When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Week 2

Welcome back to womens online bible study, we’re on the second week of When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore. This week we studied how wholehearted, sincerely and fully devoted believers could be seduced by Satan. In scripture we saw how God allowed Job and Peter to be seduced through a season of sifting. In spite of falling prey to seduction, God then used these faithful men to serve His kingdom. As children of God, we’re all seduced and vulnerable to spiritual warfare. The purpose of this Beth Moore bible study is to inform believers of the enemy schemes and then teach you how to prepare for the inevitable battle. If you’ve already experienced the invisible war, then you’ll find healing from your battle wounds as our study progresses. Don’t let Satan convince you the study is too hard, or that you just don’t have time to learn about the enemy. Continue on and be informed of his evil ways.

One of the biggest areas Satan keeps us in bondage is through our past mistakes. Our seduction leads to shame, hiding and unhealthy fear of the Lord. Some of us were seduced as innocent children and carried the weight of abusive childhoods. Others were seduced as young adults, exploring sexual freedoms and terminating pregnancies by choice. More were seduced by addictions, affairs and unpure hearts. No matter the depth of the seduction, we were lead astray over ignorance and weakness, wearing veils of shame. Beth writes “When Christ takes authority over our pasts and we allow Him to confront them, treat them, and heal them, we exchange our shame for dignity.” God allows His children to fall at the hands of the enemy, and when we return to Him, we are refined as pure gold.

Prayer Requests

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Beth Moore Quotes

  • If we are not given to godly passion, we will be tempted by counterfeits.
  • Rebellion is not the only way to get into trouble.
  • Anytime we are loaded down with sins, we are game for seduction.
  • We’ve got to replace self-condemnation with self-discernment.
  • Satan would be foolish not to try to exploit our past experiences.
  • God keeps no record of believers’ wrongs, but you can be sure Satan does.
  • Satan despises any teacher who dares to instruct believers how to use the Sword of the Spirit.
  • Everyday temptation and intentional demonic seduction are as different as a snowball and an avalanche.

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Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 )
  2. If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 )
  3. Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience. (page 52 )
  4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

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  • Carin says:

    1.How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction?
    Everything (so it seems) has a hint of sex in it. I have been listening to a CD by Joyce Meyers and it is called “don’t go there”. “There” could be anything that takes you away from what the word of God says. Filling your eyes up with ungodly things to listening to raunchy music. Even the clothes I wear. Do I show to much that could make a man look at me the wrong way? Things to think about…It doesn’t take much to veer us away.

    2.If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her?
    To seek Godly council if it was severe enough.

    3.Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience.

    Yes, recently I have been involved with two Godly people that had been sucked into old habits & lifestyles. It creeped up on me and was in it with them during it .. I got extremely angry at both of them as I trusted them and they let me down. After reading this study I realized that God was sifting me to offer forgiveness and not be extremely extremely anger. My anger is what God was showing me. They both repented and asked for forgiveness but I was still angry. I realized that the enemy got me not only them.

    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    Not my favorite but it stood out. That satan has to get permission to attack us. Makes me think that more and more things that are happening to me the more I have to get on my knees.

  • Lauren says:

    I am behind… I’ve not being doing as I should but I am trying to get back. Letting the “cares of the world” choke the seed… 1.How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 ) These things make things seem common. WE become accustomed to some behaviors, so they don’t seem as though they are that big of a deal.
    2.If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 )This is hard. I think the first thing I’d do is pray… and have them pray as well. Then look at the problem and get into God’s Word.
    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    I really enjoyed looking at the perspectives of Job and Peter. These are both parts of the Bible that I had read before, but hadn’t ever thought about. It makes me feel better that Peter was praised so highly, then just as quickly rebuked… I don’t feel like I”m the only screwup =)
    Please pray for me as I try to reprioritize and dig my heels into God’s Word. I have been so distracted lately. But God is good and He is faithful.

