We’re starting another online bible study for women on September 14,2010 and all women are invited to attend. Our study is called Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore. As we spend the next ten weeks of study together, we wanted to tell you who we are as a bible study group.We’ll gather each Tuesday of the week to read an online discussion of the lesson. Drop by anytime and post a comment for the week. We have a diverse group of women, from a grandmother of 15 to a mom with a newborn and a mom 32 weeks pregnant. We have school teachers and homeschool moms, nurses, students and retired women.


To join the study, please post an introduction here.

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Who We Are

Number of women participating in the study: 151

last updated Sept 26

Where We Are From

  • Australia-2
  • Canada-5
  • China-1
  • Alaska-1
  • Alabama-1
  • Arizona-4
  • Arkansas-2
  • California-12
  • Colorado-1
  • Delaware-2
  • Florida-5
  • Georgia-7
  • Idaho-1
  • Illinois-3
  • Indiana-4
  • Kansas-1
  • Kentucky-2
  • Maryland-1
  • Michigan-1
  • Minnesota-1
  • Missouri-1
  • Montana-2
  • North Carolina-3
  • New Jersey-1
  • New York-2
  • Ohio-3
  • Pennsylvania-3
  • Rhode Island-1
  • South Carolina-3
  • Tennessee-2
  • Texas-14
  • Virginia-1
  • Washington-1
  • Wisconsin-2
  • Not stated-27

Welcome to each of you in the study. We are praying for you by name and asking God’s presence to flow over the pages of your workbooks and into your hearts.

In faith and love,