BibleCafeBlavatarWe have a few more updates for you to keep you informed about events at the Bible Cafe. It’s what makes a small group study so terrific-flexibility, feedback and communication.

At Pam’s suggestion, we made some improvements to the comments function on the blog. We’re including ad spots in the next study to offset the cost of the blog.

Updates for the Bible Cafe

  • We’ve removed the mandatory email address for comment posts. Now you can place comments without revealing your identity.
  • Almost 68% of you want to start Breaking Free in November, so get ready for that. This is an 11-week study and we will take a break during Christmas.
  • The Book Club has started.

Upcoming Ads

  • Not counting the paid web hosting, the cost to lead the next study will be $282-ouch! (The leader kit for the next study costs $199 and the photos cost $1.50 each-we need 55+ photos so the cost is $83)
  • We’re going to need to sell ad space in the sidebar to support this ministry. We’ll design a space for it and will include about four to six small ad spots-this will defray the cost of the leader kits, photos, and web hosting.
  • Ads will remain in the sidebar and not embedded in the blog content.
  • Size of all ads will be 125 x 125- the same as our link buttons.
  • They’ll be pre-paid spots not “pay-per-click” spots.
  • Initially the ad spots will sell for $30 a month.
  • If you know someone interested in reserving an ad spot, tell them to email us. We currently have 10,000 visitors a month.

Finally, I’d like you to know that leading the Bible Cafe has been a blessing and not a burden. I am humbled that God has placed me here to write the daily posts, find the photos and music, and interact with other women in Bible Study. Leading the study keeps me accountable to my spiritual growth and scripture learning.

Tomorrow I am having a conversation with Lifeway to encourage other women to lead online Bible Studies for women. It would be wonderful if other bloggers would follow the format of the Bible Cafe and create similar studies for both men and women- making Bible study accessible to all.

In His Service,