    • Christine says:

      Good point Lauren, we do fall into a comfort zone based upon our environment and experiences. True growth comes when we pull ourselves out of it.

      Praying for a heart makeover Lauren, and for God’s will to rule over any other thought and desire of your heart. for God’s unyielding love to flow through and in you, as you share His presence with others. Amen.

  • Leslie Henderson says:

    My favorite part of the study this week was recognizing that my past can exist without harming my future. I am currently going through a time of sifting. I did not realize it as “sifting” until day 5. Much of my heartache comes from my past lifestyle. I am prepared to go a step further and ask Jesus not only for forgiveness, but also for healing. I pray He will redeem me. I pray he will continue the good work he began in me and not abandon me. I continually and consistently feel tested. I continue to fall into old habits after I have professed Jesus with my lips. I am easily discouraged by my “failures” and because I don’t have some grand story of redemption. I now see that I am being sifted & I will persevere! I love how much Beth mentioned that you never know what God may have in store for us or what his greater agenda may be

    • Christine says:

      When you confess your past sins, Jesus forgives you. Jesus did not suffer and die on the cross, only for us to cling to our sins. Satan binds the sins and God sifts through our hearts so we can release the shame, hurt, anger, fear and guilt. You need to forgive yourself for your past and ask God to heal it.

      Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5 NIV

  • Carol says:

    Right now, I am on the road for 3 weeks so I am sorry for my lateness.

    How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 )
    I see an tremendous onslaught of darkness and seduction in everything I see and hear. Even billboards have plastered lust and seduction, some of the TV commercials are really awful, and children’s cartoons. When I see a decent advertisement, magazine, book, TV program and radio, I am surprized because it isn’t the norm anymore but a rarity.

    If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 )
    First thing, I would tell her, “I Love and Care About You”. Also, a big hug, too. I would tell her that I will be a safe haven for her to open up to, listen, encourage and pray. Because I believe I going through this experience right now, I would totally understand. I would suggest for her to be in a women’s bible study where it is safe and healthy support from other women. If she doesn’t feel comfortable attending a women’s bible study, I would highly recommend “Women’s Bible Study Cafe on-line.” Also, I tell her about this bible study and “Breaking Free” (Beth Moore) bible study that we just finished on the “Women’s Bible Study Cafe.”

    Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience. (page 52 )
    Right now, I am going through a sifting process. The Lord told me that He was going to refine and remold me. It has been really tough but I can see the hand of God in my life and He is protecting me. This bible study reinforces what He is showing me.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    3. Everyone described a mental bombardment. (Page 24)

  • Joan H says:

    Hi, I am a single mom
    I was shifted and I failed that’s why I am doing the study
    Its like quick sand and one day you wake up and can’t believe what you have done.
    Your heart stops for failing God

  • Jennifer D says:

    4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. On Page 36, under #3 A lack of discernment, writing out each of definitions. Page 41 inserting my name in the Psalm 130:3-4, 7. Page 44, where the definitions are in the middle of the page.

  • Debby says:

    How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 ) It seems that every bit of advertising is filled with some kind of sexual innuendo. If we don’t look a certain way, feel a certain way, or act a certain way, our dreams will not be fulfilled. People will not notice us. It is everywhere and so easy to get sucked in.

    • Christine says:

      Good point Debby! It seems advertising is designed to make us feel unworthy so we “need” to buy something to make us feel worthy. The focus of advertising worth is in how we look, the outward appearance.

  • Pam, Louisiana says:

    How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 ) All of the mags show women with slim bodies and perfect faces and not all of us are made that way. Some have to work harder just to keep their weight at a comfortable weight. We can easily fall for this trap by thinking “I need to look like that” and eventually we will end up with a disease known as Anorexic or something like that. This is one old trap that Satan has used for many years.

    If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 )
    I would pray for her, give her a copy of this book, a Bible, have her look up scriptures, and tell her to constantly pray. I would also put her on a prayer list and have her call me when ever she had questions.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. I loved that fact that Beth states (pg 45), “Often our times of assault will come when we’re least expecting them.” I have found this to be so true. But, it is wonderful to know that GOD will help us through them if we give him our praises even when our circumstances make us feel like we want to give up.

