My first womens bible study was called “Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by Beth Moore, not exactly the most appealing title! However, it was the only study offered at my church and I wanted to grow in faith, so I enrolled in the study. Hesitant and turned off by the title, I arrived on the first day of the study, grabbed my workbook from the stack of books, and then turned around and headed out the door. I was too uncomfortable and felt out of place. As I was leaving the church, a friend saw me and questioned me. When I told her about my lack of commitment and uncertainty about the book subject, she grabbed both my eyes with hers and gave me “the talk.”

The talk my friend gave me changed my life and placed me directly before God and my bible. She has no idea…God simply used her through our relationship and the glory goes to Him, not to the friend. In fact, today, I can no longer remember her name…she was a distant friend, an acquaintance. John C Maxwell once said “You never know when God will use you to be a miracle in someone else’s life.” He used my friend that day.

As I was pulling away from Bible study, and away from God, my friend interrupted my path. She explained to me how Satan, the father of all lies, would do everything in his power to keep me from Bible study. She revealed to me that Satan did not want me to know scripture, and more importantly, he did not want me to have an intimate relationship with God. If I listen to the small voice in my head, making so many excuses for not going to the bible study, then I was following Satan and not God. She encouraged me to listen to my heart.

With my heart I knew I wanted to be closer to God, know more of His word and study the Bible. So I made a U-turn in life, redirected my path, and walked into my first bible study.

When I arrived, a welcome group of women invited me in, and started what appeared to be a routine bible study session. Begin with prayer, open your Bibles…

I was in DESPERATE trouble! I did NOT have a bible. I was at my first Bible study and did not think to bring a bible. Actually, I did not even own a bible. Ducking my head in shame, a kind woman offered me the standard church bible from a stack in the back of the room. The church bible had such tiny print, in red letters, I could hardly focus my eyes. I felt so lost…yet so loved…all at the same time.

At the completion of my “Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by Beth Moore bible study, I learned two things:

  1. The bible is not just a book with prayers and commandments to memorize, it’s a LIVING love letter from God.
  2. I could not learn this on my own, and needed a Bible leader, such as Beth Moore or Jennifer Rothschild.

Soon I was participating in more small group studies, and found myself exploring workbooks by other authors, such as Max Lucado, Jennifer Rothschild, Priscilla Shirer, Anne Graham Lotz, Kay Arthur, Nancy Lee DeMoss and more. I realize that although I enjoyed Beth Moore studies, I needed to explore other authors as well, or I could easily turn Beth Moore into an idol. Beth didn’t want me to read the Bible for Beth, she wanted me to read the bible for the Lord and to discover God in the pages of scripture. So I balanced my workbooks and study with various authors. In my current bible study plan, I alternate a short 6-week study with a long 10-week Beth Moore study and I find balance.

Now that I’ve shared my first Bible study experience, I’d like to know more about yours. What was your first experience like? Please post a comment below!

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Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger Follow on Facebook

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  • donna says:

    what if i dont have face book how can i do the studies myself

  • Leigh ann pierce says:

    This is my first time seriously looking into a bible study. I looked before, but nothing worked with my schedule. I have been reading daily scriptures with the bible program and now feel ready to get more involved and grow.

  • Lauren Martinez says:

    My first Bible study was in the Fall of 2002. I had been seeking God and a church to go to, and after several visits to different local churches, I found one that I liked by referral from a friend. I began attending their worship service and discovered they had a Women’s Bible study group called Women of the Word (W.O.W.) and so I decided to sign up for my first Bible study. I was raised in the Southern Baptist church, Baptized at 9 years old, but hadn’t prayed or opened a Bible in 33 years! I came to the study reluctant, and nervous, not knowing anyone. The study was a Beth Moore study called “Jesus, the One and Only.” On the first night I couldn’t believe how friendly and welcoming the women were. I was placed into a group of women with wonderful leaders, and they even gave me a name tag and a Bible (I didn’t have one of my own yet)! The women in my group were so encouraging and I heard God’s “grace” message for the very first time! I was hooked after that study, and began going to every Bible study they had and digging into God’s word. The group alternated between Beth Moore studies and other Bible study methods and I fell more in love w/Jesus every day. Not only was it the Bible study that encouraged me to grow in my faith but the W.O.W. group also had opening prayer meetings and testimonies. I will never forget during a study we did, again, by Beth Moore, called “Breaking Free”, a woman gave her testimony and I sat in the audience and listened. I then began to let loose tears I had been holding in for so long because her story was my story! It could have been me up there and I couldn’t believe, another woman had the very same struggles with guilt and condemnation that I had.I really did become free that night and began a life long love for God and his Word. Since then, I went through a “School of Women’s Ministries” and began leading Bible studies at my church. Now, due to my long work commute, I have found the Women’s Bible Cafe to be the perfect way to do Bible Studies and to be a member of a growing, thriving Christian Women’s ministry. God has proven his love to me over and over again and now I want to share his love to others.

