There are two types of community groups: Free groups with lots of information and ideas, such as the current online studies we’ve been leading since 2009. Premium membership groups, with a specific path and direction for success.

You’ve been asking me for a deeper experience and that will be available after the summer months. The current study groups to facilitate online Bible study will ALWAYS be FREE

The new membership site is a spiritual growth path. It will be special and very personal. I’ll be using my experience of leading more than 100 online studies to craft a unique experience- with Jesus!

To create the new PAID membership site, I need about three months to design worksheets, create teaching videos, build a teaching website with modules and lessons, and hire a virtual assistant to manage admin inquires. It’s a process to implement and I’m working on this exciting program.

I’ll be asking for your input on key features for the membership site, so watch for these updates in our community.

I most definitely need your prayers as I move into the role of publishing content for you. All glory to God… each step of this process.
The spiritual warfare is intense.. your prayers are deeply appreciated.

In His Service,

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