You’ll be glad to know that your small group comments do NOT appear in your Facebook timeline and only members of the private Facebook group can see what you have shared. We used “closed” privacy settings.

How Do Small Groups Work…What Should You Do After Joining the Private Facebook Group?

  1. Take a look around the Facebook group once a ministry leader approves your request to join.
  2. At the top of the group there is a feature called PINNED POSTS. Look there for the current small group schedule, arranged by day and time.
  3. Select a day and time you’d like to attend a small group Write this in your calendar and set a weekly reminder alarm.
  4. On the day and time you wish to attend, arrive in the Facebook group at the time of the group meeting.
  5. Look for a photo posted with the day and time of your group. Under the photo the leaders and small group members will start discussing the Bible study.
  6. Every group has the exact same questions, so you only need to attend one group each week. Small groups last ONE HOUR.
  7. Groups are NEVER FULL. You are invited to attend any group that fits your schedule.
  8. We don’t divide women by experience, age, marital status or geographic location. All women are treated equally.
  9. Groups are non-denominational.
  10. Due to copyright law instructional videos are NOT shown in the small groups. These are not required for online Bible study.

We have many volunteer ministry leaders leading these small groups. Some of the groups will be larger than other groups and tend to move quickly. If you find the group moves too fast for you, I’d recommend attending a smaller group.

Facebook Tips For Online Bible Study

IMPORTANT: We’re a very active group, so you should change your email notifications for the group or you will get 300+ messages in just one day! For more information see: If you are using a mobile device, you will also need to change the notification settings ON THE DEVICE.

Womens Bible Cafe™ Small Group Etiquette

The Womens Bible Cafe™ group provides non-denominational Christian fellowship and small group discussion for those participating in online Bible study at the Womens Bible Cafe™ A workbook is required to participate in online Bible study. Our leaders are volunteers and are unable to purchase a workbook for you.

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: Spam, promoting products, asking for money, fundraising, promoting other ministries and groups, interrupting or redirecting the conversation, religious debates rooted in legalism, condemnation, offending others, and adding people from the group to another Facebook group (harvesting) without their permission. We’re a non-denominational group and will not tolerate putting down religions, people and the beliefs of others. Do not share any information from our private group on your personal facebook page or with friends. All content is to remain confidential.

COUNSELING: Reminder… all of our leaders are volunteers. We are not counselors nor do we have any training in the field of counseling. Please be sure to seek help from a Christian counselor if you are struggling or call 911 if you need immediate assistance.