 3 points:

  • What you are experiencing now
  • Where you hope to see yourself at the end of this study
  • Why you believe God will be faithful to answer those prayers (reflect on His character).

Welcome to our journey through Philippians! I truly believe that God has something special for you during this study.  May the Lord lavish His most extravagant love on you as you begin this new chapter of unprecedented joy in all things.  {{Hugs}}





  1. If you have not already done so register here
  2. Join a discussion group this week.
  3. Meet author Karen Ehman LIVE on Thursday night at 8PM Eastern on our Facebook page 
  4. Complete Week One: What Matters Most-The Gospel in the study book and be ready to discuss it next week.
  5. If you want to memorize verses during this study, look for the verse card in back of your study book.
  6. Optional video and audio sessions are available at Lifeway.


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