PursuingBookWe’re ready begin “Pursuing More of Jesus” a Bible study workbook written by Anne Graham Lotz. Anne has published two books by this name; either book will be fine for this online study, though the workbook is preferred.

Set aside a regular place and time for your daily Bible study. I prefer the early morning before my children wake, because the word stays fresh in my mind throughout my day. Since I’m easily distracted, I choose to study when the phone will not ring, when the television isn’t blabbing, or when the kids aren’t demanding attention. Often I’ll sit beside my husband with a cup of coffee and we read side-by-side in the early morning, with two warm dogs snuggled in our laps.

When I begin my day with God, I find myself more relaxed and less worried about completing the study or catching up. Sometimes, I enjoy the study so much I’ll bring my Bible and workbook to carpool, arrive early to get a “good parking spot” and devour my workbook while sipping an afternoon latte.

Find a time that works best for you and be consistent with the same place and time for your daily lessons with God. Begin each lesson with a prayer and focus your attention on God and His word.

Do this FIRST

  • Look at the SAMPLE LESSON on page 12-13 of your workbook.
  • Read the verse under Step One.
  • Look at Step Two. Using a pen or pencil, go back to Step One and CIRCLE all the words listed in Step 2. You’ve just learned to identify the facts!
  • Look at Step Three. Look for the lessons in the scripture. Is there a promise, a warning, a claim or a command to obey?
  • Look at Step Four. The author is asking herself questions based on the scripture. CIRCLE the beginning of the question (Am I, What if, When have, What is).
  • Look at Step Five. This is your prayer room, where you pray and ask God for an action based upon what you read.

How to Use the Workbook

The daily study is divided into FIVE STEPS. You’ll follow these simple instructions each day of your study:


  • Begin by reading the scripture passage for the day, printed in your book.
  • Underline, circle or mark the text.


  • Make a verse-by-verse list of the facts from the scripture verse.
  • Do not paraphrase, just list facts.
  • What does the passage say?
  • There is an example on page 12 of the workbook.


  • What lessons can be learned from these facts?
  • What do the facts mean?
  • Who is speaking, what is the subject, is there an action, etc.
  • Is there something in the passage you should do, obey, claim, or take heed?


  • What is God saying to you in this passage?
  • Rephrase the lessons into a question: Should I, Could I, Do I,etc…
  • What will you do now to live it out?
  • Write out your questions and thoughts.


  • Find something in the lesson that seems to speak to your heart.
  • What are you hearing God say?
  • How will you respond?
  • Write out your thoughts and the verse number, date it, and be accountable to what God is telling you.

This is an Inductive Bible Study, but it is not a Precepts for Life study by Kay Arthur. If you are familiar with Precepts, then you may find the format by Anne Graham Lotz to be different than what you’re used to. Some of you are using the new Inductive Study Bible published by Kary Arthur’s ministry. Each author has a different study format and in this workbook we’re following the leadership of Anne Graham Lotz. Feel free to modify the study to fit your individual needs, however for the group study we’ll be following the workbook format.