We are grateful to the women who are in fellowship with us through online Bible studies. Thank you for sharing your hearts and your online voices in our small groups and Book club. You are LOVED

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 Womens Bible Cafe™ Reviews

Quinn Gill reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
Because of these free studies and the God-fearing, God-led commitment of these women (leaders and participants), my walk with God is so much stronger. Thank you WBC Women and thank you Christine for your love for this ministry.
Katharine Burch reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
This is a safe place to learn and grow in God’s word. It’s great for those that are just starting to learn about God, or those that are coming back for renewal, or even those that know His word well. We can never really know everything for now, so it’s great to continue our studies with His word. I highly recommend it for those individuals, or groups that want to strengthen their walk with God, while adding a few friends along the way. It’s great to poor yourself a beverage, and kick back in your pjs, or anything comfortable really, and take time out for yourself, and really grow in areas that you may not have even realized you needed to grow in. The Bible is God’s living word and is God breathed, so even though people think it’s a very old book, it speaks to us even today. Let the Holy Spirit lead you on this journey, being humble, and taking in all that He has to offer you. Our purpose in life is to glorify Him, and enjoy Him for eternity, so let this Women’s Bible Cafe be a tool that helps you strengthen that relationship with our Father.
Tracy Patterson McCoy reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
I am so glad I found this group. Love the studies and teachers. I have had a hard time and they have shown up just in the right time for me. The studies are easy, if you can’t make the day you picked you can always join a group that week. Great way to keep everyone included. Inclusion is the best because life can change and you need to be able to change you day every once in a while.
Lyn Chakole reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
This is a wonderful group for anyone who wants to be a part of a womens Bible studies group and be in fellowship with other women. I really like it because you meet so many women of faith all over the world, and if you have a busy lifestyle or don’t have a church community near you or you are a shy person you get that fellowship here. Highly recommend. Also some amazing free books and awesome deals is a bonus
Jan Quast reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
I love Women’s Bible Cafe. Our church does not have Bible studies in the summer or during the Thanksgiving through New Years season. There are small groups meeting every day of the week and at lots of different times, so I can fit it into my crazy schedule.It is such a blessing to meet with ladies of different ages from around the world.
Jane Paurus Bue reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star

I am glad to have found this online bible study. The Bible study schedule gives me the flexibility to choose a time that works with my busy schedule so that I can spend relaxing time with God and other like minded women. Each bible study session focuses on different topics so that I can choose one that helps me grow in my walk with God.

Tammy Rakoczy reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
I love the book club! I have especially enjoyed the fiction selections. Last January, as part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I joined a few book clubs, but this is the only one I have stuck with all year long.
Stacie Davis reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
I have participated in several Bible studies, and this ministry has deeply enriched my walk with Christ. The small group has become a safe haven for me, and the women are so compassionate, Spirit-led, accepting and loving. God has used this ministry to change my life and I am so grateful for WBC!
Claire Johnson reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
What a blessing you are to those of us who can’t get out to other Bible studies. The flexibility of all of the times that you offer for women’s Bible studies is just like a miracle! Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort’s and know that God blesses them in so many peoples lives.
Jody Janssen reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 4 star
I really enjoy this group! Great inspirational tips every day on Facebook and about ready to do my 3rd online study!!! Thank you for the online connection to many other women!!
Leslie Bush reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
Love the Women’s Bible Cafe. Interacting with other women from all over who love the Lord is amazing and the Lord is faithful to move in each study and interaction. So glad I found the site and got connected.
Bobbie Williams reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
I love the books that are being read ,also love the group’s , how nice and wonderful everyone is I give a 5 star to all the hard work they put in to this for other people and I would like to say thank you
Anita Simmons reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star
I feel all the women in this group are involved, dedicated, committed to help their members with resources needed, sharing of Bibles and their journaling , and studies that empower women leading the to know God! Thank you!