  • Judee Baysinger says:

    Books, TV, the whole advertising notion, is always putting worldly things right in front of our faces. The more we see and hear the less sensitive we are to the content. Next thing you know, you are thinking “well it’s not so bad, this one little thing” and then it’s two little things and then it’s ten little things and be fore you know it, your are just as hooked as the rest of the world. Satan always starts small. He is a master at sliding his was into your life, little by little until he has you firmly in his grip. Being aware of his methods and approaches is almost a full time job all of its own. I’m so glad we have Christ to watch over us and intervene for us. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  • Vicki Matthews says:

    Better late than never. Still trying to figure the online study out and get a work book. While I am waiting for my book, I am listening to Beth’s audio at One-Place.com. Please let me know if it isn’t ok to share.
    1. Desensitization like the others are saying and it calls us, using our own experiences and shame to think it is ok for a quick fix.
    2.Gently, to gain her trust and carefully so I am not pulled in.
    3. Yes many times of sifting. Fear has caused me much pain but as I faced my own dragons with my eyes open trusting in the Lord I gained his strength. the big one is my father died from Huntington’s Disease which is genetic. I had a 50/50 chance of getting the disease. I lived in fear for years. The only defense for this fear was God. I was tested for the disease and I lived like a zombie for the two weeks waiting for the results. Well mine took an extra week. That week changed my life. I woke in more fear and had to beg for help. I was in a puddle, crying screaming for his help when a peace came over me and I knew I would be all right no mater what the results. You see ” You never see a Bird go hungry”. I am in his flock and if I am hungry then I am not trusting him and letting him feed me.

    4. I think just writing about how God saved me from my own fears. I relived the moment and felt renewed.

  • Lisa says:

    I think being bombarded daily with sexual and violent images can be desensitizing. In today’s society, those things are the norm and are actually glorified! It is an easy trap to fall into, since we are surrounded by it constantly.
    I really enjoyed the whole study this week, but my favorite was reading about the testing of Job. I love the way Beth Moore wondered if Job would have had an easier time if God gave him a pep talk. That got me thinking about the talks God would have with me during my trials. Knowing He is my constant encourager and cheerleader puts such joy in my heart!!

    • Danette says:

      Lisa – I totally agree with your comment. Lately it has really been in my heart to want to do something about the freedom that the world has these days to promote sex and violence so freely and its just accepted all around the world. Seriously we need to voice our concerns as parents and as a victim (speaking for myself) of being exposed to so much at such a young age. Today’s children do not have a chance to be innocent and it shows in their behavior and as they grow up into teens they have been consumed by the perversion in the world and then we wonder how it happened.

  • Christina Burgess says:

    Thank you god for finding womans bible cafe, and all of these wonderful other woman <3

  • Allison says:

    1. How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 )

    When you play with dirt, you are going to get dirty…That being said, I am as guilty as the next person for falling victim to the the images portrayed in the media and on television during this extremely morally corrupt time that we are living in. I believe the television shows that I watch are my idols that I worship. I know I need to give them up, but have not. Are we that oblivious to the influences that we are exposing our minds (and our the minds of our children) to? I don’t think so. We have all fallen victim to the lack of self-control and choose instead to satisfy our insatiable appetite for unclean images in the name of entertainment. Praying for a change.

    2. If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 )

    I learned so much this past week. Beth Moore has a way to write these studies in a way that anyone can make the lessons applicable to their own spiritual journey. I only wish I had read this study prior to my many, many seasons of seduction. However, to answer the question, read the last paragraph on page 48. It starts with “Are you still living?”, “Are you still a Christian?” It then goes on to say…”God doesn’t abandon His children (Phil. 1:6). and says “Get up and fight! God wants to prove to the kingdom of hell that you will get up and you will prove faithful to God. You must!” Wow, I only pray that when (not if, because apparently I am susceptible due to my childhood experience, teen years, etc) I will be able to resist and can use the experiences I have been through to help someone else. Maybe then I will be able to forgive myself and wrap my head around my many sins.

