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Beth Moore Bible Study

As promised, our next bible study will be a Beth Moore workbook. Since her workbooks are usually ten weeks long, we will not begin this study until after the kids get back-to-school. Our next study will begin September 14, 2010. We’d like to start thinking about the next workbook, and your input is valuable to our online Bible study. Please read the Beth Moore Bible Study Chart, available here.

Beth Moore Workbooks

  • A Heart Like His- 11 weeks, David
  • Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed- 6 weeks, David, with Kay and Priscilla
  • A Woman’s Heart- 11 weeks, Moses
  • Believing God- 10 weeks, Faith
  • Beloved Disciple- 11 weeks, John
  • Breaking Free– 11 weeks, Captivity
  • Daniel- 12 weeks, Daniel and End Times
  • Esther- 10 weeks, Esther
  • Faithful, Abundant, True- 6 weeks, with Kay and Priscilla, NEW
  • Jesus, the One and Only- 11 weeks, Jesus
  • Living Beyond Yourself- 11 weeks, Fruits of the Spirit
  • Stepping Up Through Psalms- 7 weeks, Psalms
  • The Patriarchs- 11 weeks, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
  • To Love is Christ- 11 weeks, Paul
  • When Godly People Do Ungoldly Things- 7 weeks, Seduction

Once you have studied the Chart of Beth Moore Resources, please take the poll below and let us know what study you’d like to read next.

Please take a moment and vote for your preference for the next study, thank you! You can vote for more than one, so feel free to check those books you’re interested in.

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  • Kristi says:

    Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed- 6 weeks, David, with Kay and Priscilla

    I would go great after doing the study of Duty or Delight?!

  • Sandy says:

    I haven’t done a study with ya’ll yet so I am open to anything also. I am looking forward to it though.

  • Michelle Averitt says:

    the only 3 that I have NOT done:
    Jesus the One & Only
    Anointed Transformed & Redeemed
    Faithful, Abundant & True

    You can’t go wrong with any of them:-)

  • Traci says:

    Esther study is so awesome!!!! I’d do it again. All are amazing! Just plan to dive in if done it before and see what God will teach me…. Hungry 4 more!

  • Sharon says:

    I would like the Fruit of the Spirit. Of course I will do either and the study of David would still be one I will want to and can do on my own. I will particpate in whichever is chosen.

  • Lucy says:

    I would love to do the study on David, A Heart Like His. But any of the studies would be great to do.

  • Vicki says:

    I was thinking David – since we are completing Ruth and learned of his geneology – just seems like a good place to go at this point. However, any Beth Moore study is awesome.

  • Christine says:

    Doing the math, it would take 146 weeks or about 2 years to complete ALL the Beth Moore studies listed above. I say…Let’s Do It! Should we do this in order of popularity, or alphabetical 😉 just a thought.

  • Karen says:

    I just finished Breaking Free. I think believing God would be a good one to do. I would do whatever the majority wants. Even if I did a bible study, I am going through a different season in my life. The Lord speaks through his word, even if it is the same scripture or Study I have already done. It’s always new and refreshing to me.

  • Jessica says:

    My church has done many of Beth Moore’s studies. We have done Stepping Up, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things, Living Free, Breaking Free, and Anointed Transformed Redeemed. We are currently studying A Heart Like His this summer. The Esther study sure looks interesting!

  • Heather says:

    I have really enjoyed Ruth, this was my first online bible study so i would really like to learn more about how to be faithfult to God. So Living Beyond yourself sounds really interesting.. I can’t wait to see what we pick..

  • Shelly Sitton says:

    The only studies of Beth’s that I haven’t done are ‘To Live as Christ’ (study of the life of Paul) and the Patriarchs. I’ve actually started the Patriarch study on my own and am enjoying it so far. It’s great because it goes back to the basic foundations of the early spiritual Fathers. I’ve done Daniel twice, A Woman’s Heart three times, and Breaking Free three times, so I would not be interested in any of those. They’re all great and I fully recommend them. I particularly love ‘A woman’s heart’ because it’s on the Tabernacle. I did the study at First Baptist Houston when she first came out with it in the mid90s, then a second time and then the third time at First Baptist with her when she rewrote it. It’s a wonderfully rich study. I personally wouldn’t take part if that is chosen but for anyone interested in studying the meaning of Him tabernacling with us, it’s awesome.

  • Judy Morgan says:

    Since this will be my first time in an online bible study I am open to any help that I can get. I greatly appreciate getting to do this study with so many other Christian women like myself. Thanks So Much. Judy

  • Mary Ann Miller says:

    What about Living Beyond Yourself? With everything we’ve seen Ruth go through and the way she “lived beyond herself” seems like a good followup to Ruth.

    I haven’t done any of Beth’s Bible studies, so I’m open.

  • Lauren says:

    Since this is the first study I have done with you guys, do you care to explain what the format is? If it has audio/video like the Beth Moore studies I have completed in the past, do you post those here or is it mainly a discussion group?
    I too would like to do a study on David. I have completed Stepping up and Daniel this year and am doing Here and Now (REvelations) right now along with the Ruth study. Thanks!!!

  • Mary Sawyer says:

    Christine – Beth does have a study about David: Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed is about the life of David. I did it last year and enjoyed it very much!

  • Norma Bowers says:

    Christine…I think the two studies, “A Heart Like His” and “Anointed Transformed, Redeemed” are both about David and not Daniel. I’ve done Beth Moore’s devotional on David and it is excellent and I am sure like the other devotionals it is based on her study “A Heart Like His.”

  • Christine says:

    It would be nice to do a study of David, a good transition after completing Ruth! I’d like to get back to the basics, reading Psalms or Fruits of the Spirit. However, as a leader, I’ll follow the group’s lead and we’ll study what a majority of the group wants to learn. Be sure to post your comment and your vote! Thank you!

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