One and Only Week 1: The Word Made Flesh

Welcome back to the Womens Bible Cafe and our discussion of Jesus the One and Only. We just finished reading week one, as Beth Moore walked us through the prophecy of Zechariah to the birth of the Savior. As we studied scripture this week, we looked at the historical time line and compared it to the biblical time line, filling in the event chart on page 31 of the workbook. If you listened to the audio Introduction, we learned about a 400 year famine where God’s people did not hear His voice. During this time, His people fell under into the security of legalism and took their eyes and hearts off God. From the time of Malachi to Gabriel, God was silent 400 years. Can you just imagine the craving people had to see and hear God!

In our study this week, the angel Gabriel made two appearances. First to the priest and second to Mary. Scripture testifies two different reactions to the angelic visit, and also the reactions of those surrounding the recipient of the prophecy. We saw at the end of the week, the prophecy held true and God revealed Himself to His people in the form of a tiny baby.

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Beth Moore Quotes

  • God used the withholding of His words to prepare for the revealing of The Word.
  • God the Father allowed His Son to be “adopted” into a family on earth so that we could be adopted into His family in Heaven.
  • Jesus has been the most consistent and most important Word in my life.
  • He who knows no sin feels for us who do.
  • Fulfilled prophecy demonstrates the incredible veracity (truthfulness) of the Word of God.
  • The Son of God had come to earth, wrapped in a tiny cloak of human flesh.
  • The untouchable hand of God reaches down to touch the fallen hand of man.

This Week’s Scripture Verse-NIV

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. Hebrews 1:3

Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. James 2:17

For Next Week

  • Read Week Two in the workbook
  • Listen to the Session Two Audio (optional)
  • OR…Listen to the Session Two Video (optional)

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. Compare the encounters Zechariah and Mary each had with the angel Gabriel. Why do you suppose the angel responded differently to their question? There is no wrong or right answer for this. (page 17 )
  2. What would be the question you would want to ask Mary, if you ever get the chance in heaven? (page 17 )
  3. What is your favorite part of The Christmas Story (page 27 )
  4. Share your thoughts about this week’s lesson.

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  • Sue says:

    Your share gave me smiles. And, yes, I hadn’t thought about how the shepards were just “minding their own business” and how astounding the experience was for them. I really get a kick out of this now. Thank you.

  • Carin says:

    Late but not forgotten!

    Encounters –
    I find this question interesting. Both encounters didn’t make sense to either of them, Mary a virgin and Zechariah old in age (as he wife was too). It was more like Mary’s question was answered as in how it would happen and Zechariah was just told it would happen. Both of them would have to trust and have faith.

    Question to Mary-
    Since I have never had children I find my question to be more intriguing on her experience with the angel telling her that she would will have a child. That experience of an interaction with an actual representative of God. I know when I experience “the god” thing it blows me away let alone have an actual angel appear. I can’t imagine how that would feel.

    Favorite part- I again seemed to be intrigued about the angel appearing to the Shepards and proclaiming the birth of Christ. They were just Shepard’s minding their own business and an angel appeared. Wow….that must have blown their minds. Then finding Mary, Joseph and the baby. That had to have been an amazing night!

  • Stephanie H says:

    I too am way tardy but also wanted to comment on Week One to show that I am involved and studying albeit slowly.

    1) I believe that Zechariah was challenging Gabriel and Mary was seeking clarification. Isn’t it interesting that one change in the wording of a question makes a huge difference.
    2) So many questions for Mary starting with what was it like to carry the Savior of this world? Did you ever forget and just view him as a little boy or was the weight of his destiny always on your shoulders?
    4) I have done a few Beth Moore studies and I always love the imagery that she uses. These first 2 weeks have been hard for me to get and stay caught up. Satan has used the busyness of the holidays as a real distraction. And then there is the condemnation of you can do this and if you can do it perfectly and completely then give it up. However, with the Savior’s help, I am pushing forward at a slow pace.

  • Yolanda D says:

    Sorry all for my tardiness… Studying for my finals in school have truly taken a toll… but I am here to catch up and get back on track with my bible studying. Im enjoying Beth Moore- this is the first time Ive read anything from her. I would love to attend one of her seminars. This study within this book has definately grabbed my attention. Thanks Christine!
    1) I feel that Zechariah was more questioning whom Gabriel was to tell him such things… As to Mary asking in a curious way how would it happen.
    2) I would definately want to ask Mary how she felt carrying someone of such huge significance to the world in her womb. I would ask how she thought of him after she had him, like how was he as a child. Gosh there’s so many things I would wanna ask. How she felt of his great accomplishments. How did she feel when Gabriel came to her to tell her she would conceive? Just so many question….

