What You’ll Need For the Anonymous Online Bible Study

Anonymous by Cindi WoodNOTE: The Anonymous study includes an optional preview booklet, leaders guide, DVD, or leaders kit. Make sure when you order the study book you’re ordering the book with six-weeks of daily lessons.

Anonymous 7-Week Lesson Plan

  1. Anonymous Introduction
  2. Anonymous Week 1 Shades of Anonymous: When You Feel Invisible
  3. Anonymous Week 2 The Woman Who Anointed Jesus: When You are Judged
  4. Anonymous Week 3 The Woman With the Issue of the Blood: When You are Tired of Hurting
  5. Anonymous Week 4 The Woman at the Well: When You Feel Ordinary
  6. Anonymous Week 5 The Woman Who Committed Adultery: When You Are Burdened With Shame
  7. Anonymous Week 6 Rhythm of Grace: New Name, New Identity

10 Book Quotes by Cindi Wood #TweetThis

  1. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ dispels every other identity that holds you hostage. Cindi Wood
  2. God does not define you by your current or past struggle. He defines you by who you are in Him. Cindi Wood
  3. Sometimes the best words are those spoken within the heart. Cindi Wood
  4. Those who follow Jesus cannot be snatched out of His saving hand. To suggest so casts doubt on the safe grasp of our Savior. Cindi Wood
  5. God does not want any of His children to live an unfulfilled life. Cindi Wood
  6. Jesus never forces anyone to seek and receive what He has to offer. He simply provides the opportunity to do so. Cindi Wood
  7. God allows in each of our lives earthly experiences to teach us spiritual truths. Cindi Wood
  8. Mercy is best described as God’s attitude toward those who are in distress. Cindi Wood
  9. When you come to Jesus, He’s always full of compassion to embrace you. His love is unconditional and steady. Cindi Wood
  10. If you’ll let Him, Christ will turn your trembling into triumphing. He longs to encourage you in your faith and communication with Him. Cindi Wood

Local Small Group Tip

Anonymous: Discovering the Somebody You Are to God by Cindi Wood is a powerful lesson on identity and perfect for a local Bible study. A optional leader guide or leader kit with DVD is available. The topics are personal and thought-provoking. Gather women to meet in your home, at a local church or library. Allow two hours for local discussion.

Discussion questions for local small group study