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I saw this song on YouTube, and it reminds me of an event I saw. A few years ago, our church preformed a visual presentation of this song Come to Jesus by Chris Rice. In the presentation, the song played in the background as “actors” came onto the stage. A man dressed as Jesus stood on stage and touched each character as they walked across the stage. Characters included:

  • Man in prison clothing, touched Jesus and found forgiveness
  • Frail woman in wheelchair, met Jesus and found hope
  • A teenager wearing rebellious attire, met Jesus and found security
  • A child with a broken arm, met Jesus and found comfort
  • A preemie baby with her parents, met Jesus and found love

Although the presentation was the last day of Vacation Bible School, all the adults sat in the auditorium and cried. The week before, we buried a church member who was 49 days old, Tessa Joy. When we saw the preemie baby on stage, followed by family members and grandparents, our hearts played upon the words of the song and we KNEW little Tessa had “come to Jesus.” I’m not sure who the newborn baby was on the stage, but she too was frail and fought for her life. The song and the presentation reminds us that when we Come to Jesus, we find peace, hope, love and joy.

If you have not found Jesus in your heart, then confess your sins, ask forgiveness, accept the Savior Jesus and KNOW God. Three times I asked “Holy Spirit fill me” and since then, I’ve never been the same. You can continue to live the life you have, or you can life a life filled with the Holy Spirit. Just ask.

Enjoy the music,