Two years ago I started coaching more than 500 women and men how to turn your calling into a ministry. In these online courses I gave them 30 tools to launch online Bible studies and book clubs. I even wrote a book for them called “How to Start an Online Bible Study or Book Club in 30 Days.

In these past classes, we journeyed through 30 lessons in 30 days and it was super intense! We had several well-known and successful authors joining the coaching with me. These busy people were impressed with the content and asking for more time with me. So I extended the groups an extra two weeks but they were still working on the lessons. Then I extended the groups to eight weeks- and you guessed it, they were still implementing the ideas and asking for more. About 25% of them repeated the coaching class and asked me if I’d consider monthly coaching rather than these 4-week, 6-week, or 8-week groups. It’s a great idea, so beginning September 2017 you’ll have the opportunity to join me in at the CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CAFE.

Each month we have a THEME and FOCUS. We’ll create maps for social media and audience engagement. We’ll learn and practice the tools you need for online ministry and social media management. I’ve been doing this for eight years and currently lead an audience with more than 200,000 women. Each time we lead a new study, those study books hit the bestseller lists on Amazon. I’ll give you specific tools to increase your audience, expand your territory, and create life-changing experiences for your followers.

Most of all, as a past coaching client just reminded me: “Christine, when I talk with you all my insecurities go away and I’m MOTIVATED to take action.” Yes, this is true! I do not sugarcoat ministry and I’ll speak from the depth of my experiences and my heart. I’ll cheer you on and nudge you to move mountains in Jesus name- not in my name or your own name. My passion is to MAGNIFY Christ.

If you’re an author, speaker, small group leader, or someone called into ministry- get into this group! If you’re too busy, send your virtual assistant or intern and I’ll coach them how to support you.

But wait…


To add your name for the waiting list for the COACHING GROUP, let’s do this. Send me a reply email

turn your calling into ministry – Christine Abraham