Welcome back to our study of the Chip Ingram book The Invisible War as we discuss Session Three: How to Do Battle with the Enemy and Win. Most Christians know Satan exists, some will give him credit for spiritual attacks and others ignore him hoping the enemy will go away. In Spiritual Warfare 301, we’re given the tools to stand strong and fight the most intense battles without backing down and losing our own spiritual territory. Now that we are aware of the Invisible War (Spiritual Warfare 101), and gathered our battle gear in basic training (Spiritual Warfare 201) we need to know how to win a Full Frontal Attack from the enemy (Spiritual Warfare 301).

Hostile demonic activity can be repeated over several years, and when we win one battle the enemy waits for another place to attack. Often when faced with a full frontal attack we just don’t know what to do. These attacks are rare, according to Ingram, yet when they do happen fear causes us to  immobilize or to flee. He writes “when you are wearing your spiritual armor and still you are bombarded with spiritual opposition, there are specific strategies you can use to win-decisively.” It’s important to recognize that sometimes our battle gear alone does not protect us, and we need to fight back. If we do not fight back, Satan seeks to isolate us with our pride. We don’t tell others about our full frontal attacks, fearing they’ll think something is wrong with us or we’re crazy. It’s one of the reasons we decided to lead the Spiritual warfare bible study- to share our stories with each other and affirm what the bible says about spiritual warfare. It’s present today, it’s intense, and we need to be prepared for battle. “When the light exposes the secret, then it gets defeated” says Ingram.

Ingram lists five times when you can expect a full blown frontal attack from the enemy. Be on guard for subtle attacks and be prepared to raise your Ephesians 6 Shield of Faith. Our faith is rooted in scripture, and when you don’t memorize scripture, your defense is weakened. When the flaming arrows are thrown at you, you claim God’s Word and fight back. The goal of the enemy attack is to get you to be afraid, to shift your focus and take your eyes off God. The instant you recognize the attack, you need to fight back with the truth of scripture. We don’t need to be afraid when we stand on the promises of God.

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Chip Ingram Quotes

  • The enemy loves to immobilize us with pride and fear.
  • Sometimes we forget that we are in a spiritual battle for our souls. The battle is fierce and the implications are eternal.
  • When we sense the darts of doubt and deception, we raise the shield of faith.
  • Don’t let the enemy’s missiles drive you beyond God’s boundaries.
  • It is imperative that we keep God’s word in our mind and Satan’s lies out of it.
  • Faith overcomes.
  • In the cosmic conflict, the front lines are between your ears.
  • Christians who are not filling their minds with scripture are like warriors going out to battle without a helmet.
  • Evil has to bow to the rhema of God.

This Week’s Memory Verse

In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:16-17 NIV

For Next Week

  • We’re reading Spiritual Warfare401
  • Please read chapters13 to 15 in your Invisible War book
  • Please read the conclusion in your book
  • Watch the DVD sessions How to Gain Deliverance at www.LivingOnTheEdge.org

Group DiscussionAnswer one or as many as you want

  1. Does a full frontal attack seem hard to believe? Why or why not? (page 122)
  2. What game plan do you need to put into practice in order to in order to fill your mind with the truth? (page 138)
  3. If someone were to evaluate you on how well you have mastered your weapon-the Word of God-what would the evaluation say? (page 144)
  4. Have you ever experienced a full frontal attack? How did you respond? How did the enemy respond?(page 144)

Love in Christ,