  • Lauren says:

    1. Mary was a very young woman who would be carrying the son of God in her womb, where as Zechariah was learned man of God.

    2. I would ask her how it felt to carry our savior in her womb, how every movement inside her felt and what it must have been like to see his face when he was born!!!!!!!!

    3. I dont have a favorite part, the entire story warms my heart and I want to make sure this holiday season my family takes the time to remember the REAL reason for the season!!!! This is my first Christmas as a Christian and words cant describe how I feel inside. It is like I am a child again.

    4.This week’s lesson really helped reaffirm what this time of year is all about, not only presents and trees, but the birth of our Savior!!!!

  • Laura says:

    1. Compare the encounters Zechariah and Mary each had with the angel Gabriel. Why do you suppose the angel responded differently to their question? There is no wrong or right answer for this. (page 17 )Mary was a young woman. Zechariah was an aged, learned man of God. Mary said: how can this be? (basically a positive inquiry). Zechariah says: How can I be sure of this? (implies doubt – lack of faith)
    2. What would be the question you would want to ask Mary, if you ever get the chance in heaven? (page 17 ) wow, I have many questions, but can’t think of one for Mary
    3. What is your favorite part of The Christmas Story (page 27 ) The message to the shepherds and their willingness and obedience to do as the angel
    4. Share your thoughts about this week’s lesson. Mary had like a confirmation of what Gabriel said when she saw Elizabeth, Zechariah when his voice came back, And Joseph when the shepherds showed up at the child’s birth. We need to walk by faith but it is nice when God lets us know we are in His will.

  • Jennifer K says:

    Sorry for the late responses, I just got my book yesterday and have been trying to catch up.
    1. Zechariah was a priestly man who had unbelief and Mary was a teen who just didn’t understand.
    So far I love this study and how its brought to life for me.

  • Christine says:

    1) Mary had a valid reason to ask this question. Afterall, she was a young girl who was virgin (she probably asked herself how this could be?) whereas Zechariah was a priest who should have had faith but doubted.

    2) Did you ever ask yourself why you were you specifically chosen at the time Gabriel appeared to you?

    3) The angels appearing in front of the shepherds revelaing the savior has been born. The thought of that supernatural experience moves me.

    Also, that the shepherds spread the word to everyone afer they saw him. How remarkable it would have been to have that opportunity to be alive at that time and witnessing this.

    Mary just pondering and treasuring what the shepherds and said to her. It’s amazing the huge call on her life. It must have taken her breath away.

    4) I have really enjoyed studying the first week. It has made my spirit jump and I feel more closer and connected to God then I ever have.

  • Vrena says:

    1. I think part of the response difference was that Zechariah was a priest, Mary was not. Zechariah should have known better than to question Gabriel. Mary was child-like and truly didn’t know how she could conceive a child still being a virgin.
    2. I would ask her what some of her fondest memories of Christ’s childhood, those that were not written that she treasured. As moms, we all have cute, endearing little memories that we love to tell others. I’d like to hear hers.
    3. My favorite part is v. 13 where the heavenly hosts appeared praising God. I think I’d be praising and singing to God just like that if I’d been present to hear such wonderful news.
    4. It warmed me to know that Christ started out life as normal as the rest of us. He had a childhood, cried when he was hungry, probably played with other little boys as much as their culture allowed. He came from humble beginnings, destined to become the Savior of our world. To me, it’s such a wonder! Taking time to visualize all of this, isn’t something I have ever thought to do. I’m glad to take the time and imagine Christ’s life.

  • Sue says:

    I am a bit behind in my study as some days I do not get to it. But I am enjoying it greatly and look forward to it.
    This week in my study I wrote my prayer that my 13 year old grandson would make the basketball team at his school. It is his passion and is so good for him (he has been playing at Y and church teams). He made the team – Praise God! Last week I loved Beth’s statement to “pray an old prayer with a fresh heart”. I have many prayers going. I don’t believe Zachariah prayed for his personal needs in the temple but that God knew Zachariah’s heart as He knows all our hearts and prayers for years and years. In Heaven, I would ask Mary if she prayed for us — I wonder if those in Heaven can pray for us. My (earthly) father is there. Lastly, God saved my son years ago as well as many others, and I can only be grateful to him with wonderment and love.

