What You Need For the Breaking Free Bible Study

  • Breaking Free member book written by Beth Moore (available at Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Book stores or iTunes)
  • Holy Bible (this study book uses the NIV,NASB, NKJV, KJV)
  • Optional: Videos for individual use are available for download at Lifeway.com
  • Optional: Audio CD set is available from Lifeway.com I still listen to these every six months
  • Optional: Leader’s Guide is available from Lifeway.com I have not used this resource
  • Optional: Leaders Kit with videos, one member book and leader guide is available from Lifeway.com many churches have enjoyed this format. I’m unsure if the videos are subtitled so please contact Lifeway customer support for more information.

Breaking Free Updated Edition

Very important: There are different versions of this book, only one has daily Bible study lessons. When ordering the book make sure you look at the table of contents. Be careful NOT to order a preview booklet, leaders guide, or chapter book because these do not have the daily lessons.

Breaking Free 11-Week Lesson Plan

10 Book Quotes by Beth Moore #TweetThis

  1. Sometimes we have no idea we’ve been oppressed until we’ve been set free. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  2. God hates pride because it dethrones Him and puts ourselves at the center of our universe. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  3. God often calls the unworthy, present company included. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  4. Out of an overflow of a changed heart the mouth most beautifully speaks. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  5. Some of us would never have looked up until we hit rock bottom. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  6. One of the most beautiful elements of salvation is its simplicity. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  7. The path to peace is paved with knee-prints. Bend the knee to His trustworthy authority. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  8. Pride is more than dangerous self-promotion. It’s a dangerous lure to captivity. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  9. I’d rather humble myself than force God to humble me. Beth Moore #BreakFree
  10. Avoiding prayer is a sure prescription for anxiety. Beth Moore #BreakFree

Local Small Group Tip

Breaking Free by Beth Moore is a perfect choice for a local Bible study. This is a long study so plan ahead by creating a schedule using a monthly calendar. Look for conflicts such as Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas and plan your reading assignments around these events. Gather women to meet in your home, at a local church or library. Allow two hours for local discussion.

Discussion questions for local small group study