Reading Schedule for Living Beyond Yourself

Living Beyond Yourself is about to begin on Tuesday September 14, 2010 and we thought you’d like a written reading schedule. We’ve included a quick schedule below. Each week you’ll get an email or blog feed with the study update. We post our blog updates on Monday evening California time zone, and they appear in your email Tuesday morning. If you miss a week of reading, come to the online discussion anyway. We want to encourage you and support you- this is a no shame zone. If you fall behind in reading, don’t hide from the group. We’ve all been there at some point in time. Read at your own pace, and do your best to catch up when you can. Soon you’ve crave reading each day…and will not want to put the workbook down.

Reading Schedule For Living Beyond Yourself

  • Launch Day: Introduction to the Study (Sept 14)
  • Week 1: Free at Last (Sept 21)
  • Week 2: Live by the Spirit (Sept 28)
  • Week 3: Love (Oct 5)
  • Week 4: Joy (Oct 12)
  • Week 5: Peace (Oct 19)
  • Week 6: Patience (Oct 26)
  • Week 7: Kindness (Nov 2)
  • Week 8: Faith (Nov. 9)
  • Week 9: Gentleness (Nov 16)
  • Week 10: Self Control (Nov 23)
  • Celebrate!


There is a Beth Moore online study which allows you access to the video sessions, and you’ll save about $20.oo from the download video sessions. However, if you participate in the Bible Cafe study and the Beth Moore online study, you may be on information overload. This is only suggested for rugged, able to focus and stay on course, iron-willed women!!! If you’re an average gal like me….um…..just sticking to one study is enough commitment. I use the workbook and I’m using the CD’s for the series, The videos are excellent- Beth uses sign language, visual aids and you get to see her “Big hair from Africa.” It’s hysterical and you do not see these on the audio or CD sessions. If you want some fun…watch the videos!!!!!! (exclamations are Beth’s early trademark, LOL) Since this is my THIRD time participating in the Living Beyond Yourself study, I am using the audio CDs and I load them into iTunes and then my iPhone so I can listen in carpool while picking up my kids. I like my two daughters to listen as I’m driving, this models womens bible study for them and they enjoy listening to Beth Moore.

Link for Beth Moore Living Beyond Online study Currently $23.95
Link for Living Beyond Yourself Audio CD’s Currently $39.95
Link for Living Beyond Yourself Video Sessions (11 total) Currently $54.89 for all 11 sessions
Link for Living Beyond Yourself Audio MP3 Sessions (11 total) Currently $43.89

Walk in faith toward the woman God has designed you to become. His Word will not return void. Beth Moore

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