  • Jennifer says:

    Clarity:Our ability to really hear and respond to the voice and will of GOD either make or break us. I think one of the things that “hurt” GOD the most is when we do not believe Him such as in Zachariah response to the angel. In order to understand GOD’s reaction we must first understand exactly who GOD is.

    God is the author of life and salvation. His “I am” expresses the fact that He is the infinite and original personal God who is behind everything and to whom everything must finally be traced. This name, “I am who I am,” signals the truth that nothing else defines who God is but God Himself. What He says and does is who He is. The inspired Scriptures are the infallible guide to understanding who God is by what He says about Himself and what He does. Yahweh is the all-powerful and sovereign God who alone defines Himself and establishes truth for His creatures and works for their salvation.

    Then to doubt His Word, means to deny who HE is and all the character pillars that are the very fiber of HIS being. Our Lord does not want automatic passionless responses from us but HE wants us to be on fire to have a union and intimate relationship with HIM. Mary was to experience this in a very unique fashion. If I could ask her one question I would want to know what kind of experience she had within herself to have The Spirit of the Most High over shadow her.

  • Dawn says:

    I think Gabriel responded to Marys innocence, her question didnt reflect disbelief only wonder as opposed to the questioning doubt of Zachariah.

    I would ask Mary if, as he held Jesus in her arms, she felt God sharing the burden of her baby and his upbringing.

    My favourite part of the Christmas story is

    Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

    So wonderful….

    I have read the Christmas story dozens of times during this week. Each time it has become sweeter and more precious. This weeks lesson has made me hungry to go deeper into our Saviours life and get closer to Him.

  • Jaimie says:

    1. What first struck me was the age difference and the spiritual experience. Though I’m not sure we’re ever told much about Mary’s history, we have to assume that she had some measure of faith to be appointed the one to carry and care for God’s son! Can you imagine?!? She also so willingly accepted the fate that God had chosen for her, without any doubt, though understandably with a little confusion.

    Zechariah, a man of great faith who we’re told was upright in the sight of God, DOUBTED the message God was sending him through the angel Gabriel and the blessing he would receive.

    2. I just can’t fathom how Mary felt. I think most of all, I would want to know how it felt to be the one responsible for nurturing the infant that would one day bring salvation to the whole ENTIRE world and who generations would establish relationship with. Wow!

  • Shannon says:

    Compare the encounters Zechariah and Mary each had with the angel Gabriel. Why do you suppose the angel responded differently to their question? There is no wrong or right answer for this. (page 17 )
    Doubt from Zechariah, child-like curiousity from Mary

    What would be the question you would want to ask Mary, if you ever get the chance in heaven? (page 17 ) There are too many questions about the entire birthing process, but as I struggle with this, Did you ever feel alone even though God was with you in the flesh?

    What is your favorite part of The Christmas Story (page 27 ) That Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart. My father would read the Christmas story at Christmas, and I miss hearing him read it.

    Share your thoughts about this week’s lesson. The most impact on me was his name, Immanuel – The With Us God. That is so dear to me as I often feel extremely lonely even in a world where I have so much and so many people around me. There is this hunger for God, that I am sure he put there, and that he wants me to fill with only him.

  • Lauren says:

    Ok… here goes again… The devil’s working hard tonight… my computer keeps shutting down while watching the video segment and then I typed all of my response and it disappeared, so if it posts twice, I apologize!
    1. I think the response was different because of their reactions. Mary asked how… but she believed it would happen. Zechariah doubted it happening altogether. Also, Mary was young and had no real life experiences of faith… Zechariah should have known that God could because of his priestly position and his life experiences.
    2. I would ask Mary if she ever felt unworthy or doubted herself. I sometimes struggle with being a good enough Mom to my son… but to the Son of God… I can’t imagine! I loved on the video when Beth talked about Mary’s perspective…
    3. My favorite part of the story is the sheer simplicity of it all. Today, we don’t settle for anything less than the best for our babies, yet a KIng was laid in a manger, surrounded by animals. He humbled himself so we could recieve glory. The angels declared goodwill to all men, through God’s will for men. The Bible also talks about all creatures worshipping God… I wonder if those animals knew who they were sharing company with…
    4. Joseph’s perspective… how hard it must have been to accept God’s will. Not only did he accept Mary, he fled from his home to protect the baby. Also, Immanuel… God with us, or the with us God. Sometimes I can’t stand being around myself, I am so hateful and grouchy, but God sent His son to EArth, to die, to fulfill His plan, because He wanted to be with me forever! If that isn’t something to be happy about, I don’t know what is!
    Loving this study…

    • Angie says:

      “Sometimes I can’t stand being around myself, I am so hateful and grouchy, but God sent His son to EArth, to die, to fulfill His plan, because He wanted to be with me forever! If that isn’t something to be happy about, I don’t know what is!”

