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You’ve just finished the second week of our study- Seminar Two on  Pursuing More of Jesus with Anne Graham Lotz! Take some time to fill out the summary on page 44 in your workbook and create an action plan based upon your scripture verses.

We highly recommend you listen to the video or audio session for Session Two, Pursuing More of Jesus–  available at Lifeway for $3.99 audio download and $4.99 video download.

Ladies, this video session is absolutely life-changing and you should not miss it! In the video, Session Two More Courage in My Convictions, Anne Graham Lotz shares her personal story about finding the courage to share her faith with others, even President Clinton at a white house luncheon! Listening to Anne’s voice as she tells her story enhances the impact of her words. You would not have this same experience from reading the pages of a book, so the video is highly recommended.

After watching the video, Anne wants you to think about this:

  • Are you really convinced the Bible is God’s word?
  • Are you really convinced that Jesus is the son of God?
  • Are you really convinced that we’re living in a rebellious world and everybody outside of Christ is going to hell if they don’t put their faith in Jesus?
  • Are you really convinced there is a hell?
  • Are you really convinced there is a Heaven?

Anne Graham Lotz will tell you “You can’t be silent. If your heart is filled with Jesus; it’s going to come out of your lips. You’ll have to repress not to let it out.” You must listen to the video because Anne’s words will give you the courage to speak up for Jesus. If you want to remain a silent Christian, watching others in faith and wondering how they got the sparkle in their eyes and passion in their words, then skip the video. But if you want to be on fire for Christ, feeling his love in your entire heart, soul and mind, then spend $4.99 or $3.99 and watch your life change forever. It’s that good!

Blessings and Hugs,