Jesus the One and Only Bible Study Begins Today

It’s time for our Christmas Bible Study to begin! Welcome to the Womens Bible Cafe, as we launch our newest study with Beth Moore: Jesus the One and Only. Our online group has about 60 women from different states and countries. Each woman participating in the study brings a unique aspect to the group, from the seasoned Bible study warrior to the first time student.  We’re all here for the same purpose: to find intimacy with God through His Word.In this Beth Moore study, we’ll examine the life of Jesus as written in the gospel of Luke. Luke was a Gentile, a physician and the first historian of the church. He was not an eyewitness of Jesus’ ministry, however he used his skills as a medical doctor-observation and analysis-to examine the life of Jesus. Over the next ten weeks together, we’ll study the life of Jesus, the One and Only son of God.

We’ll gather here each week on Tuesday, to discuss our workbook lessons, pray for each other, and grow in faith. During the week you will read a lesson each day, about 30-45 minutes of your time. Many women prefer to read in the quiet of the morning, while others wait until the end of their day. In either case, do your best to keep up with the daily lessons. If you find yourself falling behind, Satan seizes the opportunity for condemnation, making you think you’re not good enough as a Christian or not serious about your relationship with God. That is the furthest from the truth-do not let the enemy of lies steal your JOY. If you fall behind, simply find a weekend to catch-up. Do not hide in shame or let the enemy eat at your heart. Often, when you resume the study you’re reading the lesson that is appropriate for the exact time you needed to hear the words. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and convict you, and if you feel condemned, tell the little devil to take a hike! The Spirit speaks in love, always.

Discussions are essential to our growth and learning, so be sure to post a comment. Simply go to the end of the blog post, see the discussion question, and post a comment. If you want to reply to another member in the study, hit the “reply” link below her comment. You’ll notice comments are on moderation status…because we are a women’s blog, we’ve attracted well over 6,000 spam comments! These have been filtered out of the system via comment monitoring. We update the blog many times during the day, so visit as often as you like!

In this particular study, Beth Moore is leading the video sessions from Israel- a walking tour through the life of Jesus. The audio or video sessions are optional for the study due to the cost. We highly recommend them to enhance the study. We are not affiliated with Lifeway nor do we receive compensation from them for our studies; we recommend the audio and video sessions to add Beth Moore’s voice and passion into your study.

Prayer Requests

UPDATED: We are changing the prayer requests to email format, allowing for more privacy than the public prayer wall offers. Each Tuesday we’ll ask you to submit a prayer request by email. Please advise if you want your name included or anonymous. On Wednesday, we’ll email the prayer list to the entire group. This will be done once a week.

Today’s Scripture- NIV

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14


  • Write a letter to God on the inside cover of your workbook. Tell Him where you are in your life right now, and where you hope He leads you during your 10-week study of Jesus.
  • Download the Answers to the Viewer Guide.
  • Listen to the Introduction Session Audio or Introduction Session Video. (recommended)
  • Complete the first week (Session ONE) in your workbook. (required)
  • Listen to Session One Audio or Session One Video. (recommended)

Group Discussion

  1. Characterize your life in this present season using ONE WORD.
  2. Share a specific goal you have this for being in this bible study.

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  • Mrs T says:

    Thank you Jesus for Your Precious Blood Shed for a wretched sinner like me. I am so Thankful that You God have Provided Your Mercy and Grace to me by Your Holy Blood. I now Understand that because I have accepted Your Provision I am no longer a sinner but Instead You see Me as a Beloved Saint in YOU GOD amen

    Halleluia! Jesus is Lord ~ God is Love

  • Carin says:


    I have one week left of the last study “Living beyond yourself”. I am a little behind.

    I don’t have a goal anymore. Since I have been doing these studies my life has drastically changed. These on-line studies keep me accountable and keep me in God’s word. I see a difference in my day when I am not in God’s word (the enemy gets a foot hold on me with just the littlest things). As long as God allows I will keep on truckin with you all!

  • Laura says:


    To feel closer to, get to know better , Jesus. I “get” the Holy spirit after our last study, I want to go deeper with Jesus. To discover!