    3. Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience. (page 52 )

    I have listened to Beth Moore’s video comments prior to doing the Breaking Free Bible study. We read and signed an agreement that we would not share too much with our group because it could possibly make other participants feel uncomfortable. We were also encouraged to seek counseling with a Christian Therapist if we were still struggling with our strongholds beyond what a small group could help us with. So I get that we don’t want to share too much in this setting. Suffice it to say…there has been some serious sifting going on in my life. In fact, the checklist on page 40: I had to check 7 out of the 11 listed. Praise God I have a strong support system around me that didn’t give up on me during my many tests. I pray that God will continue to help me recognize any future seasons of seduction so I can surround myself with strong Christians, continue to read and study the Bible and pass the next test.

    4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

    Page 41: Learning from Beth that Satan pounced on her ferociously and used her past sins against her, sins she had already repented for. BUT…they were still weaknesses because she had asked God to forgive her, but had never asked God to heal her completely, redeem her past, restore her life, sanctify her entirely, and help her forgive herself. She was still vulnerable to Satan. Aha moment #1.
    Page 51: “Only one reason exists why God would give Satan permission to sift a dearly loved, devoted disciple: because something needs sifting.” and page 52: “something needs removing, sifting, or changing that an intense encounter with kingdom of hell would best accomplish.” Aha moment #2.
    I pray that I can “give God full reign to remove anything in me that needs to go.”

  • Renee says:

    1. The book So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore has a section on how the media makes us feel insecure. Very good book.
    2. I am afraid I might not know where to begin without talking too much about myself. So, I think the suggestion of giving them this book is excellent!
    3. Seduction: yes. Sifting: yes.
    Long story simplified:
    Active Christian in my church. Seduced and fell away for years.
    Came back to Christ and I was on top of the world!! Then I was allowed to be sifted for 3 years. The result??
    I did not turn away from Christ this time and have come out on top with the King as winning. 🙂
    I will say, I wouldn’t have known the full ramifications of it all withoutnthis study!

  • Debi S. says:

    1. How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 )

    The world has anesthetized us. We see and hear so much that we can’t even react anymore. When we do we are labeled a freak or ultra-conservative. Protecting our children is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with other’s lifestyles. Right and wrong are so relative. It’s sad, scary and hard, but we have a living Savior and in our family He is the only one we aim to please.

    3. Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience. (page 52 )

    Our family has had a major time of sifting the last three years. Unemployment, losing our house, struggling to make ends meet, but God was with us every step of the way. There were some very dark days, but by staying in the Word, prayer, fasting and keeping our eyes on God we really see how God provided for us and protected us. It’s still sinking in.

    4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

    I liked pg. 44 at the bottom where it says that God has a plan for our lives, but so does Satan. We need to be prepared, watchful and armed for battle.

  • Kim B. says:

    How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 )

    Media has played a part of seduction for many, many years. I chuckled when I recently saw an advertisement on the back of a magazine (dated 1975) for Virginia Slims cigarettes. The woman was dressed in a silver slinky dress leaned on a piano….as if to say that smoking is sexy.

    What I am about to say is probably nothing new; however, it is in my heart. It may sound like I’m harsh; however, I am not. I am sincere in stating that Satan does use media to seduce especially (in my opinion) to the younger generation.

    Reality shows like Jersey Shore try to portray an image that life is all partying, cheating, gossiping and living the good life. I honestly do not watch but hear items from others who do watch; however, when I ask what do the characters do for a living (besides the show)? What is the main concept? Does it try to portray a positive message for those that watch? Of course, the answer is mainly no and that it is purely for entertainment. It seems to me that the enemy likes to use these items to suck the brains out of people so that they don’t even know what is real is and what is not. No wonder so many young people are in debt and still living at home. They want to live like Snookie and friends….rack up debt and life large.