      Wow, what a humbling thought and excellent perspective. Thank you for sharing this. I often feel the same about myself and will think of this in the future.

      • Christine says:

        There are two ways to look at a hateful and angry attitude. The first way is called conviction, where the Holy Spirit is revealing something to you in love, speaking gently and telling your heart “you can fix this.” The second way is from Satan, condemning you and making you want to ruin and hide from the Lord- and other Christians as well. Satan makes you hate yourself (father of lies) while the Holy Spirit draws you into a closer relationship with God. So next time you hear the little voice saying you are unworthy and nobody can stand being around you- tell Satan to bug off, you are a Daughter of the One and Only King. You are not always perfect, but you are loved by your Father Abba. He loves you so much, God sent His one and only Son to earth just for you. That’s true love, and you are worthy of it.

        • Angie says:

          Thank you for the encouragement. I participated in the Spiritual Warfare study also and am recognizing Satan’s condemnation quicker than I used to and turning to God and His Word when I recognize it.

      • Sue Alice says:


        I have have been that way for over 6 months or longer!!!!! Why would anyone want to be with me. Let alone my ill husband. I will pray for you, and remember your words. Thank you. I even hid out in my closet for over an hour yesterday to do away from people, and poured my heart out to God. I moved…so now I can say I have a prayer closet.


        • Christine says:

          You may want to read this from the Breaking Free study:

        • Angie says:

          Thank you Sue Alice! It is always encouraging to know we are not alone and that others are having similar experiences. I’m so glad to hear that you turned to God and poured your heart out to Him when you were distressed. There is no better place to go. I’m also glad your move is complete and that you have your very own prayer closet! You and your husband both are in my prayers.

          • Sue Alice says:


            Thanks a lot for that…my prayer closet is dark, quite, and I can totally focus on the Lord. My prayes are with you. I blew my top on Monday and yesterday real bad, and now I need to pray over this more, and why so often. Satan get behind Angie and me….we are children of one awesome GOD. Blessing to you and your family.

            Glad the move is over also.

  • Tina Marie says:

    1. Gabriel responded differently because his message from God was questioned or doubted by a man of faith, a priest! Gabriel must have been disgusted that Zechariah when confronted with a blessing, spoke words of doubt, “How can I be sure “! The whole “can I” just floors me! No wonder he put a mute button on him!
    Then what a delight to have Mary a child, young in years, only question is Luke: 34 “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” (NIV, ©2010) The “How will” showed the faith she had in the angel before her that the word of God was from Him. All this from someone with less years of spiritual experience!
    To have Mary’s childlike faith, smiles, to grow in God’s word is always a good thing, but to receive it and honor it and live through a heart of a child, can this be where “unconditional” comes from!!! Yay !!!

    2. Mary, how where you able to cope with raising a son, knowing you’d give him up, did you know that his life would end in heartache? Giving up your child ! It’d kill me, my human flesh, shakes head, just imagining it brings tears 2 my eyes, I ask God daily to forgive me 4 being so selfish, & thank Him for not being w/His son. thank you so much 4 not being selfish either !!!

    3. My favorite part of the “Christmas Story” is all of it, smiles, but what has always stood out in my thoughts & mind is Matthew 2: 9.5 – 12, “and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. 10 When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. 11 On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.” (NIV, ©2010) Get excited every time I read this, oh how they must have rejoiced !!!

    4. Loved it and what a bang to get right to the point of it all, the celebration of Jesus birth! It really took me back to a child, and going to watch all the “Christmas plays” & being filled w/excitement, little did I know that it was truly excitement that was filled w/the Holy Spirit! Its helped me acknowledge that I don’t have to be 10 again to get “EXCITED” about Christmas and its true meaning, Wahoo !!!

  • Joanna says:

    I want Mary’s faith like a child,
    Like our kids the Lord probably thought Zechariah should’ve known better.

    I would ask Mary how was it raising Jesus, what was He like.