  • Sue says:

    One word for this seasion of my life:
    Study Goal:
    Renew closeness with Jesus.
    Prayer Request:
    That God will support my elderly mother and me in her moving from east coast to west coast to live with me in the special peace of Jesus.

  • Christine says:

    1) Worried

    2) I am eager to deepen my walk with God. I have been dating Him over the years but now I want to marry Him. I know this bible study will open my eyes and reveal that I can have a stronger relationship with God and make Him first in my life.

  • Melanie Gillon says:

    Fragile…or fragmented.

    My goal is for restoration, strength and a new hope with increased faith and to see the victory of overcoming the hardships and have the life a loving God would have me to live.

  • Melanie Gillon says:

    Just got my book in the mail today…will have to catch up! Thanks for the opportunity to be included.

  • Anna says:

    1. hurting
    2. be reminded that no matter how much life hurts, God is bigger.

  • Joanna says:

    I am anxious to start but my book isn’t here yet 🙁

    • Christine says:

      You can listen to the audio sessions while waiting? Download from Lifeway, listen to the Introduction and Session One.

    • Sue Alice says:


      You can also go to and click on “Jesus one and Only” under the book there should be a place to print out the first chapter. If any questions ask on a reply. Good luck.


  • Elizabeth says:


    When I read the Bible I jump from one book/topic to another with no solid plan or path or understanding. So my goal is to start from the beginning & learn about Jesus’ life in hopes to gain a better understanding & build a stronger relationship with Jesus.

    • Christine says:

      Before Bible study, my method of reading the bible was to look up at the sky, pray “Oh Heavenly Father, guide me into your word today.” Then I would close my eyes and point to something I throught God wanted me to read. Are you laughing hysterically yet??? Anyway, I did this on the day I was meeting my daughter’s doctor to get her diagnosis after a brain scan. The verse my finger landed on that morning was love the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength (Deut 6:5). So I went to the appt, and in the waiting room I saw a DVD labeled “Spirituality and the Brain.” I was a new believer at the time and thought I needed all the Jesus I could get, so I put the DVD into the waiting room DVD player. In a few seconds I heard the doctor on the TV screen say “love the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength.” I felt goosebumps all over, then realized that God was present with me and no matter the diagnosis, I would depend on the strength of God to get me through it. This became my life verse, I went home and prayed three times “Holy Spirit fill me.” My life has never been the same since then. Oh, the doctor who diagnosed her- his name is Dr. Amen! Rather funny- God has sense of humor!

      In a recent email from Dr Amen, he has teamed up with Rick Warren at Saddleback Church and is writing a healthy eating and living plan for Christians. Dr. Amen’s first name is “Daniel.” Remember the infamous “Daniel diet?” Again I see the work of God and the humor in the names. Before I married, my name was Christine or on my SAT’s it said “Christ Abraham.” No pressure, right? When I married, I was using the name Chris so I became “Chris Smith” and sounded like a holiday. I was not a believer then. So I changed my name back to Christine Smith. We are children of God. 😉

      Here is more information:

      Sorry to go on so long…sometimes God just speaks to my heart and you can’t shut me up! Revealing His glory in me. 🙂

  • Shauna says:

    URGENT PRAYER REQUEST- Cant wait till next Wednesday:

    I am humbly requesting a prayer of peace for my very dear, close friend as well as my family. My friend’s father was called Home to be with our Lord this week and my Great Aunt’s health is rapidly failing and she may be called Home as well. Thank you kindly. Update: Just after sending my previous message I received the phone call that my Great Aunt has gone Home with our Lord. I still humbly request a prayer of peace for my family but especially my Grandmother who, while being a strong woman, is most affected by this. Shauna

  • Lisa says:

    1. Suspended

    2. I want to grow in my understanding of who Jesus was. I want to learn to rest in His presence and leave the questions in His hands.

  • Jessica says:

    1. Journeying
    2. My life has been through some deep valleys in the past few years, I have seen mountain tops as well, it’s easy for me to despair in the valley and forget the mountains, but I keep journeying… recognizing that ANY THING that I receive is a beautiful gift from my Father. I’m growing – I don’t want to stay where I’m at and I look forward to where I go (and yes – even if it includes another valley – I’m good… for there is nothing to fear!!)