    Video games as well seem to be seducing and make many numb to the fact of killing and death. I really do not know about new games as I am still trying to figure out the Atari system! I recently heard that there is game out that kills American soldiers and our children are participating in such things. Okay, I better get off my soap box and back to studying for the week. Blessings to All!

    A final note: I do not want to solicit movies or television, especially non-Christian based; however, I watched a movie recently called The Joneses with Demi Moore. It is based on a fictitious family that moves into a neighborhood and their job is to seduce the neighbors into purchasing the up to date items as they have. They get paid based on how much they seduce/sell to their innocent neighbors. One has to watch to find out what happens…for I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story.

  • Trinity says:

    1)When we hear or see things that are of the world we can become desenticed because somewhere in that pile of everything from Clothing, to shoes and jewelry, to fancy vacations and fancy houses which seem innocent to the sex and crudeness which are just evil. But Jealousy and weakness and pasts can make any innocent or crude a worm hole for Satan to work in without us even thinking causing unhappiness or unrest and our eyes fall off the real mark if even for a little while.
    2)If a friend came to me after a season of Seduction all you can do is listen and encourage pray and offer oh this book 🙂
    3)Being sifted is uncomfortable
    4) My favorite moment of the week was making it to today it seems that everything Ive tried to do or say has come out wrong and been a massive struggle and I was just happy to survivethe week!!

  • Laura says:

    1.How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? It certianly desensitizes and makes us more tolerant and vulnerable to redefining what is acceptable.
    2.If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 ) It is so important to speak truth but in a gentle and loving manager. Prayer and fasting with consistent intercessory support will make the battle easier by availing herself with the weapons God has provided. I would also encourage her to read scripture and to memorize verses that apply to the particular area of attack.
    3.Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience. (page 52 ) Yes. I had a relationship that fractured in a very hurtful way and that led me going into a very deep depression. I learned the physical side of heartache when my heart actually hurt so much I thought I was having a heart attack. That dark place was extremely difficult to climb back out of, but the blessing is that it led me to a group of women who prayed with and for me. We became fondly known as “the Treasurers” and this group of women gathered to pray together every week for years, and now that some have moved and we’ve scattered, we still pray for one another through the seasons and challenges in life.
    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    From page 40, Beth says, “We can’t just put our pasts behind us. We’ve got to put our pasts in front of God. Satan is inconceivably mean and will take advantage of any unfinished business.” On Page 52 she writes, “You see, the One who called us is faithful, and He will do whatever it takes to sacfitfy us to fulfill our callings.” We all have sin and regrets about our failures and I am so thankful we can be honest with God and take it all before Him in prayer and He is so faithful to touch us with His healing hand, and bring His cleansing by the blood of Jesus so we can be sanctified to do the work of His calling.

  • Amanda says:

    1. I think it plants a seed in your mind and keeps it fresh and readily available to you when you see seductive advertising, movies, etc. When your thought patterns are affected by those things and they fill your head, it is much easier to get swayed the wrong way.
    4. I think my favorite part of this week is the part on Peter being sifted. “Satan had a sieve. Christ had a purpose. The two collided. Satan got used. Peter got sifted.” Good reminder that God can work all out for the good and use our past experiences for His glory.

  • Sue Alice says:

    1. If we look to the media to make us happy, and to see all the things we cannot have we will want them on a regular basis……….or to do the things they suggest by pictures and books. We will become desensitized to the media.

    2. I have no answer for that one really. Every time I try to help her, she would walk away, and say I have to be somewhere right now. So I pray for her and will try again with the Lord’s help……He will open the door to us someday.

    3. Yes, would say during my rebellious teen years, and after my parents died. I just did not know to where to go and who to turn to at those times. Those were very hard times for me, but I feel as the Lord was teaching me so much. PRAISE THE LORD.

