In our study of Living Beyond Yourself, week two day one, Beth Moore asks if you’ve ever seen the Trinity at work in your life. The timing of this question is perfect for me, as a baby was born yesterday and my friend Jane became a grandmother. This baby reflects my Trinity experience which happened years before. This is my story:

I was a Realtor® and asked by my manager to help relocate a family from Texas. I met Jane and showed her several homes. One day Jane brought her son Matthew and we started to examine the third home. Matt was exploring the backyard while Jane and I went upstairs. We walked into the master bedroom and immediately noticed the white bed was unmade and covered with red blood. Scattered on top of the blood were photos of children, and twin babies. The bed was not spotted in just one area; the entire bed was covered in blood. A warm creepy feeling crept into my body as I sensed deep and dark danger. I saw a trail of blood from the bed, and followed it down the green carpeted stairs, unsure why I did not see this when I came into the home. Jane and I kept Matt distracted and busy as we walked through the home, expecting to see a dead body. Since I dislike crime scene shows…this was beyond my comfort zone and I was frightened while trying to stay professional. Jane and I searched the kids bedrooms of the home and saw the dresser drawers open and emptied, the clothing rods in the closest were dangling to the floor without clothes on them. Something was not right; somebody left in a hurry and the home was bloody and ravaged. We backed out of the home, I called the listing Realtor® and together we reported this to the local police. The owner of the home explained that his wife had a medical emergency and they had left the home in a hurry. The police asked the wife for her identification and made sure she was free from harm. I was angry that we had called before visiting the home and the owners knew their home looked like a crime scene. The owner was angry that we suspected him of evil. To this day I still believe the husband had abused his wife and covered his crime. A woman having a medical emergency does not throw family photos of her children into a bed covered with wet blood.

Jane selected a home to purchase, and after she moved in I was invited to dinner with my husband and small daughter. Her husband Regis played the piano for us and we enjoyed time in their living room listening to the music. I became friends with Jane and she became principal of a Christian School. When my daughter was three I enrolled her in the preschool. Seven months later, my husband was in the hospital with a rare blood disease and almost died, and I was five months pregnant. While I was visiting him at the hospital, I saw three priests and thought God was calling me closer, since I had attend 12 years of Catholic School and was as distant from God as a prodigal daughter. At home, my neighbors were saying “I’ll pray for you” and the Holy Spirit convicted me that I was not even praying for myself. I saw Jesus in action when my Christian neighbors started mowing our lawn, bringing food, taking out the trash cans and decorating our home with “Welcome Home” signs after my husband survived his ten days in ICU. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had my attention.

My second child was born a few weeks after the terrorist attack of Sept 11, 2001. A year later, my husband was laid off from his job and I needed to return to work as a Realtor®. I returned to work in October and started calling my past clients asking for referrals. I called Regis and explained my husband had lost his job, I had returned to work, and Regis offered to send referrals to me. About three weeks later, Regis died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. I was shocked and sad for his family, then learned the news that he had recently lost his job and died without life insurance. Jane and the kids were thrown into a financial pit of extreme loss. Another Realtor® came into my office and said “you’re friends with Jane, you should sell their house for free.” I had just returned to work and wondered how my broker would allow this, yet when I explained the situation he said “sell it for free.” We worked out a deal where Jane paid the broker my portion of the commission and I waived my earnings. On the home she sold and the one she purchased I waived $30,000 in commission. I was still a prodigal daughter at the time and shocked that God wanted me to to this. The Spirit convicted me that God had spared my husbands life, and also the life of my nephew who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at age two. Compassion flowed into my heart and I wanted to help Jane, though there were times of disobedience when I felt frustration because my own husband was unemployed and I was not making money by helping Jane. God spoke to my heart many times, as I sat alone in Regis’ home, talking to him about my feelings. I felt the presence of this Godly man as I was selling his home and helping his widow and children.

Jane later shared with me that the address of the new home I sold her 11402 is the date of the last day she saw Regis alive. I watched an entire Christian community reach out to Jane, offering tuition scholarships for college, mortgage aid, gardening to prepare her home to sell, contracting services to prepare her new home…and I saw the presence of Jesus at work. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were surrounding me through the death of this one man and I was drawing closer to Him. I started listening to KLOVE Christian music, I began to pray, and I began to open my heart to healing from the past. I was the prodigal daughter. When I look back at the house of blood, I see the rabbit trail woven into my life. My husband had a rare blood disease, my nephew had to check his blood sugar in order to survive and Regis died from too much blood in his head. The blood of Christ was woven into my life by the master Creator.

Yesterday Regis had his first grandchild, a boy, named Mason Regis Kitchen and I dedicate this blog post to him, a living legacy of a Godly man. With the Trinity behind him, one man can make a difference in this life and the next.

Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16 NIV