What Matters Most: Week 4

Welcome back to the Womens Bible Café™!  We are more than halfway finished in What Matters Most: A Study of Philippians by Karen Ehman! This week we took an in depth look at How and Why We Run the Race.  Here the Apostle Paul gives some very profound thoughts on faith, joy and living with eternal purpose.  Although he was stuck in a filthy prison, his life was rich with meaning because of his deep faith in Christ Jesus alone.  It is here we are encouraged to move on from the pain and heartbreak of the past.  Finally, Paul speaks of pressing on towards the goal the God has for us in Christ Jesus

Here are the Highlights from this week’s lesson:

  • Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ should be the priority in our lives.
  • Joy is a combination of grace in the day to day as well as leaning into toward God despite the reality of our circumstances.
  • True salvation comes through faith in Christ alone, not by religious works or good deeds.
  • Forgetting the pain and heartbreak (even failures) of the past and moving on toward our purposes in Christ Jesus.
  • Practical ways in which we can forgive ourselves and others.

A few years ago, my daughter ran her very first Marathon in Galveston, Texas.  While asking where to meet her after the race, the registrar encouraged me to run/walk the 5K that was happening simultaneously.  I hadn’t run in years, however I was trying to get fit, so I thought I would give it a try.  I struggle with fibromyalgia and PsA so this was a huge step for me.  I remember standing there with all the other races pondering, “what was I thinking?” The gun went off and I ran like an old hen scrambling away from the family dog in the yard.  My energy lasted all of a minute and a half and I thought I was going to need the EMT’s that were conveniently located along the race route.  I stopped to gather my breathe when all of a sudden another racer yelled, “Come On!  You got this!”  I looked to the sidelines and there were literally dozens of people cheering for me.  FOR ME?  No one every cheered for me.  It gave me just what I need to keep going.  I was determined to cross that finish line and I did! (eventually).

Dear Ones, the wonderful news of this week’s message (as well as my little story) is this:  God has called us for His eternal purpose and He delights in each and every one of us.  We may grow tired or weary, we may feel defeated and alone, but we are not alone and God longs to carry us through.  So, let’s run this race that God has set before us (hand in hand) with a joyful determination.




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