  • Sarah says:

    2. I would like to try to reconnect with my faith – which I have lost completely.

  • Nohemi velasco says:

    1. Trust
    2. My goal is to learn how to depend on God only and know that He has the control of my life. There’s a purpose behind everything, God is the writer of my life.

  • Stephanie H says:

    1. Unfocused

    2. To reconnect with Jesus and grow in His word daily.

  • Melissa says:


    My goal is to reconnect with Jesus and feel His presence more consistently in my everyday life! I desperately need to learn how to surrender again and trust in His guidance.

  • Konnie says:

    1. Numb
    2. I’d like to get myself on a better path spiritually.

  • Kellie says:

    1. Appreciative
    2. My goal is to of course learn more about Jesus Christ but to also celebrate his life in the month of December and cherish the meaning of the season.

  • Lauren says:

    1. Tired

    2. I want to learn more about the life of Jesus and to strengthen my relationship with him, to have a stinger more intimate relationship with him!

  • barbara says:

    1. waiting

    2. my goal is trusting god with many prayer requests to be answered. knowing he will answer them in his time and his way not mine.

  • Mindy says:

    1. Attentive
    2. My goal is to have Jesus reveal himself to me so that I can understand him so deeply, and fall in love with him.

  • Marietta says:

    1. Seeking
    2. I hope this session of study will open my mind to the truth about Jesus and that I will come away with a deep personal relationship with him and understanding of how and why God wants me to give Jesus equal adoration to himself.

  • Jennifer says:

    Challenging…because God is definitely challenging me and my ability to endure and push forward right now.

    I hope by participating in this bible study I will have the chance interact with fellow christian woman while learning more about The Word of God. I also I hope God will take this time to point my eyes back up to Him!

  • Hien says:

    1. Residency
    By this, I mean that my life is consumed by residency. If I’m not sleeping, I’m working or studying for residency. I sleep 5 hours, work/study 16. That leaves 3 hours to commute, shower, eat, etc. And I work 5-7 days a week.

    2. I want Jesus to be my one and only. I want to KNOW Him and fall madly in love with Him. I want to be able to see Him in all that I do, that being residency. It’s all too easy for me to get busy and bogged down throughout the day and forget all about Him until I have a free moment.

    • Christine says:

      What you are doing- surgical residency- and giving your heart to the healing of others, is to be commended. It’s also physically and emotionally exhausting and so I ask the 60 women participating in this bible study to give back to you- and offer up prayers on your behalf. Allow us to intercede for you Hien, praying God’s protection over your heart, soul and mind. May He embrace you, a Daughter of the King, with the strength necessary to see you to the finish line.

      Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Deut 6:5 NIV

      You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:36 NIV

      Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. Hebrews 12:1-2 NIV

    • Sue Alice says:


      I pray you get more sleep and Satan stays away so you can sleep, and not steal your joy. I know how hard it is to jump up at a second notice and RUN. I was in nursing for over 30+ years. Please keep your eyes on the goal ahead, and remember your strenght comes from Jesus and this is your gift. There were days loooooong ones, I just wanted to quit, but I kept on going for God, and my patients. What is your area of intrest?

      Praying for you and renewed strenght.

      Have a wonderful Christmas.

      Remember the little train, I think I can, I think I can…..I know you CAN.

      • Christine says:

        I was JUST thinking those same words yesterday “I think I can, I think I can!” It’s amazing how something as innocent as a children’s book can have a lifelong impression. Also a good reminder to keep my kids reading healthy books 😉

      • Hien says:

        Thank you ladies for your prayers. I’m currently training in General Surgery. I’m only in my 2nd year of 5 and am already thinking I just want to be finished, meaning I would just do general surgery. But sometimes I’m not so worn and think about doing extra, maybe a fellowship in minimally invasive or critical care, or something else… “I think I can…”

        • Sue Alice says:


          Just please remember, God will put those wonderful hands to HIS USE in the sugery field……YOU CAN, YOU CAN!!!!!! We who are in the medical field are never finished……I thought I was after 40+ years, but God had other plans for me…..YOU can not ever say NO to the Lords plans. So please keep on going, going, going…..and remember my prayers are always with you, my dear.