  • Heather says:

    I actually just started my first Bible study last night! We’re studying Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself. I was nervous going in, not knowing anyone in the group, but by 20 minutes in, I was already feeling more comfortable and eager to dive into the work and The Word!

  • Sheila Colangelo says:

    My first bible study was many years ago, it was offered by a leader at the church I was attending, it was an in depth study on Acts, I was hooked. I was raised Methodist and converted to Catholic after my husband and I were married. I love the Catholic Church, but I often find myself involved in a bible study in other non denominational churches. I have done studies by Beth Moore, several, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur, along with smaller studies offered by my parish. I love god and love getting deeper into his love letter to us. I appreciate the WBC and have found it concise ant! as I work. If hits to attend. I am currently doing the study with WBC and a study at mybCatholic parish on prayer, the two at times go hand in hand.

  • Rochelle Anderson says:

    Well, my first Bible study was so long ago that I don’t even remember what book we were studying. However, this is my first internet Bible study. I generally lead studies at my home for women at my local church. This time I was offering Jonah by Priscilla Shirer. It was the study everyone from our last group said they wanted to do. God had other plans. No one signed up. This is the first time that has ever happened in my more than 15 years of leading studies. I figured God didn’t want me to lead this time.
    In the past I had found Women’s Bible Cafe and used it as a resource to read about other studies and find our next study for my groups. I decided to go on the site and see when the next study was. It was only one week away. So I downloaded the book on my kindle. I knew I couldn’t get it in time as I live in Hawaii and there are no book stores here.
    I went through all of the steps to get signed up but I will be honest, I felt somewhat intimidated by doing my study on the computer. Well, I have started the book for the study that started today. I’m very excited about that part. I am a little uncomfortable with the logistics of how it will work at my actual study time on FB tomorrow. Nonetheless, I will attempt to be there and am looking forward to learning something new in the process of continuing to grow in my walk with the Lord.
    I will not let satan keep me from studying God’s Word. The more I am in it…the more I want to be in it.

  • Lori Jorgensen says:

    My first study was I the 90’s and it was a Precepts with Kay Arthur .. I had no idea what I was getting into .. But was very blessed with the instruction and depth of material that was provided

  • tammy says:

    I don’t remember my first bible study because it was 16 years ago when I was lead to God through a christian brother Russell Chambers. He would preach the word to me all the time that was my bible study. I was so deep in my sin I was in the clubs and drinking. I couldn’t hear anything. He was a vessel now 2014 I can’t put the bible down. Praise God in the name of Jesus. God save my life. The holy spirit never left me

  • erica turner says:

    I knew I wanted to build a relationship with God but every time I try Satan interferes and send someone or something in my life that discourages me.

  • Becky Ewing says:

    My First bible study and the one that changed my life and my marriage..True Woman 101. I had been married for 24 years and was at the point of giving up on my marriage. This bible study gave me a new direction in life, saved my marriage. Since then my husband as suddenly passed away. This was no surprise to GOD but totally took me by surprise. I am so thankful for the great times we had before he passed away. I am so thankful that I know he is in heaven. My change in my perspsctive in Womanhood and what God expects from me as a woman will change me forever. I can’t thank you all enough for this ministry.

  • LaToya says:

    Wow, I’m doing that Bible study right now on my own. Your story was amazing and I thank you. I want to do a small study and didn’t know where to start. I’m praying that God leads me in the right direction.

  • Judi says:

    Christine – thank you for sharing your story. Mine is a little similar – I had been to church as a child but not as an adult. In 1997, my sister was killed in a car accident. I TOTALLY walked away from God that day. Fast forward to 2009 (my Mom had died in her sleep in 2007, my brother was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2008, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and had many surgeries and chemo) . . . I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment, unbeknownst to me I was speeding (34 mph) in a school zone (20 mph) and was stopped, grilled, drilled, questioned etc. Waiting for my $376 ticket I looked out the passenger window and saw a church – I was smiling (almost laughing) when the officer re-approached my car and said “You find this funny Ma’am????” and I replied – yes, sort of – God really does have a sense of humor – he’s inviting me back! I started attending that church in January 2009 and attended my first ever Bible study (Esther by Beth Moore). At first I was a little unsure about it then grew to love it. After it was over I asked the leaders when the next study was being held. They told me “in a year because . . . .” I said “surely, the church must have some that I can borrow and do on my own!?!?!?!?!” I heard some ladies say “I’m going too!!! I’m coming also!!!” to which I replied, “WHERE? WHERE ARE YOU GOING????” and they said “To YOUR Bible studies” – NO, NO, NO . . . YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! I’M NOT QUALIFIED!!! I’m not worthy! I’m not qualified! (Hmmmm – now that I’ve been studying – I know MANY people in the Bible said the same thing). THAT was 21 Bible studies ago. Like you – I fell in love with Beth Moore’s studies but also recognized I needed variety and so did the students – so I do the same thing – a 6-ish week study and then a “meaty” 12 week study. I continue to lead my weekly study group on Monday nights and to “feed myself” I have been attending the Women’s Bible Cafe studies (Gideon and now Read The Bible for Life) and have also joined a local study. I am completing my Master of Ministry in Biblical Study (expository approach). So . . . I am really enjoying my time with our Lord and trying to apply what I am learning. I thank God all the time for being stopped that day in front of, what became my church 😉 Blessings . . . Judi

  • pegspeaks says:

    Oh Christine – your entry touched me so much. I can almost picture you standing there – not knowing what to do – not even having a Bible.

    I had done Bible studies on my own and with a woman I’d asked to mentor me. (“The Godly Woman” by Irma Warr was the first one I did on my own and I’m thinking of going through it again).

    We were military and moved to a new town and I was desperate for fellowship. Somehow I heard about the women’s Bible study at the local big church in town – and I went. My first study?

    “Covenant” – by Kay Arthur (Precept Ministries). That’s right – this was before the “In and Out” which had 20 minute homework assignments – this was the full-on one hour per day “dig in the Word and study”. WOW – I LOVED IT. It was like finding an oasis in the desert for my poor starved soul. I learned how to study the Bible on my own and my favorite books (besides the Bible) became my Strong’s Concordance and Vine’s Expository dictionary. As a woman who’d grown up the in church and became a Christian at a young age – this was an eye-opener to what exactly my salvation was and what Christ had done for me.

    I don’t think I’ve ever really been the same since.

    Since then, many studies have seemed….I don’t know – it’s hard to explain it. Kinda like going from meat and potatoes to a sandwich or something. Still nourishing – but leaving me wanting.

    I’m so glad I found WBC before the Faith Dare – not so much because the Faith Dare changed my life or because the current study has changed my life (although I’m really enjoying it and broke down and bought the leader’s kit so I’d have the book and the dvds). I think it is because getting the fellowship in the WBC helps me to stay grounded and in the Word on a daily basis – something which is hard for me to do without an active Bible study going on.

    Currently I’m doing the “Read the Bible for Life” with the WBC, “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer with my local Bible study group (about to move on to Beth Moore’s Sacred Secrets in a couple of weeks) and on my own – I’m reading about Spiritual Warfare using “Dressed to Kill” by Rick Renner, The Invisible War by Chip Ingram (along with study guide and videos – thanks for recommending the book) and I’m about to order a couple of books by Derek Prince (the one who passed away in 2003 or something like that) – and then sit down with them and my Bible and my notebook and really put together what I’m learning because it is so eye-opening. It is almost like I felt when I was studying Covenant!

    Anyway – thank you Christine for sharing your story. I’m so glad that you went to that first Bible study – that you have continued on – and that you now lead the WBC. Amazing to see how God allowed it all t start….

  • Linda says:

    When is the next class of, ” WHEN

  • Cheryl W says:

    MY first Bible study was in a large church in northern Alabama that we had been attending and I was wanting to become closer to God. At that time, I was meeting quite a variety of devoted Christians, some subtle but walked a walk full of Love and servitude, one was almost kooky, talked to Jesus everywhere she went, cast Blood and other things I didn’t understand at the time and she always had an infectious radiation of Love flowing from her! There were others that seemed so “together” in their advice and walk in life and I wanted that understanding and closeness of God that all of them had! I still struggle with closeness with ANYONE, including my own son. (Don’t get me wrong, I dearly love him and he knows it and loves me but, he too, is not affectionate because of me). I wanted what all these people had, understanding of what it was all about and how they wore it like skin….,breathed it like the air…. I enrolled in a Beth Moore Study, A Heart Like His. It was full of homework, sometimes up to 2 hours a night for me because I really was not fluent with finding anything or understanding as much as I’d like, BUT I have never enjoyed anything so much even since! The groups were so much fun (groupS – we had so many women and a few men, we had to break up into about 6 or 8 groups of 8 to 10!)
    I fell in love with David and with all his mistakes, he still Loved greatly and was “A man after God’s own heart” For the first time, I saw characters in the Bible as real people and with such wonderful stories to tell! The BEST thing is that I became more and more comfortable with the Bible and enjoyed studying beyond the topics on my own.
    I still strive to be able to feel the Love God wants us to at all times. I now work as a Caregiver for seniors and find much satisfaction with this form of serving others in need. I also want to be able to converse with them when proper to let them know about Jesus or re-kindle fires in them… at least plant a seed. I still strive to learn as much as possible and bring myself back to the excitement of that wonderful Bible study so many years ago!
    Christine, your story above really touched me… I KNOW now why the Bible studies that I had committed to (SINCE the one I wrote about) have never been as motivating as the first one was for the very reasons that God led your friend to explain to you. I am learning how to PREVENT stress in my life through Christ; so I am ready to dive back in! (Get behind me satan! You are NOT interfering in THIS one!)
    Wonderstuck is a WONDERFUL book and I just know the Bible study will be as well…I can’t wait!!

  • Jacqueline says:

    My memories of my first bible studies are the ones my mother attended as a newly saved Christian many many years ago. I was only about seven years old and looking forward to that one night a week when my mom would pack up some coloring books and toys for my two young brothers and I and drive us to a nice older lady’s house where we were always greeted with so much love by the group of older women. When I come to think about those days as a kid, I realize that although I was too young to realize the importance of it then – I know that those group gatherings helped disciple my mother into an awesome woman of God who began her own family bible studies that taught us so much. As an adult, my first young group bible study was a bit awkward as I had just joined a new church and didn’t know anyone. I asked God for courage as the enemy will do anything to cause us to feel out of place and as outsiders. With God’s faithful help I returned eagerly to that study every week and learned so much and feel that I was able to help others as well. I’m now looking forward to my first online study here.

  • Susan says:

    My first adult Bible Study class was at a church in Houston, Texas. There were about 15-18 of us and we mixed health advice, prayer and Bible Study. We studied the Beth Moore study “To Live in Christ”. Even though I was raised in the church and spent much time reading the Bible, Acts was just a book I skimmed over. To my delight and amazement, I learned all about Paul’s life. I really miss that Bible Study group. We studied slowly, covering 1-3 daily lessons per week, then the following week, we would share food and watch the video. What a blessing!

  • Anne Marie says:

    My first Bible Study was not with a Church, or online. I didn’t have internet when I came to the Lord about a year and a half ago, and I did not care for most of the churches in the tiny town I lived in. There was no Church of the last religion I belonged to there.
    So my mom, who was pretty much in the same boat, and had just moved there,gave me a bible study of the religion that she had belonged to before she moved there. We did our bible study’s together and at times alone. Trying desperately to find or even create a type of similar Christian group in that town, We just got more and more discouraged as people tore down and through away signs and food boxes we would put out.
    I would pray and cry and ask the Lord to please help me to find some kind of Church group or make one there. I wanted to study the bible with other Christians. I knew that the town was more so full of “religious” people than Christians. Then it occurred to me, “Maybe I just need to learn from the Lord myself. Maybe the Lord just wants me to spend time listening to him”.. I studied the bible as I began and the Lord lead me to write a book called “Are you tired of religion”. I learned that “Religion” was NOT the answer here. It was learning what a Christian really is. Jesus was not religious, he taught Christianity, how to be like him. He was a teacher, a leader, not a religious leader either. And he told me that I am a Disciple of His. I looked up what a Disciple really is, Webster says ” One who follows a teacher” And I realized that we are all Disciples of Christ. We all have a responsibility to teach others what he teaches us. The early Disciples wrote letters to the Churches about that. It was an awesome experience as I would look up so many scriptures that followed in the New and Old testament that lined up with each other for my book. I learned allot by writing that book. I haven’t published it yet but I am at the near end of editing it. But what I had experienced through those times of listening to the Lord, searching and searching several of scriptures every day for hours and typing them in there. I spend 6 months on this book and it was like spending 6 months on the mountain with God.. I prayed for the Lord to help me with finding a good Church. Soon, The Lord not only put me in a good family atmosphere in a very non religious Church, he moved me to Florida and my mom will be moving here soon too. It’s amazing what God can do if you put your faith in him and believe him and search earnestly everything in prayer and doing HIS will only.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Beautiful story!

