intimatejesusHow do women pursue a goal of knowing God when they are burdened with busy lives? Somewhere between work, relationships, children, friends, chores, shopping, paying bills and cooking dinner, a woman desires for alone time with God. Is intimacy possible with so many demands on her precious time?

Often a woman’s strongest desire-to have an intimate relationship with God-is her lowest priority in her time management. She missed devotional time because she battled her son over unfinished homework. Her boss called for overtime work and she missed the weekly Bible study at church. She waited in line to buy a fast food meal, and neglected to pray while eating from the front seat of her car. Finally home, a pile of unsorted laundry rests on her unmade bed- and she’s so tired from her day, she just falls down into an exhausted sleep.

Unable to pursue her goal for more time with God, she begins her new day with disappointment and anger. Chaos ensues in her constant struggle for what she calls “balance.”

Yet we know from experience that many women are finding time and intimacy with God. They’ve adjusted their priorities and placed God first in their day. These women are making minor adjustments to their lives, such as:

  • Adjusting time spent with friends
  • Letting go of some television shows
  • Waking up an hour earlier
  • Cutting down on volunteer hours
  • Shortening social media interactions

While friends are important, watching the news is important, sleep is important, volunteering is important and social media is important- if you thought you had five minutes more to live, would you do these things? Do you need a life threatening event in order for you to realize that you need intimacy with God?

If you’ve been in a life threatening event, most likely you found God there, and He has not left your side. You know what it feels like to be close to God, knowing Him as a friend and Father. This motivates you to spend more time and creates a desire to hear more of His voice. You study the Bible, praise His name, attend church services…and eventually, succumb to boredom of faith.

Church is boring, scripture reading is boring, discussing the Bible with other Christians is boring…all these thoughts saturate your once intimate mind, and once again, you’re Satan’s prey.

It’s not easy to release the clutches of Satan when he makes life seem more comfortable. Yet the benefit of resisting him is lifelong intimacy with God the Creator and Jesus the son. Your heart, soul and mind are filled with the Holy Spirit and God becomes your best friend. Are you too busy for God?

toobusyChristmas, the season of celebrating the birth of Jesus, is the most time consuming time of every year. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we complain about the shopping, cooking, cleaning, gift-giving, gift returns and even the Christmas cards. We hate Christmas and we love Christmas, and we’re Christians. We blame the dissatisfaction on retail advertising rather than on the fact that, the gift we desire most, is more intimacy with God. Christmas frustrates us as our passion and efforts focus on people and things.

This Christmas we’re asking you to join us in Breaking Free and participate in a Bible study created to bring you closer to God.  Don’t tell God you’re too busy or you’ll spend time with him as a New Year’s Resolution, tell Him now. Make a commitment to God and celebrate the birth of the Savior. Agree to study your bible with us, get a copy of the workbook, and start everyday with God at the center of your life. Maybe, this will be the most memorable Christmas of all, because you gifted yourself time with God and time for spiritual growth.

Join us as we begin an online Bible Study of Breaking Free by Beth Moore. The Anniversary edition of the workbook is releasing from Lifeway on Nov, 2, 2009 and we’ll begin our study as soon as the books arrive.

Reasons to Participate in Bible Study

Our need 4 the Word doesn’t change during Christmas. It grounds us, arms us, clarifies our life & purpose, giving us an eternal perspective (posted by stephanieshott)

Breaking Free was a life changing study for me, particularly in understanding generational sin (posted by multitaskingme)

For me, Scripture keeps me grounded to what is eternal … which is especially vital during the chaotic holiday season. (posted by TeriLynneU)

Breaking Free– That is the most wonderful bible Study!!!!! If at all possible be sure to do the videos too. (posted by TXBlueEye)

In my experience, there is nothing like trial and tragedy that so reveals the truth & relevance of the Bible. It’s a handbook for how to live, why we live & who we are. It’s truth. It’s God’s voice to us. (posted by wendyhagen)

Studying the Bible tells you who you are, who God is, and what His purpose is for your life (posted by aaronpotratz)

Why is it important to study Bible?«Cause its so easy to be deceived in this world but the bible is TRUTH that we should live by daily! (posted by GodsWordisTruth)

God wrote the Bible for us, and when we stand before Him at Judgment, he will ask, “Well, so what did you think about My Book?” (posted by LissaKay)

Most important for me is to stay closer to God. He talks to me His word tells about Jesus & His gift is simple & unchanging (posted by mimitwinkletoes)

The Bible is the very Word of God. It is how I know Him…it is how I worship Him…it IS Him. And I want Him… (posted by Brooke4031)

Nothing wrong with reading books, if you make sure you have read your Bible first. (posted by speli)

God the Father gave YOU the birth of a Savior. This Christmas, give HIM the Gift of your time spent in Bible Study. Christmas is not about being busy, it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.