          Have a blessed holiday season.

        • Joanna says:

          Hi- Go to God tell Him you can’t do it unless He helps you. He is strong iin our weakness.
          If you can try to fellowship with other christians, God will use it to bring you rest..If He brought you to it He will get you through it.I can only imagine how intense it is for you.

    • Magaly says:

      Just remember that God created you to be His hands, feet, and heart. As we dedicate our lives, our jobs, our relationships and our ministries to Him, we hold the door WIDE for His Spirit to come in and do everything through us!! I Praise God for you and your preserverance, may He strengthen you, bring you wisdom and understanding and guide you in ALL things!!!

  • Y. says:

    1) HOPEFUL
    2) I want to be a better person for myself, my daughter, and God.. I’ve realized that I can’t walk without him. I need him in my life. I need a closer relationship with him. I need that to teach my daughter of the love and blessings that flow with accepting him into our lives.

    I just want to take the time to say Im thankful for finding this site. I thank all of you for sharing your thoughts and comments to help someone like me grow…

    God bless you all! *

  • pauline says:

    I believe the word that describes my life, in this current season, might be “floating”. While I have deep roots of faith, I have been flitting from this project to that project…I’ve depended upon Father God for many things this year and He has shown me His mighty hand. I desire a solid holding place, refreshment, encouragement so that I can go on encouraging others.

    From this study, I look forward to getting back into the WORD and the sweetness of “fellowship” with you, my sisters.

    • Magaly says:

      I am right there with you!!! This year I started off without a job, a broken foot, having to move into a smaller place but He never left me…I lost alot this year but I have gained such an appreciation for MY Father who will NEVER LEAVE ME OR FORSAKE ME and for the first time in 10 years I get to spend Christmas with both my daughters!!! That is worth any amount of “things” lost!!!!! Sisters, HE holds us in the palm of His hands!!!! When we are broken, lost and afraid that’s when HE sweeps in like a knight in shining armor!!!! We are His Chosen Bride and He is our Bridegroom, let Him woo you the way only He can do it!!! Glory!!!!!

  • Judee Baysinger says:


    My goal, to be ready for whatever Jesus has in store for me by knowing Him and Him only.

  • Stephanie says:


    God has blessed me with so much this year and so much more I am sure that I haven’t even seen. I pray that this study allows me to get focused on His place in my life.

  • Leslie says:


    God is teaching me new and wonderful truths each and every day! I am excited to see what He has in store for all of us over the next 10 weeks!

  • Magaly says:


    Each day is such a gift. The Holy Spirit had already put it in my heart to end this year praising HIM and then I found this bible study!! What better way to incorporate worship than to learn more about my Jesus and with other women who love HIM too!!! What a gift!!!

  • Joanna says:

    1) Peaceful
    2) I want my first Love for Jesus back. I want this study
    To help me be sold out for Jesus

  • Jen M says:


    I am just going through a time in my life when my walk with the Lord is getting closer and closer and I just can’t seem to get enough of Him. My goal is to grow closer to Jesus and hopefully understand him in a new way and learn whatever I can.

  • Shannon says:

    2)My goal is a closer walk with Christ, knowing him ever more, and hopefully getting to share with my daughter (17) this bible study in whatever way she lets me.

  • Jaimie R says:


    To grow my relations with my heavenly father.

  • Alison says:

    1) Scattered
    2) Participating in this Bible Study will hopefully help me slow down and take a little time for myself to explore focuse the meaning of Christmas and renew a spiritual practice/study that I have diverged from and miss. I also am looking forward to sharing in the fellowship of the Bible Cafe!

  • Barbara says:

    1) Troubled
    2) Seeking the peace of Phil. 4 through Christ

  • Shauna says:

    1. Hopeful.
    2. My goal for this study is to reconnect on a deeper level with our Lord and Savior as I once was many years ago so that I may pass along that connection to my daughters.

  • Eileen says:

    1. Blessed!!
    2. As a new Christian, I have such a hunger to absorb all I can IN His Word, and ABOUT His Word. My goal is to feed that hunger, as well as experience my first Christmas in Christ, focusing on its true and glorious meaning!

