Write a Guest Post For Womens Bible Cafe™

I’m often asked about opportunities for posting articles from someone else on the Womens Bible Cafe™ website. As I work on the upcoming editorial calendar I see openings where I’m now able to accommodate these requests. Rather than saturate my audience with too many guest posts, I am limiting this to once per week, and the posts will publish on Thursday or Friday emails.

IMPORTANT: (June 30, 2017)

I am currently accepting guest post submissions from students in the Womens Bible Cafe™ Coaching Class (past or present), members of the Books and Such Authors group, members of West Coast Christian Writers Group, Launch Team Authors, Mount Hermon 2017 Conference Attendees, WBC site sponsors, WBC Volunteers, and authors in my social community.

These guest posts are informational and not advertisements for your book, conference, or the equivalent of a “sponsored post” (link coming soon).

Desired Content For Guest Posts

Your informational post must relate to one of these audience-focused topics:

  • Your testimony- how Jesus transformed your life and sparked your writing or ministry
  • Bible study on specific topic, character, or Scripture (non-denominational)
  • Discipleship and personal growth for Christian women
  • Christian leadership
  • Scripture memorization
  • Bible journaling
  • Bible study tips and prayer tips

Guidelines for Guest Posts

  1. Please keep your post between 500 and 800 words long.
  2. Please use original content not previously published on the internet or print, unless its a book excerpt. We expect you will not re-publish your guest article anywhere else (including your own blog). You may link to the original content from our site.
  3. Include three resource links- where can our readers find you?
  4. Do NOT include affiliate links in ANY guest blog post. These include Clickfunnels, Amazon Affiliates, LeadPages, etc.
  5. I may edit your post for word limit, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  6. I may provide a short message to your post as to why I think the post is beneficial to our readers.


I am deeply grateful and will prayerfully consider your submission, however submitting a post does not guarantee or obligate me to publish it, nor does it guarantee that we will select your book for an online study/book club event. If I choose NOT to publish your blog article I will advise via email within 2-3 weeks of submission. It simply may not be a good fit for my audience, and that’s okay. Please consider posting it on your own blog only if its not published on ours.


If your post meets the above guidelines:

  • Please use email title: GUEST POST WBC
  • Priority is given to new book releases. Please clearly identify this in the beginning of your email
  • Allow me two or three weeks to respond- immediate replies are a distraction to my busy schedule.
  • Metrics:  number of blog subscribers, Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Please include your guest post in the body of your email. DO NOT include it as an attachment.
  • Use this email –> CLICK HERE

As mentioned previously, I’m limited in time and space for these guest blog posts. Therefore I will close this opportunity once I reach a manageable limit of submissions.  Periodically I will re-open guest blogging as the need arises.

WBC GUEST POSTS will look somewhat like this…

  • Stock Image (I will provide)
  • Your Title
  • Your Name
  • Your article 500-800 words
  • Conclusion: This is a guest post by (your name), the author of (your most recent book and publisher). You can join her social community on (your Facebook and Twitter links). If you’d like to be a guest blogger for the Womens Bible Cafe™ please read  –> GUEST BLOG 

To maximize your chance of acceptance for a WBC guest post… please research read articles about “Guest Blogging”