What Matters Most: Week 2

Welcome Back to the Womens Bible Café™!  This week in our study of What Matters Most:  A Study of Philippians by Karen Ehman, we read Week Two: Heavenly Mined & Earthly Good.  We began with an in-depth review of the rich wisdom and meaning in Philippians 1:20-30.  In this weekly exercise of taking apart a passage of scripture, we are learning to meditate (pause and reflect) and apply scripture to our daily life by writing down what we have studied.  This is such a wonderful exercise because we can look back over the pages of our journal and see what we have learned during those key moments in our journey of faith.

Next, we visited the Apostle Paul in his prison cell where he shared what it means to have an “eager expectation and hope” no matter what the circumstance.  Looking at what it means to be courageous, we studied what “being worthy of the gospel’ means in regards to our faith and how we share that faith with others.  Finally, we studied the significance of living a productive life for the sake of the Gospel.  Let’s review a few Key Points from this week’s lesson:

  • We have an eternal hope Christ Jesus.
  • We have citizenship in heaven.
  • We can experience grace because of faith in Christ Jesus.
  • We are called to be courageous in our faith.
  • We are called to productive kingdom labor.
  • We are called to conduct our lives as “worthy” of the Gospel.

Faithful Friend, there are times in our lives where we are imprisoned, just as the Apostle Paul was when he wrote these precious passages.  Whether it is because of the circumstances that surround us or the pain that we hold within us, God longs to lavish His most extravagant grace in our lives to carry us through.  Know this, you are deeply loved by God and He continues to work on your behalf.





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  2. Join a discussion group this week.
  3. Meet author Karen Ehman LIVE on Thursday May 17 at 8PM Eastern on our Facebook page 
  4. Complete Week Three in the study book and be ready to discuss it next week.
  5. If you want to memorize verses during this study, look for the verse card in back of your study book.
  6. Optional video and audio sessions are available at Lifeway.


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