    • Debbie says:

      Anne Marie, thank you for writing this letter about how you got started with your first Bible study. I am new at this and have been searching for a sight to learn more about God and I found the Womens Bible Cafe today for the first time. I too live in a small town, I moved here a few years ago, I have been wanting to grow closer to God over the past year and I have prayed for God to show me which church I should go to and for a Christian friend, I haven’t gotten any closer to finding either one as yet. I have found some wonderful sights on the internet and Facebook which I have enjoyed spending time talking with other Christian women very much. I have bought a Bible and other books from a online Christian book store and I tune in to Christian TV shows when I can however a Bible study is what I think I need, I will continue to pray for a church and a Christian friend, regards Debbie

  • laura ritsche says:

    My first Bible study experience was really great because of knowing this small group of ladies already ,but somewhat frustrating cause something i could not understand and also i felt if i didnt do something like they did that i wasnt as godly of a woman or mother or wife, but overall it was that fear in God that i need to begin my life journey with him!

  • Marie Solla says:

    The church I go go has Small Growth Groups for 6-8 weeks, meeting at someone’s house once a week. I had been going to church on and off, I didn’t really want the commitment of a Growth Group, and would literally RUN after service so no one would ask me if I had signed up, Finally, I joined a study called Film Talk, where we would watch movies and then discuss from a biblical perspective. I went the first time with the guy I was with. Then, he and I broke up, I met a new guy, got involved with him right away. When he asked me what was I doing on Friday, I told him Bible Study. He asked if he could go with me. I was embarrassed to take a new guy with me because I was going to be judged. Then I said to myself, Well Marie, if they judge you that’s their problem. So Stacey and I went, for all 8 weeks, and that was the start of my true commitment to walking with GOD, ultimately leading to Stacey also accepting Christ in his life. Here we are, Stacey and I, two years later, and GOD is doing amazing things in our life!

  • Colette says:

    This is my first online bible study. (Nehemiah) I’m excited and nervous!

    Loved the line above that Joanna wrote, “no matter what situation I find myself in count it as joy because God is using it to make me more Christlike”…that really hit home…especially during these hard times.

    I’ll come back after the Nehemiah class is over let you know how it turned out!

  • Marjorie says:

    From Alabama and looking forward to Nehemiah!

  • debbie faunce says:

    my first was Crown Financial, thinking, i’d been a Christian way to long not to get into a study and it would be a piece a cake… easy way to get started. haha. talk about getting the blinder off my eyes. i’ve since taken quite a few including Beths- Daniel, Paul and James. Kay Arthurs, Priscilla Shrires- Jonah, James Mcdonald. God is so Good, It is a Blessing to have such great Teachers.

  • Lisa Goins says:

    My first Bible study was Experiencing God and it was awesome! Thought about doing it again just me but I think I would give up quickly if I don’t do it with some group. My church doesn’t have a lot in Bible Studies and the one class I do go to once a week, when you only have an hour every week sad but it’s like it’s rushed when you give prayer concerns and have 2 prayers it’s like the study was reached. I’m so desperate for an exciting Bible study to draw me in even closer. I’ve been a christian for 12 years but the fire isn’t burning as strong as it used to be and I just wanted to be ignited for Jesus all over again.

  • Anna says:

    The one I just finished is called Duty or Delight by Tammie Head , forward by Beth Moore. It is mainly about where you stand with God, when you study do you look at it as a chore “duty” or are you excited about experiencing Him everyday, and get “delight” out of it! Great study! Highly Recommend it!!!

  • joannna says:

    My first Bible study was with Kay Arthur. Ccount your Joy which was over Philippians. What I learned is no matter what situation I find myself in count it as joy because God is using it to make me more Christlike. There have been times when I forget this lesson but i believe God always brings someone into my life to remind me aand encourage me when I am down. Christine I thank God every day that he brought you into my life . You have been there for me and have really helped me get back on track . May God bless you as you go on to teach and encourage each of us.

  • Mrs A says:

    My first bible study was Beth Moore’s original Breaking Free. It was hard for me to complete and difficult to allow the Lord to delve into those areas but it was well worth it and it was the beginning of life long desire to steep my heart into the Word. I pray you are blessed and your ministry grows 🙂

  • michelle jennings says:

    i am excited and nervous..i will be going to my first bible study next tuesday(would of gone tonight,but or only vehicle is in the shop)…..i am in hopes of finding out answers to my many questions

  • Melinda says:

    My first women’s bible study was about 15 years ago when I first gave my life to the Lord. My husband & I have relocated from our hometown and although we are apart of a great ministry I miss the women’s bible studies from our old church. This seems to be a great resource and I believe God has lead me here to get just what I need while maybe helping others too. Thank you!