    My favorite part of the Christmas Story is when Mary was holding newborn Jesus. As a mother, I could imagine the awe Mary felt, first cause He was her baby and second God. Imagine being on holy ground with your newborn in your arms woooohoooo

  • Marietta says:

    1.Compare the encounters Zechariah and Mary each had with the angel Gabriel. Why do you suppose the angel responded differently to their question? There is no wrong or right answer for this. (page 17 )

    To Zechariah the angel gave a corrective response because Zecharia doubted that it could happen. To Mary the angel responded gently because she was an innocent woman asking how it was to happen.

    2.What would be the question you would want to ask Mary, if you ever get the chance in heaven? (page 17 )

    What was jesus like growing up? We don’t know anything about him until he’s in the temple.

    3.What is your favorite part of The Christmas Story (page 27 )

    I’m always amazed at how the wisemen were lead to the scene and when the shepherds were given the news it must have been a glorious experience.

    4.Share your thoughts about this week’s lesson.

    It is wonderful to review the events leading up to the birth of Christ as we approach Christmas. As I set out my nativity scene this afternoon it felt more real and precious to me than ever. I particularly like learning that the reason God sent is son was because of His “tender mercies” toward us. That makes me feel wrapped up in love and very special.

  • Mindy says:

    1.Compare the encounters Zechariah and Mary each had with the angel Gabriel. Why do you suppose the angel responded differently to their question? There is no wrong or right answer for this. (page 17 )
    I see Zechariah asking how CAN this be, which leads me to think there was some disbelief/doubt; Mary asked how WILL this be, full of faith in the message.

    2.What would be the question you would want to ask Mary, if you ever get the chance in heaven? (page 17 )
    I’d like some of the blanks in the “and Jesus lived in Nazareth until manhood” mention… I’d like to know about his childhood and stories about his youth. Did he have tantrums or get in trouble? Or was he always “different?”

    3.What is your favorite part of The Christmas Story (page 27 )
    I like the intimacy of the manger and think it’s precious in the Nativity plays when the animals are included and gaze lovingly upon baby Jesus. I can imagine the musky smell of the barn, and all gathered around the child.

    4.Share your thoughts about this week’s lesson.
    I really appreciate the way Beth helps us imagine these important figures personally. I feel like I’m understanding and ‘getting to know them’ in a whole new way. This study helps me consider things I’d never caught before when just reading through.

  • Magaly says:

    2. What did it feel like to hold our savior? And that’s just 1 of many I would ask Mary!

    3. My favorite part of the story was when the Heavenly Host came to Praise the Living God on earth!! Oh what Glory!! The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as a baby!!! The magnitude of Majesty in that little body makes me want to weep!

    4. This story has always been my favorite! When I saw the movie of Mary made a few years back I sat with tears rolling down my face as I took in the reality of a child giving birth to The Master!! What joy!! What faith!! What awe!! Can you imagine looking at the face of your newborn son and knowing He was the Messiah??? As a mother, moments after giving birth, all I thought about was how amazing this child was in my arms, what did Mary think???

  • Barbara M says:

    2 I’ve always wondered how Mary felt taking care of Jesus as a baby and young child. Did she have to teach him manners, discipline, etc. or were these already evident in His life as a little child? And did she comprehend what He would have to go through on the cross to be the Saviour?
    3 When I became a mom, the part about Mary pondering in her heart took on new meaning. People would tell me to enjoy my little ones because they grow up so fast. I would try to memorize their facial expressions and etch special memories in my mind to keep as my little treasures. I picture Mary doing this, too, especially for such an awesome event as the Messiah’s birth.

  • Jen M says:

    Wow I love this study already! Never thought about how the people were so hungry to hear from God. Beth Moore sure has a way of making it so visual! My favorite part is how Mary treasured these things and pondered them in her heart. It reminds me of the verse from “Mary did you know?” That says “when you kissed your little baby, you kissed the face of God.” If I had to pick one question to ask her it would be how intimidated did you feel by raising Him?

  • Michelle G says:

    3 and 4 combined. I guess I never thought about a favorite part as I love the whole story however this weeks lesson made me think about the Shepherds in a way I had not thought of them before and gave me a fresh perspective.

    Each Christmas my husband and I put up an advent wreathe and have a little weekly home service. This week he read the very scriptures regarding Zachariah and Gabriel. I told him about what was just covered in our study and he asked me to read some of it. I am anxious to continue the study and share more.

