Do you have questions about the Bible Cafe and online Bible study? We’re here to answer them. Please post a comment below, and we’ll reply. To get you started, here are the frequently asked questions we receive by email:

faqHow do I subscribe to the Bible study?

  • There is no fee to participate in the online small group, so you do not need to subscribe. We do recommend that you sign up to get the blog posts by email. Look in the top right of this page, and you’ll see a place to put your email address. This will lead you to Feedburner, a blog tool that allows us to send you posts by email. We protect your email address and do not sell or spam with information.

What day and time do we meet?

  • Women all over the world are participating in the online study, so we are limited by time zone differences. Therefore, we do not meet a a specific time, just a specific day. For the Summer Bible Study, we are meeting on Tuesday each week. You’ll get an email with the blog update and questions related to the current study. Visit the Bible Cafe and post your comments about the current study.

How do I participate in online study?

  • Similar to a church small group, we’ll ask questions about the current lesson. Please post a comment and answer or ask another question. We’ll also accept any prayer requests and support you in your study. We learn from one another, so every question and comment is helpful. Please participate in the discussions.

What church are you affiliated with?

  • We are nondenominational and all Christian women are welcome to participate.

What can I do to help the online small group?

  • We ask that you pray for one another and for the group leader.

Where can I find the audio/video segments for the study?

  • Not all authors have audio or video segments for their Bible studies. If they are available, we’ll let you know. Currently, the audio segments are $3.99 each from Lifeway and the video segments are $4.99. Because of copyright laws, and our respect for the authors, we do not provide these at the Bible Cafe. If you want to include them in your study, you need to purchase them from the publisher or author. These are highly recommended, however due to the cost they are optional for the online study. If you participate in a church study, they will have a leaders kit (about $199.00) and play the video at church for your viewing.

Do you profit from this Bible Cafe?

  • No, we are not affiliated with any of the authors or publishers and we buy our own materials, just like you. When available, we purchase the Leader Kit at our own expense. We also purchase all the images for the study, and pay for the blog hosting. You’ll see sponsor ads; these ads provide a small fund towards our operating expenses; we do not profit from this bible study.

When is the next study?

Please visit our Current Studies Schedule

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