  • Carmen says:

    I was so happy when I found this website Women’s Cafe, my daughter told me to go there, and ever since, I have not missed a day. Inspiration and listening, reading other women’s trials and troubles have given me a push to read more of the Bible. I started but time was limited, but now I want to start for sure reading the Book of Ruth. Thanks for all the inspiration I get from you. The devil is only out there to destroy us and get us away from God, but I rebuke him in the Name of Jesus and I am on my way to Victory in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Veronica says:

    Everytime i want to give up on the Bible study ,”Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by Beth Moore, i keep coming back and read this…. Satan is working over time in my mind with my depression trying to take me out of this world. i keep showing up daily and suiting up

  • Jen Aspenson says:

    My first study was 2 years ago at a small church I was attending. It was a women’s study on the Old Testament and it was wonderful. I had been reading the bible and praying for a better understanding of it and the Bible Study really made things clearer for me. I loved it!

  • Deborah says:

    I think the first structured Bible study group I attended was MasterLife (does that date me?) some 30 years ago, I was in high school. I still remember making a visual out of the verse “I am the Vine you are the branches” and I can remember all the different ways the groups drew that verse. And the lessons on how the cross is the center of our life, that the pole of the cross reflects our relationship with God and the beam represents our relationship with others. But mostly I remember that one of the deacons’ wife realized that she was not saved. She was doing all the work of the Christ but had never asked God to save her. It was inspiring to me as a young girl, to see a woman admit that she had gotten “it” wrong for so many years. She still inspires me today.

  • Cara Louise Reitbauer says:

    my first Bible study that I participated in was over 20 years when I was a brand new Christian. I was so hungry for God’s Word that I was at church every time the doors were open! After a couple years though, I guess I decided that I ‘knew enough’…oh I had some time crunches and some physical and emotional issues to deal with…but bottom line looking back is I figured I was ‘DONE’ and quit even making attempts at studying- in an organized class or even on my own. UNTIL about 2 years ago when the Lord brought me through a very deep and very dark valley of despair and dejection that I was forced to come in my weakness to Him just for the will to keep breathing! He so graciously showed Himself strong on my behalf and so mercifully gave me glimpses of His love that it drew me back and caused me to realize that I indeed was NOT done! I have come out the other side of that valley with a renewed hunger for Him, with a building passion for His people, and for a desire that He use me, such as I am, to minister to others who are hurting. I know I can not effectively minister unless my cup is so full that it is overflowing and that has drawn me back to participate in Bible study at my church and here online. Indeed- my church’s women’s study is in recess for the summer- and I felt led to initiate and organize a shorter summer study that brought out so many other women we had to split into 2 groups! Praise our faithful Father who continues to pursue us even through our own stupidity!

  • Elysa says:

    My first bible study was also a Beth Moore study, the one about breaking strongholds. A friend invited me. It was so very good and Beth is so awesome. I have since done Kay Arthur and am now doing a Priscilla Shirer. I saw Angela Thomas at a women’s conference and totally loved her, so I am looking forward to the Brave study. My friends and I are going to order the videos, alternating each purchase.

  • Samantha says:

    1. Yearning
    2. Although I’ve always believed I’ve never dug deeper to know who he truly is. This is my first ever Bible study and I am so happy about it. My work and school schedule seems to keep me from everything else. The past two years I’ve felt a pull to know him and to live my life through him. I hope to meet other Christians who I can learn from and pull inspiration from.

  • Tonya says:

    Hi Ladies,

    My most memorable first “Bible Study was in Sunday School when I was only eight years old. I know you are probably saying how is that relevant?? Well, it was during a time in my life when I was growing up in an abusive household with very little expressions of love. Everyday I used to leave home early to escape all the yelling and fighting. I had this special place off the side of the road where I would sit on a fence and talk to my imaginary friends and write poems about everything. One day my neighbor stopped and invited me to go Sunday school with her. She would not take no for an answer. She began to pick me up every Sunday. It was in her class that I learned about this man named Jesus who as a child, then became my best ever imaginary friend. I now realize that God used my neighbor to introduce me to Him that day. Though it would be many years later before I allowed Christ to be Lord over my life, it was in that class I wrote my first poem about God. I now write and recite poetry to share the love of God all over the world.
    So as I listen to all of you, I smile inside at the different ways God introduces Himself to us. I too thank Christine for creating this special place for us all to come and learn about the Mercies of God together. To God Be the Glory!
    So if any of you know someone that needs encouragement, by all means invite them to join us in this Bible study or maybe even start a small one yourselves with a couple of friends. God just wants us to take the initiative; He will do the rest. I will close by sharing the poem that I wrote for my Sunday school class. I often use it today to open when I speak at church or during my conferences. I thought it was appropriate to express how wonderful it can be when we learn about God. I hope you enjoy it….

