Each time we start a new study, I like to post some information about our online small group. In the study of Jonah, we currently have almost 60 women participating. One of the most exciting things in this group is that we’re having a BABY! Not me, of course….Nicki from Memphis is having a baby girl due on August 20th. She has a 2-year old boy and if Nicki had another son, we’d absolutely insist she name her baby Jonah! Congratulations and please keep us updated on the baby’s arrival.

For fun, we asked you to post your navigation stories and rate your navigation skills. We found sixteen women in the group who can get from “here to there” and claim good navigation skills. Wendy from Texas wins hands down for our group navigator- she was in the Navy for eight years and married a Navy seal. Susan from Virginia sounds much like me, saying she is “directionally challenged” and her family claims she’ll get lost pulling out of the driveway! I’ll admit, we went on a family boating trip in July and I let the kids navigate…I was so lost!

You’ll notice Shannon Barr is writing the blog posts for the Jonah study and I’m writing the discussion questions and accessories (favorite quotes and scripture verses). Some of you remember Shannon from our Breaking Free study when she wrote updates once a week for ten weeks at the Womens Bible Cafe. If you are new to the group, Shannon is  a seminary student and involved in Women’s Ministry.

Three of the women participating in this study-Joanie, Kim and Michelle- will be leading Jonah small groups at their church. It is imortant that you post comments about the study, because this will enable these church leaders to learn from our study and take some of your ideas to their church small groups. So don’t be shy…speak up!

Did I mention we’re having a baby….with my youngest daughter turning nine next month, I miss those days of sleeping infants. Sigh.

Last Updated: August 10, 2010

Women Participating in the Study = 57

Where We Are From

  • Alabama-1
  • Arkansas-2
  • California-6
  • Connecticut-1
  • Florida-4
  • Georgia-1
  • Idaho-1
  • Illinois-1
  • Indiana-1
  • Kentucky-2
  • Louisiana-3
  • Maryland-1
  • Michigan-1
  • Minnesota-1
  • Missouri-1
  • New York-1
  • North Carolina-1
  • Oregon-1
  • Rhode Island-1
  • South Carolina-4
  • Tennessee-2
  • Texas-5
  • Virginia-1
  • Wisconsin-1
  • Washington DC-1
  • Not stated-12

Gifted in Navigation = 16

Directionally Challenged = 19

Did not answer = 17