    • Leslie says:

      Praise the Lord! God welcomed me back to Him about 3 years ago. I know well the “hunger” you are feeling, and I love the way it makes a new believer “shine”.

      • Eileen says:

        Thank you, Leslie – I am overwhelmed – but in a wonderfully joyous way!! How unfathomable that the Almighty God would care enough about an insignificant little sinner like me to bring me gently back into His fold. Praise the Lord, indeed!!!! : )

  • Susan says:

    1. broken

    2. to be renewed in my love for Jesus, so that He truly is MY one & only.

  • Tina Marie says:

    Joyless !

    My goal is 2 stop feeling so “joyless” during the Christmas season ! I’ve always loved that we recognize Christ’s birth on Christmas & have followed that meaning, but somewhere down the road my life became “very joyless” during this season, and sadly only this season !!!

    • Michelle G says:

      I will be praying you find joy and that you not let the worlds focus of what this season is about creep in.

      • Tina Marie says:

        thank you for the prayers, my friend shared this & i’m now working towards it too: “I vow to find Christmas in something everyday. The meaning, the love, the giving – I know it’s there – just have to look.”

        Love that God is so patient w/us !!!

  • Jayme says:

    1.Characterize your life in this present season using ONE WORD.
    2.Share a specific goal you have this for being in this bible study.
    to bring me back to a closeness that i once had with Jesus and long for again.

  • Michelle G says:

    1.) Disconnected
    2.) Goal is to connect on a deeper level with my Lord and Saviour keeping Him in the forefront of my mind and all activities 24/7

    • Jennifer says:

      Amen Michelle. Sometimes it is so hard to do that especially when we get so busy. Isn’t funny how this should be the time we think of Jesus the most but for some reason this is when we seem to get the most distracted.

    • Christine says:

      I was once disconnected, and now here I am, being used by God.

      Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8 NIV

      • Michelle G says:

        The replys I received are encouraging. Thank you. I have a fear of becoming a “luke warm” Christian women that is not very usable.

  • Sue Alice says:

    1. BUSY

    2. My goal is to become closer to Jesus and learn to trust, lean, and love Him more. Also be a light in the dark for my husband to come to Christ.

    Welcome to all and blessing to each of one of you.

  • Karen says:

    1. Unfocused

    2. My goal is to become focused during this season on the true meaning of Christmas and to celebrate Jesus’ birth with renewed joy and love.

  • Marrissa says:

    1. Happy!
    2. My goal is to have a grow closer to Jesus and keep him the focus of this holiday season

  • Vrena says:

    1. HOPEFUL

    2. My goal is to grow in my relationship with Christ and God. Over the last three months, God has used my one greatest fear to bring me back to Him. I am so glad He got my attention!

  • Angie says:

    1. Seeking

    2. To grow closer to my Lord and Savior.

  • Dawn says:

    1. Positive

    2. My goal is to get to know Jesus as my One and Only, above all else.

  • Cindy H says:

    So many things up in the air. I want to wait quietly at the feet of Jesus, feeling his hand on my head, listening………..

  • Christine says:

    1. BUSY

    2. My goal for being in this bible study is to explore the life of Jesus and to KNOW HIM more intimately.

  • Lauren says:

    1. Thankful
    2. My goal is to draw closer to God so that I may be a light to my little one, my husband, and all those around me. Also, this study will help center me during this hectic time on the true meaning- the gift of Jesus Christ, the greatest gift of all.

  • Wendi says:

    1. Troubled

    2. My goal is to get my life on track by getting to know Jesus better and to ‘fall in love’ with Him like I did when I was a child.

    • Tina Marie says:

      Wendi~ so know how that goes, 2 have r hearts like a child again where loving was truly unconditional, smiles ! u will b n my prayers that u & ur track will meet up & that u will “fall n love” w/Jesus again, what a joyous day that will be !!!

  • Jenni Moore says:

    I’m so excited. I have to go get my workbook. Thanks for this online study. I enjoy Beth Moore.

  • Nancy says:

    1. Disorganized

    2. My goal is twofold, to gain a closer relationship with Christ, and to become more focused and invested in studying His Word.

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