    My First Day of Church

    I walked in
    And what did I see?
    Over fifty people
    And they were all asleep.
    The man in the front
    Talked in his sleep
    While the others all nodded
    And patted their feet.
    When they opened their eyes
    They started their song
    My mom and dad
    They began to sing along.
    They talked about
    This man called God
    Who son had died for us
    With all his Heart.
    I did not understand
    I was only three!
    But now it all
    Makes sense to me.

  • Sue Schwendemann says:


    I know I posted this before, but I cannot remember where. Sorry. When are you going to do Breaking Free, Esther and No Other Gods But Me? I would like to do them, so if you have time and find please e-mail me. Thanks.



  • Nicole says:

    I am doing the Ruth study and it is my first bible study. I found this group accidently and have loved reading all your stories! I can already tell this is an encouraging group of women to have for a first bible study and I want to say thank you for being here
    God Bless

  • Lil says:

    I grew up in the church, went to a christian college and had many bible study experiences. Most of my bible studies involved catty girls, or people not sharing anything or me feeling like I was the only one sharing or like an oversharer since no one seemed to have problems, prayer requests etc. My friends and I seemed to have better fellowship/study then any studies I was attending so I was very reticent to try a new study ever.

    All of that changed when I moved to Los Angeles,finished school and no longer had a christian community around me. I attended an amazing church on the hill, I went with a college friend and while he and his friends were amazing. I knew I needed christian women around me and I felt at home at this church. I looked at the bulletin and saw a monday night women’s bible study. I walked in and felt so out of place I was the youngest woman there, would they accept me, could I share and be safe there?!

    Well its been seven years at monday night bible study! I haven’t always been in the perfect group or studied the perfect thing, but God has always shown up and used each study.

    Then we started to do Beth Moore studies and wow every study has rocked it brought me back to God, and it saved and changed my life. I even attended her conference after wining tickets . Basically I am a huge Beth Moore fan as I know God is using her and all the lifeway ladies and many I haven’t yet discovered. God used and continues to use Beth to bring me back, draw me closer and makes me want to be either a teacher ,a leader and/or just have biblical knowledge and a relationship like that with God!

    I even lead a Priscilla Schirer(she’s amazing) study and enjoyed amazing studies by equally amazing and Godly teachers like Jennifer Rothschild and Kay Arthur whoo hoo! I am a bible study addict!!!!

    I have to say our leadership in my church bible study has become amazing, our studies fantastic and attendance is through the roof, also we now have woman of all ages attending and sometimes in the hundreds!

    God so rewards the faithful thank you! So stick with your bible studies at church and here online God will reward you for staying the course and making it more than you imagine if not perfect at first.

    I also want to give Christine credit for being an incredible woman of God for providing this site, twitter etc they offer such a wonderful opportunity for women to study and such powerful daily encouragement. Thank you and God Bless!

  • Rachel says:

    My first bible study group was an amazing experience. I was in the midst of a personal crisis and I know that this study and the women God placed in my path during that time were all part of His plan to bring me peace again. It was a small group of women from my church and our study was called The Fruit of the Spirt. I was one of the youngest in our group and new nothing about the Fruits of the Spirit. I was amazed at what I would learn. I was surrounded by support and love from women I had never met and they each in their own way taught me something about myself and how I could use what I was learning in my day to day life. I learned that at some point like most things in our lives if we practice the fruits of the spirits dayly (even when we don’t want to) they will become natural to us. This bible study really helped me to get a grip on my attitude and change the way I dealt with personal issues and people in my life. I will be forever greatful to God for the opportunity I had through that Bible Study to have peace once again.

    • Christine says:

      I do believe that a single Bible study can change a woman’s life, on two conditions:

      1. She has a willing heart ready to hear the Word
      2. She completes her study

      We grow in Bible study. Think of the scripture verses about God pruning the vine, or the verse about the Potter’s hand. As we study and learn, we are changing from the inside out.

      Thank you for sharing your experience Rachel!

  • Debbie Marquardt says:

    I vaguely remember my first bible study – I was in junior high school, studying the Word with a group of friends in a small group setting. I do not remember what we were studying, but I do remember the music like it was yesterday. The youth group leader sang “Pass It On”, and played an acoustic guitar. I’ve been hooked on worship music ever since. The Lord has always used music to touch my heart – and I’m excited to see that there are lyrics in our study guide and a worship CD too! Now, how cool is that?!!

