What You Need For the Conversation Peace Bible Study

  • Conversation Peace: The Power of Transformed Peace study guide written by Mary Kassian (available at Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Book stores)
  • Holy Bible (this study book uses the NIV, ESV, HCSB, TLB, NLT, RSV, NKJV)
  • Optional: Videos for individual use are available for download at Lifeway.com
  • Optional: Leader’s Guide is available from Lifeway.com I have not used this resource
  • Optional: Leaders Kit with videos, one member book and leader guide is available from Lifeway.com many churches have enjoyed this format. I’m unsure if the videos are subtitled so please contact Lifeway customer support for more information.

Conversation-Peace-Mary Kassian

  • Very important: There are different versions of this book, only one has daily Bible study lessons. When ordering the book make sure you look at the table of contents. Be careful NOT to order a preview booklet, leaders guide, or chapter book because these do not have the daily lessons.

Conversation Peace 7-Week Lesson Plan

10 Book Quotes by Mary Kassian #TweetThis

  1. The Bible charts a course for us on the journey of life. The instructions are clear; the directions are good. Mary Kassian
  2. One of the first steps toward conversation peace is taking responsibility for your own words and behavior. Mary Kassian
  3. Problems with the mouth originate in the heart. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  4. Kind, pure words are an indication of a kind, pure heart. Words that are ugly point to ugliness within. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  5. The heart is where the contamination starts. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  6. Deceit is a powerful contaminant. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  7. A deceitful heart fails to acknowledge God. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  8. Improper speech is characteristic of the devil. Proper speech is characteristic of Christ. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  9. We’re not unaffected by the deceit all around us. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace
  10. The capacity for fellowship with God is not destroyed by uncleanness of food or hands; it is destroyed by sin. Mary Kassian #ConversationPeace

Local Small Group Tip

Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian is a popular choice for a local Bible study. This is a shorter study so plan ahead by creating a schedule using a monthly calendar. It’s perfect for summer studies because the daily lessons are less intensive. Gather women to meet in your home, at a local church or library. Allow two hours for local discussion.

Discussion questions for local small group study (coming soon)