A Guided Tour of the Bible Cafe™

As I approach almost 10 years since starting online studies, I find myself in awe by the number of women who join each day and our community of believers who are turning their faith into relationship with God.

Last week, as I answered emails from our community, I realized that I can often point someone to an answer already on this site. Many women have followed the same journey, and asked similar questions.

So using emails from my subscribers as a guidepost, this week I thought it might be useful to give you a guided tour of the blog by highlighting some of the posts our members have found most valuable.

I think there will be something useful for everyone.


You’ll be amazed how simple it is to join our community! Currently we meet in two Facebook groups: one for our Bible Study and one for our Book Club.

We provide group discussions for Bible study and book club experiences. Groups last one hour and everyone is welcome to join. A weekly schedule is posted in each group under the Files tab and also as Pinned Post at top of group page.


It can feel confusing or even overwhelming when we start anything new. I remember my first Bible study as I walked in with an open heart and looked for a place of comfort (usually a friend) to help me through.  With watchful eyes and a listening ear, I waited for the other women to ask questions.

Good news for you…I’ve answered so many questions for women getting started, you question is probably on this list. Want to see it? CLICK HERE