What You Need For the Believing God Bible Study

  • Believing God member book written by Beth Moore (available at Amazon or  Lifeway). Don’t buy the chapter book for daily study. The member book, sometimes called study guide, has five lessons per day, ten weeks of study. Amazon does NOT have a Kindle version of the member book/study guide.
  • Answers to the Video Sessions- Download here
  • Holy Bible (this study book uses the NIV,NASB, NKJV, KJV). If this is your first Bible study I would recommend a Life Application Study Bible in an easy to understand translation.


Very important: There are different versions of this book, only one has daily Bible study lessons. When ordering the book make sure you look at the table of contents. Be careful NOT to order a preview booklet, leaders guide, or chapter book because these do not have the daily lessons.

Optional Resources for the Believing God Online Bible Study

  • Optional: Videos for individual use are available for download at Lifeway.com
  • Optional: Audio CD set is available from Lifeway.com I still listen to these every six months
  • Optional: Leader’s Guide is available from Lifeway.com I have not used this resource
  • Optional: Leaders Kit with videos, one member book and leader guide is available from Lifeway.com many churches have enjoyed this format. I’m unsure if the videos are subtitled so please contact Lifeway customer support for more information.

Believing God 10-Week Lesson Plan

Our ministry team is praying for you! This is one of my Top 10 Favorite Bible Studies and my prayer is that it will bless you as much as it has blessed me. Glory belongs to God, He is good.

With Love,

christine abraham