    4. Moment this week all that Beth is showing us and teaching us about Satan’s sneaky ways.

  • Caroll says:

    1.How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? I saw how the young minds of mine and other children buy into all fo the above. My kids used to insist that their dad and I purchase everything they insisted “worked majic” in the ads on tv from cookware, hair products, toys, etc. I used to just feel horrified that they had so much faith in what they saw. I recall my teenage neighbor would purge and not eat to keep herself thin. When I talked to her she said she felt that she needed to look like the girls on the cover of magazines…. I think that the hardest part of the fight by media where we are so seduced is because they target things to “fit” us so easily, to make our lives easier and better. I think it’s hard for many to see beyond the glam of an easier, more beautiful life…..all seductions.
    2.If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? First with encouraging her to find her way back to God through prayer, study and with a strong support group…an army of active believers. I would try to teach the importance of discernment and give them a pathway to follow in doing such as this book is doing for me, if that friend was willing and ready, I would probably start here as it’s been true awakening!
    3.Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? Absolutely! Sifting came to me in so many ways…. from subtle actions such as slipping a cuss word in front of the kids or losing my temper and get defensive and seek revenge for times done wrong….to making bad decions that even at times hurt me to the core……to carrying anger and depression with me. I am here to build my suit of armor as the war wages on and more will come. I chose to stand by God and I know God stands by me and I take this to battle daily!
    4. The favorite moment was the meltdown that came on Wednesday where I felt I had the inner strength to bring everything I felt I’ve failed with in my life before God. I feel like this study is waking the Giant that has been sleeping within and I just feel so much like the words in Psalm 73:22 that states “I was senseless and ignorant…”

    • Kim B. says:

      Caroll, I enjoyed reading your comment. I also feel that doing this study by Beth has helped me to see where I was and how I was seduced without knowing and blessed to know the difference and be able to forgive myself and move on through Christ’s love. (I think this is a run-on sentence)…..LOL

    • Debbie says:

      Just finished Week #3 vidoe and workbook…very powerful study…..I needed this very much. It has taken me awhile to figure out this online format…but I think I have the idea now.

      Wk #2…Responses…

      *Advertising (all inclusive) has a serious NUMBING EFFECT on our senses. It is a FOOTHOLD for evil for sure. However, I must admit that I refuse to take a purely legalistic viewpoint of not being in and of the world…I want to be approachable…not hypocritical…it’s a VERY THIN LINE and a difficult battle for sure…I so pray that my life will display something others may desire and it has NOTHING to do with clothes, glamour, jobs, cars, etc…etc, etc…

      *If a friend came to me…I would love her, hold her hand, listen to her, pray for her…DO NOT JUDGE!! I would share with her about the Bible study I am doing, but doubt I would actually GIVE her the book….had someone done that to me, in my situation…I may not be where I am at today…READY TO HEAR/READ the words & lessons God has for me.

      *Sifting….ABSOLUTELY…I am currently in one of the most difficult battles of my life…yet I praise my Savior, my Father and the Holy Spirit that guides me in this process of refining….I pray for more faith, obedience, love……….SIFT ME LORD AND I TRUST YOU WILL CATCH AND HOLD WHAT IS LEFT AFTER THE SIFTING….Love, your daughter, debbie

      *Favorite moment….Beth Moore quotes….”Burn the fake right out of us!”

  • Julie says:

    1.How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction?
    Today’s society talks, shows and makes it seem common to be gay, sexy, pregnant at a young age. Tweens hear on TV things that make these behaviors seem mainstream. Kids can be pursued through SecondLife, MySpace, Facebook and other social media and online gaming systems as well as shows such as Secret Life of an American Teenager that talk about sex and teenagers being pregnant like it is cool.

    2.If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her?
    I would tell them to release his thoughts and weaknesses to God and arm himself with scripture to stop Satan’s seduction.

    3.Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience.
    The Lord has been busy sifting out the habits of my ways the “wanting to be better than the Jones mentality that I was caught in and the desire of wealth and riches through the attacks of Satan on my life, marriage and faith.