  • Judee Baysinger says:

    I would love to ask Mary how she ever dealt with all of this and knowing what I know about Jesus’ life how she held it all in. Thinking ahead in our lesson is probably not the right thing to do, but with all the things that happened to Jesus during His life, Mary must have walked very closely to God the whole time. As a mother I don’t see how she could deal with it all. Amazing grace, how great it is.
    In Christ…

  • Marrissa says:

    4. I enjoyed getting a fresh perspective on The Christmas Story. I am so happy to be doing a bible study based on Jesus during the Christmas season! In years past, it’s been easy for me to become distracted and caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the season. This year, I want to focus on the Truth!

  • Sue Alice says:

    1.There seems to be a difference in there ages, backgrounds, education, and were they are from. Also one is a priest and the other is a mire child….getting ready to go on with her life. Zechariah should have known better than to question an angel of God….see what happens when you ask the wrong questions of God…He makes you slient for nine months to think on your question. Mary on the other hand, had no questions….just blind faith, her God know what He was doing….and she did not doubt HIM for a minute.

    2. I would ask Mary if she ever for a minute thought she could not raise the Son of God. Just one question…..I have many….just like Christine, and Beth.

    3. Were would we be if they had not found a place to bring Jesus in the world. Would He have been born in the cold, lonely desert, with just the stars over head watching the Son Of God come into the world? Asking can we do this ourselves, are we strong enought in the eyes of the Lord, and can the Lord trust us with his One and Only Son?

    4. The questions Beth ask or would like to ask once she gets to heaven. The fact that she brings up a man wrote this…..were is the rest of the story. The people coming to life on the pages just seem to jump up at you, by the way she describes them to us. I have never looked at the Christmas quite this way before. Have you?

    May the Lord keep each and every one of you safe under His mighty wing.

    See you next week.

  • Angie says:

    1. I think Gabriel responded differently because Mary and Zechariah’s responses were different – Mary believed and was just asking how it would come about versus Zechariah’s not believing and questioning the truth of what Gabriel was saying.

    2. I would ask Mary if she was ever afraid that she would mess Jesus up and in turn mess up God’s plan for him.

    3. My favorite part of the Christmas story is verse 11, “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord” because I am so thankful to God for providing me a Savior.

    4. It was so good to be back in a structured study of the Word again. My favorite thing about this last week’s study is seeing how God designs things to come together so divinely. He is so awesome!

    • Jaimie says:

      I wonder, though, if it was actually POSSIBLE for Mary to mess Jesus up. lol I mean, he was GOD. I know I’ll never be sure this side of Heaven, but I image that Jesus probably had the manners, compassion and ALL of what we today would call Christ-like qualities from the time he was born. I don’t think it was possible for him to do wrong, or for Mary to mistakenly lead him astray, oh but I bet she was afraid she would.

  • Christine says:

    1. There seems to be an huge age and education difference between the two people: one is a scholar and priest and the other is a young girl. The priest is expected to have a higher commitment and level of knowledge, so when he hesitated, the angel gave him a consequence. Mary, a young girl, reacted like a child and therefore was treated differently. This is just one of many ideas I had for this question!

    2. If I had only one question to ask Mary, I would want to ask her “What was it like to raise a child who carried the weight of the world on His back?” Just one…Argh! I have a thousand more 🙂

    3. My favorite part of The Christmas Story is verse 7 “she wrapped him in a cloth and placed him in a manger because there was NO ROOM…

    No room on earth, no room in the town, no room in the fallen world….the words are followed by “no room at the inn” yet I wonder if there could be more to this. What is there was no more room in God’s heart to watch His children struggle in their sins and destroy their lives? What if there was no more room on earth for another sinner to be lost? what if there was no more room….in YOUR life for Jesus? No more room….for what……

    4. I loved this week lesson because Beth Moore brings the characters to life. In each chapter, I found it easy to visualize the people we are studying- right down to their clothing and hair color. Having the historical time frame helped as well. I’m excited to read week two!

    • Lauren says:

      I recently heard a song called While You Were Sleeping and it really hit home. There was no room in the inn, and sadly, we are living in a time when we (as a people as a whole) have no room for God. We are so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle…
      Beautiful song with an even more beautiful message!

    • Jaimie says:

      I’m also very much enjoying the way Beth leads us to visualize the events we’re studying. I can just imagine the shepherds in the fields, surrounded by an aura of God’s glory. I know the expression that would be on MY face if God had chosen to reveal himself and such wonderful news to ME in such a way!

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