    • Christine says:

      If you have a Twitter account, I recommend you follow Marie @SpreadingJOY and Richard @McProdigal they lead a nightly worship, with links to YouTube worship songs. People around the world gather each night at 9:00 PM EST and they praise and sing together, online. It takes about 10 minutes of your time each night. By the way, my main Twitter account is @LifeVerse and the @BibleCafe account is only for the blog updates. Thank you for sharing your story Debbie!

  • I loved your honest and vulnerable story. I’m blessed to be mentioned in your list. May many women be blessed by your testimony. Love Jennifer

  • DebbyC says:

    this is a first for me- putting my info out here….I was outside of God’s will for most of 30 years following sexual abuse by a friend of the family and “church abuse” resulting from years of watching fight after fight in a Southern Baptist Church. 4 years ago, I nearly died from surgery complications, I know my mom’s prayer warrier friends invoked God’s Grace and I lived, started feeling drawn about 2 years ago, but it is oh so very hard to walk into a church by yourself, especially a church that is small and likes to stay that way. Finally, last summer as I was driving one Sunday I just broke down in tears and begged God to send me a mentor. a long lost friend “found” me on facebook and invited me to go to church with her family.
    I started going to church 2 weeks before the fall series of Bible studies and ended up in “Experiencing God” – my first real study…and oh how that changed my life. This spring I did “Breaking Free” and our group has decided to stay together over the summer casually until the ‘official’ start of fall series and hopefully to stay together through another Beth Moore Study.
    I’ve since joined that church, volunteer in the food pantry, and find myself listening to Christian teaching radio – I even schedule things around David Jeremiah at 6 pm on my drive home! I feel like I’ve been starved for all those years and want to hear and read more and more and more.
    HE IS SO GOOD!!!!

  • Renee says:

    My first Bible study was over twenty years ago so I don’t remember much about it. I know I didn’t stick with church. So only about two years ago I give it a go and start this online study. I was supposed to look something up in John, and it was in the later part of the book. For the life of me I couldn’t find it. So the next day I go to work and ask this gal, who I knew was Godly, to help me. I said, “I don’t think my Bible goes up that high?” Well, apparently I had been searching about in IJohn, which no, did not “go up that high”. This is one of the pleasures of being in your fifties. Instead of shame I was able to have a great laugh over it. Still do.

  • Anna says:

    I was a grown women, serving God for many years at the time but I really did not like to read at all and studying the Bible was almost like torture (kind makes you wonder, doesn’t it). A freind told me about Beth Moore so I picked up one of her books to give to a friend and decided I better read it first. The book was “Jesus, the One and Only”. God used that book to capture my attention. I could not get over Beth Moore’s love for God’s Word. I started praying that God would give me a love for His Word too. At that time in my life my husband was not saved and was very possessive of me and jealous, so going to a Bible study after work or in the evening was out of the question. What ever Bible study my friends were doing, I would get the book and do it at home and talk to them at work (we all taught school together) about it or call them when I had something really cool I wanted to share. I did this for about two years before I realized how God had started to develope a new and fresh love for His Word in me. By this time God opened the door for me to start attending a Bible study right after work (school teaching) and still get home and have dinner on the table before my husband got home. God worked it out beautifully. About two years latter my husband came to know the Lord and God has given him a great love for “THe Word” also. God and His Word are a real blessing in our lives and we love sharing that as often as we can.

  • Susan says:

    My first Bible study was when I was a junior in High School and my best friend had joined a Christian Church where she had a personal relationship with God . . and I really wanted that. having grown up in a church where God was basically a one hour Sunday presence, I wasn’t sure about letting that God go. My first Bible was a Living Bible (one I could understand) and my first Bible Study was Romans . . .and the minister allowed us to ask questions (imagine that !). Now I love Bible Studies – – and really do enjoy this study . . .so today, I’m thanking God not only for you, Christine, but also that friend who challenged you. You are a blessing!

    • Christine says:

      Thank you Susan, I am delighted for the presence of each woman who decides to participate in this study. I know that God brings women to the Bible Cafe as an invitation to KNOW Him, not me. And I know a woman participating in the study must decide for herself, like you did, if Bible study opens her heart to God’s presence in her life. I am thankful you shared your story and I pray that other women will be inspired by it.

  • Sandra King says:

    I sat in on lectures with Kay Arthur for the second half of Genesis. She used to drive down to the Atlanta area from Chattanooga. The next year I jumped in with both feet–studying Revelation inductively and then going to her lecture. Changed my life. Kay covers the everything between those two books in each of those studies. I fell in love with the Word and digging it out for myself.

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