    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    The understanding that God’s plans are for good and that he does give permission for us to be attacked by Satan and God is faithful, he will do whatever it takes to us to fulfill our callings. I am grabbing on to God and giving him full reign to remove anything in me that needs to go. What a week!

  • Jen A says:

    1- Exposure to media make us desentitized. When we get used to seeing it on a regular basis, it opens the door for Satan to use more and more “stuff”. It also causes out brothers and sisters to stumble because it is so easy to take part in all of it.
    2) Honestly, I don’t know. I’d like to think that I would tell her about Scripture, but at times I have done that and they don’t listen- they just go back to the same old stuff.
    3. I had an affair 4 years ago. So far everything that Beth decribes I can relate to. I’m glad that season is over for me, but I learned so much and I have grown expenentially sin then. I want to keep being aware of everything that tears me from God.

    • Caroll says:

      I think you are so brave! I was in a indescribably low time in my life. Living away from my family and husband for >3 years. I’d never felt so alone, stressed and was depressed. I allowed a man into my life outside of my marriage and never felt so bad as I did when I quickly came out of the fog and longed for a better life for family, myself and with God. I felt so dirty inside my body, inside my head and heart. I ended it rapidly though found other temptations lurking…all of which I’ve walked away and will do all within me to never allow myself a repeat of this low time. It was such a struggle and I felt so helpless and felt no one was listening and no one understood the pain I carried. What scares me to the core is I’m not sure how I got so far away from God. I’m not sure how I was able to allow this sin in. I have such a wonderful marriage and how did I lose site of it? I would wish this on no one. I hope you find your peace and strength. I will pray for powerful prayers that we are never torn from God again. Your sister in faith, Sincerely. C.

  • Rhonda says:

    How do you think advertising, magazines, books, television and music makes us susceptible to seduction? (page 39 ) . Sex is used to sell everything from tires to food and makes takes away the God given relationship meant to be shared between a husband and wife. Most teenagers have nothing lef to experience by the time they are legal adults. Now I could care less about how attractive the girl advertising my tires is or how sexy I will look after eating Special K for two weeks, but I know most people are not as strongminded as I am and think it is a shame that sex has become so trivialized as to be an advertising ploy.
    If a friend came to you after a season of seduction from Satan, how would you counsel her? (page 43 )
    I would immediately start praying and reading scriptures with her. I would be supportive and NEVER try to make her feel guilty, but would stress how forgiving our Lord is and how once we truly repent, all sins are forgotten.
    Have you ever experienced a time of sifting? If you feel comfortable, describe your experience. (page 52 )
    After my divorce, I went through of wanting to rebel and did do a few things I normally would not do. However, I was able to keep myself from doing some of thie things I was being tempted to do. I ended up feeling guilty about even thionking about some of the things I was tempted to do.
    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    I think the statment that rebellion was not the only way to be tempted struck a chord with me as I don’t think there has ever been a time I openly rebelled against God, but have “pushed God to the limit” to see if He loved me enough to put up with “behaviors”. I am so THANKFUL, He has and will continue to!

  • Kim says:

    1) We become desensitized to that which is ungodly.
    2) I would encourage her with the Scriptures (Rom 3:22-26; James 1:14; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 10:3-7). I would also strongly urge her to speak the Word internally and externally over the seduction (based off of Matthew 4:1-10). Lastly, I would repeatedly tell her to get a team of Word/Prayer Warriors around her so that they could speak the Word over her situation and pray for and with her when she may feel too weak to do it herself.
    4) Favorite Lesson: “Satan strongly desires the destruction of anyone who keeps his or her sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) sharpened by personal use. He knows the weapon becomes dull once the believer’s use of Scripture becomes mechanical.” Take Away: DO NOT SLIP FROM PERSONAL INTIMACY WITH GOD. PURSUE PURE INTIMACY PASSIONATELY!

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